Rina Dhaka & Prateik Babbar at India Bridal Fashion Week 2013

thedelhibride India Bridal Fashion Week Rina Dhaka Prateik Babbar

I didn’t like the Rina Dhaka collection.

But then she put Prateik Babbar in the show.

Which gave me ONE talking point about the show, one that I loved so much, I decided to atleast mention her collection in a whole post.

Then he got on his knees and kissed another girl’s hand, like, 10 feet from me. Ouch.

So I’m back to – I didn’t like the Rina Dhaka show.

TDB’s Picks

IBFW 2013 Rina Dhaka 10

Eh, decent. I liked the purple. And the fact that she was in flats.

IBFW 2013 Rina Dhaka 8

I liked this pattern on the pants. And the concept of wearing a see-through anarkali. Though, which Indian bride would actually do this? None.

The Remaining Collection

I don’t even want to put this up. I don’t want you to go through these. Don’t torture yourself. Ok ok, if you insist (not really though, but for the sake of completeness).

(click on the thumbnail to view larger images)

Here are some more pictures of Prateik Babbar

Because that’s the whole point of this post anyway.

I secretly have a massive crush on Prateik Babbar. I was so delighted at the sight, I kept screaming at my husband “click more pictures of him! More! MOOORREEE!” You can imagine his plight – his wife is going ga-ga over a single man right in front of his eyes! Oops. Inappropriate of me, much?

India Bridal Fashion Week - Prateek Babar and Amyra as the showstoppers for Rina Dhaka Collection 1 India Bridal Fashion Week -Sophie Choudhary, Prateek Babar and Amyra as the showstoppers for Rina Dhaka Collection IBFW 2013 Rina Dhaka 21

I know he could’ve looked better. That tikka, the back combed hair. Ummm. My love for him is unconditional, ok? Don’t try and change my mind! NOT happening!

The Official Version

Rina Dhaka is a veteran designer who has not only marked her niche in India but also has her distinct stamp in the international arena. Her clients include Naomi Campbell, Martha Marzotto, Vittorio Radice, to name a few.

“Silhouettes become smooth and precise, they add structure to the free flowing” is the philosophy behind this particular collection of Rina Dhaka showcased in India bridal week, 2013. The set was so beautifully laden with lights that it reminded of a star studded sky at night. Sophie Chaudhary opened the show donned in a beautiful mirror work bustier with an attached panel extending till her navel, teamed up with appliqué patchwork sharara. Rina Dhaka’s collection- ‘Free Spirited Bride’ was a play of textures, embroidery, opulence and style with panache. Patchwork, gotha work and traditional kamdani work ruled her collection. Neutral shades were beautifully paired with brighter hues to give a stark contrast in the outfits. Flared pants and voluminous skirts were the integral part of her collection. High collared multicoloured tops, shimmering net shararas, short anarkalis teamed with beautiful patch work churidaars, appliqué work on net were some of the highlights of her collection. An eye catching yellow net saree with beautiful gotha work and sequinned frilled border in net left many jaws dropped in the audience. Pinks, reds, nudes, yellows with sheer shoulders were inspired by vintage monuments, jharokas and patti work. Sheer has always been her muse and this time around she beautifully experimented gold, stretch, satin, tulle and jail work to her trademark transparent churidaars to merge delicacy with comfort. Some of the noted ensembles from the collection were- nude jharoka embroidery with sharara wrinkle pants, patchwork pants with angarrakha, patchwork in panchranga, long coat in patti work, gold mokaish sari and also a sari in kamdani work. Prateik Babbar in velevet sherwani with heavy goldwork on the shoulders and Amyra in gold and nude coloured sharara concluded the show.

3 thoughts

  1. have said it before and will say it again.. LOVING all your posts.

    Can you please do a post on bridal mehndi?


  2. The clothes are a disappointment – i like the color palette she has used but the design itself is not something a bride can wear. But Prateik Babbar looks soooo good. He gives out that bad-ass indian goon look with the back combed hair and the huge tikka… definitely a worthy show stopper 😉

    P.S: I am looking for some amazing anarkali suits – any suggestion?


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