Meera Muzaffar Ali at India Bridal Fashion Week 2013

thedelhibride India Bridal Fashion Week 2013 Meera Muzaffar Ali

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! That’s all I kept uttering throughout the show! Piece after piece left me in awe. It was as if Meera & Muzaffar Ali got inside my head, figured out what I would love to wear, and made it. Now I know, of course it wasn’t meant to be for me, but it felt like it! I couldn’t believe someone can make so many beautiful clothes. So dainty, delicate, yet bridal and statement-making. If someone asks me which show I loved the most, this definitely makes it to the top 3! Maybe even #1!

The set up felt like you’d walked into a Mughal garden, with all these royals walking around in their classy clothes. There were whites with gold detailing, blush pinks, bright hues and even blacks! Then there were saris with jackets (could definitely use this trend in the winter! Now somebody just help me get my hands on a few of those jackets), anarkalis, lehengas, shararas and ankle-length palazzo pants. At a fashion show, you would expect a designer to stick to a few colours to bring uniformity to the collection. But they really mixed it up! But Meera & Muzaffar Ali tied it all up with two words – delicate decadence.

The menswear, unfortunately, was kind of – blah – for a lack of a better word. There was one piece I kind of liked though. And their mens collection was not heavily embroidered, it was just play on self embroidered fabrics – which is what I would like on my boys.

TDB’s Picks

At the India Bridal Fashion Week - Models in Meera Muzaffar Ali 3 IBFW 2013 Meera Muzaffar Ali 8 IBFW 2013 Meera Muzaffar Ali 9

Fell in love with the peachy hues on the anarkali on the right. Like a breath of fresh air, really! It had intricate thread work combined with a hint of gold work which was teamed beautifully with palazzo pants.

IBFW 2013 Meera Muzaffar Ali 15 IBFW 2013 Meera Muzaffar Ali 16

How gorgeous is this lehenga! LOVE that shade of gold used on the blouse, and that lehenga! Screams pretty-pretty bridal, with it’s eye catching bling that’s not OTT. And that dupatta wraps it up so nicely!

IBFW 2013 Meera Muzaffar Ali 21
A peplum like Chantilly lace top with purple coloured lehenga as a lining with beautiful gotta work sprinkled on a tulle lehenga

IBFW 2013 Meera Muzaffar Ali 22

Another GORGEOUS lehenga, this one took my breath away when I laid eyes on it. OMG. I’m generally not into shaded Indian wear, but the ombre lavender on this was done PERFECTLY. Dressed up with a little bling, and a soft dupatta, it was even more stunning in real life. Would make for a gorgeous mehendi or even Sangeet lehenga!

IBFW 2013 Meera Muzaffar Ali 26 IBFW 2013 Meera Muzaffar Ali 28 IBFW 2013 Meera Muzaffar Ali 29 IBFW 2013 Meera Muzaffar Ali 30 IBFW 2013 Meera Muzaffar Ali 31

I fell right into Anarkali heaven at the show. Check out those prettily crafted necklines, the soft pastel shades and the stunning black anarkali.

The Remaining Collection

And is if that wasn’t enough gorgeousness for a single show, here are some more pictures of the pieces that didn’t make it to our top picks.

(click on the thumbnail to view larger images)

The Official Version

Film maker, painter turned designer Muzaffar ali, together with his wife Meera presented their collection’ PEARL OF ORIENT’ inspired by the traditional craft of the region of Awadh on the day 2 of India Bridal Week. Craftsmanship reminiscent of rich cultural heritage of Awadh has been extensively incorporated in their collection. Their 20 year old, international couture brand ‘Kotwara’ represents timeless craftsmanship and constant innovation in embroidery and weaving techniques. Kotwara infuses cultures and styles from different parts of Lucknow, Kashmir, Hyderabad, Kerala, and Benga. The exotic bridal wear collection showcased masterpieces which spoke volumes about the classic yet contemporary designs by the designer duo.

It was Chiffons blended with velvets and brocades, embellished with zardozi and chikan techniques which created an intrigued collage of textures and did wonders for the Meera Muzaffar Ali’s show. The palate ranges from soft pastels to vibrant hues. Every ensemble would simply mesmerize one’s senses which take you on a journey of rich traditions in both apparels and craft techniques. Every minute detail was kept in the mind by the designer while presenting their bridal collection. It was also the jewellery donned by the models in the show which was so immaculately crafted by the designer Neety Singh. She believes in crafting meticulous masterpieces of jewellery which complements the exquisite collection by Meera Muzaffar Ali, and is really Indian in nature while universal in their appeal. With soothing tune playing in the background, it was hard to not submit yourself completely to her collection. Wide part of the collection also comprised of shararas and lucknowi style inspired ensembles. The show was choreographed by Anu Ahuja.

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