Raghavendra Rathore at India Bridal Fashion Week 2013

Anil Kapoor IBFW 2013 thedelhibride Raghavendra Rathore

Men, men, men. Gorgeous men, smoking hot men, in well-fitted suits and pants and razor sharp cuts on their jackets and waistcoats. Ufff!

I was sitting away from my husband during this show, and I quickly developed a crush on one of the male models. Note to all husbands – NEVER leave your wife alone during a Raghavendra Rathore fashion show. She’ll quickly develop a male model crush that will be difficult to get rid off.

Back to the collection. It had Raghavendra Rathore written all over it. The perfect fit, men looking sharp – it was also the only show where there was an equal number (if not more) of Menswear. So many great ideas for the boys – what they can wear to their own wedding functions! Throw out those plain kurtas, and get yourself some ideas from this plethora of awesomeness in the mens’ collection.

While the men set fire to the runway, the women weren’t too far behind. I found a couple of outfits I loved for us girls as well. Although nothing from the women’s collection could be worn to your own wedding functions. But you could definitely pick something for your trousseau, the outfits you’d wear to someone else’s wedding or a dinner party on days that you want to look sharp!

TDB’s Picks


I’m loving the pinks a bit too much on the boys, aren’t I? Well, Raghu (yes, that’s what I call him) got it just right! He off-set the pinks with deeper shades, that toned down the whole ensemble just enough to not look girly.


My comments on each of the three top picks is with the pictures (click on the thumbnails to view larger images). In short, the best of Raghu’s womenswear was spectacular. I literally gasped when the models came out in these. Would you agree?

The Remaining Collection


(click on the thumbnail to view larger images)


(click on the thumbnail to view larger images)


There’s this aura of cool around Anil Kapoor. He comes across as someone who so at ease with who he is that it translates into a feeling of comfort when you look at him in person. He walked out in a sleeveless velvet jacket teamed with a black kurta & actually looked pretty great!

Anil Kapoor IBFW Falguni Shane Peacock 2013 Anil Kapoor IBFW Falguni Shane Peacock 2013

The Official Version

Raghavendra Rathore who was keeping off the fashion weeks from the past four years, made a comeback with his exclusive bridal collection for both men and women, at the India Bridal Week, 2013 in New Delhi. His endeavour is to showcase future bridal wear, when people will travel across a globe for a wedding, and this is exactly what was seen in his collection.

The runway looked classy and royal with five miniature fountains placed in the middle and dim lights in the backdrop. As soon as the curtains lifted, barefooted models strutted down the ramp in plain cotton sarees with a ‘ghunghat’ to mark the opening of the show. Wearing a velvet evening gown with silver embroidery, and donning a medallion pendent attached to a headband on her head, a model glided down the ramp just like a queen. Poncho like tops in digital print, satiny material and long achkan coat with intricate embroidery teamed with pants were also seen as a part of the collection. Raghavendra Rathore’s bridal wear range in this show was clearly reflecting the glory days of ‘raj’ which drew its inspiration from traditional silhouettes from across Asia. The idea was to put the focus back on redefining structure and conceive well fitted garments with fine cuts to achieve a sophisticated look. He showcased his trademark jodhpuri bundgala jackets, not only as a part of men’s collection but also was inspired by the same to present the bolero bandgala and sari bandhgala in his women’s collection.

A wide veriety of men’s wear showcased by Raghavendra Rathore included velvet coats in the hues of red and green with pocket squares, men suits in all vibrant colours like pink, purple, navy blue, red, turquoise blue, and not to forget the silk blue suit with bandhgala with a complementing hot pink pocket square. A drift from the usual shades of grey, black, brown was clearly seen in his men’s collection. Other noteworthy aspects included hot pink sleeveless jacket in light embroidery which was teamed with a contrasting white jodhpuri pants and beautiful off whites achkans in delicate thread work and bandhgala jackets over short kurta. This collection was basically reminiscent of the finely crafted garments worn by maharajas and tweaked to give it an improvised look to target those who appreciate intricacy and workmanship. The Kurta waistcoat sets provide a classy and tasteful option for pre-wedding functions and easy going occasions. Women’s couture had displayed a fusion of cotemporary with traditional, and models strutting like goddesses in embroidered long dresses with front and side slits. Every little detail was closely thought to including the gold embroidered pointed velvet shoes in heels that added to the sophistication of the ensemble.  Model Indrani Das Gupta looked spectacular in a black bolero jacket attached to a floor sweeping evening red gown with multiple folds. Other eye catching details about his women’s collection were frilled gowns, long robe like embroidered jackets and shrugs in velvet. The show was choreographed by Asha Kochhar and Vidyun Singh.

What’s your favourite boy’s outfit? Would you want your groom/husband to wear one of these?

Pen down your thoughts.

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