Rohit Bal at India Bridal Fashion Week 2013

thedelhibride Rohit Bal IBFW 2013

Dramatic. Fun. Go big or go home. That pretty much sums up the Rohit Bal show!

But before we get into the details of the clothes & the show, here’s another mini-story about…

How I managed to give you live-updates at the jam-packed show with so many people blocking my view

I was one of the first few people to enter the show area, and I quickly found myself a fantastic spot in the aisle (I didn’t want to sit as I would be unable to see the clothes properly). I was basically standing right next to the second row, which was a pretty great spot! Unfortunately, getting in early proved disadvantageous. It started to get really full, so full that other people from the media came and stood right in front of me. It was so packed, they had nowhere else to go!

Great. Just GREAT! I stand in line for an hour, don’t have dinner to be one of the first few in, and now all I can see are people’s heads! I start thinking to myself “Should’ve worn higher heels!” Damn you, comfortable kitten heels! But honestly, even a pair of sky-high stilettos wouldn’t have been enough.

Must find a way to atleast see the clothes properly.

I notice the railing right behind me. It’s a rather narrow & shaky wooden railing, and it’s slightly high. I try and pull myself up, and suddenly, I have a great view of the show! It’s not the most stable seat, so I keep my hands gripped around the railing. A fall would be rather disastrous to my career, not to mention my life! My phone is safely resting within my clutch, so no pictures for Facebook & Twitter followers today. Ummm…what? I did not put in all this effort to not give live-updates! So with one hand firmly gripping the railing, I stretch out my other arm to take pictures to share with you. And when it’s time to type, I free both my hands and just hope to God that my great balancing act works in my favour.

After a point of time, my legs started to go numb with the lack of blood flow to them (the railing was really narrow!) and I almost convinced myself to get off it, but then the truly bridal red and golden lehengas came out and I couldn’t possible have gotten off my prime spot! And I couldn’t take a break from it because I didn’t know if I would be able to get myself on top of that railing again. It wasn’t exactly at a low height. I was so relieved when the show was over! Relief, relief, relief for my legs!

And this is why I asked you on my Facebook page recently whether you’re interested in these fashion week posts – because such “death-defying” feats should have a good reason 🙂 And also because my husband is accompanying me every single day post his 10 hours in the office, and fighting to find a good spot in the photographers area to get good shots for thedelhibride readers 🙂 Really, wanted to know if it’s all worth it in the end!


Back to the real show now – Gudda’s! That’s what they call him, you know. So that’s what I will also call him now. Cos that’s what I do. Raghavendra Rathore is Raghu, and Mr Bal is Gudda.

The runway before the lights came on
The runway before the lights came on

While the runway looked beautiful with massive lotus structures and fairy lights adorning it, it made for one with little practicality behind it. The lotus structures made viewing the show difficult for many sections of the audience. However, functionality obviously takes a back seat at such large-scale fashion shows where dramatic flair can’t be achieved if it’s creation is stifled by such restrictions.

The Theatrics At The Show

This is a post on a Rohit Bal show. I can’t possibly follow my regular template, because there was nothing regular about his show! Here are some of the truly unique elements from his collection –

#1 Milkmaid like dresses and hair style

Models came out looking literally like milkmaids! Well, maybe that was what they reminded me of. It took me back to my Bombay school days, when we read Heidi as part of the curriculum (who else knows what I’m talking about?). This was Heidi in her grown up avataar, but her clothes had an Indian twist with the threadwork!

#2 Daring & dramatic blouses

Check out those cuts!

blouse design 2 IBFW 2013 Rohit Bal blouse design 3 IBFW 2013 Rohit Bal blouse design IBFW 2013 Rohit Bal

#3 Victorian era collars

They were so dramatic! But they were there for just that purpose – to add drama.

#4 Men in floor-length gown-like silhouettes

Why were the men in garments that steered more towards skirts than kaftans? Don’t ask – I guess that’s what makes it dramatic.

The Rohit Bal fashion show was truly a SHOW. It takes you away on a fantasy – that’s dramatic, fun & has old Bollywood music playing in the background. It’s what unadulterated entertainment looks like!

TDB’s Picks

I want this blouse!
I want this blouse!
IBFW 2013 Rohit Bal 18
Cute! Although I’m unsure about whether I like it because of the model, or like the model because of what she’s wearing
I liked the sari and the blouse!
I liked the sari and the blouse! Although a more modest version of it would be more wearable to Indian functions
IBFW 2013 Rohit Bal 23
Remove the full-length sleeves and this would make for a great anarkali! I couldn’t keep my eyes off this one
IBFW 2013 Rohit Bal 22
Another white & gold beauty

I also loved the dhotis on the boys. I’m definitely getting my husband one of these! Ok, one that looks like these 🙂


Sonam Kapoor came out at the end, and she looked stunning! That white and good mulmul ensemble on her was so elegant and so so so pretty! If you’re not into the whole “can’t wear white during wedding” thing, this will be a perfect Sangeet lehenga! It’s flowy, has a huge ghera, enough gold work to make it bridal and you’ll definitely stand out in a sea of colour.

IBFW 2013 Rohit Bal 31
Love this smiling shot of her!

Loved the jhumar in her hair – I know, it’s massive, but she carried it off nicely!

sonam jhoomar IBFW

To end the show, Rohit Bal got onto the runway and began dancing to the Bollywood music playing in the background! The models also seemed to be having a good time, as did Sonam! She danced with Gudda, and it was fun to watch them having so much fun!

rohit bal dancing IBFW IBFW 2013 Rohit Bal 33 IBFW 2013 Rohit Bal 32

The Remaining Collection

Have a look at some of the dramatic costumes, as well as a few wearable outfits that didn’t make it to our top picks.

(click on the thumbnail to view larger images)

The Official Version

He is known as the ‘ India’s master of fabric and fantasy’. An ace designer who is very well known in the international circuit with his impressive clientele list  like Cindy Crawford, Pamela Anderson, Naomi Campbell and more. Rohit Bal is known to understand the psyche of his buyers so well that the fashion pundits have bestowed the title- ‘trend setter of fashion industry’ on him. He left  the audience completely spell bound with his collection- ‘The Mulmul Masquerade’ on day 4 of India Bridal Fashion Week. Sharing his excitement on IBFW he said, “I have done so many couture shows in the past, but I never showed my bridal collection on the ramp, and it’s an amazing time to showcase bridal collection.” Before we could see his extravagant collection, the way his entire set was done left so many jaws dropped in the audience. It were the lotus flower pendent lamps of varied sizes which were hanging down the ceiling, and looked so mesmerizing. The famous model, Nayanika Chatterjee opened the show wearing a Victorian gown. Victorian look hairstyle donned by the models, frilled high collared blouse teamed with a saree and a long robe like floor sweeping jackets, reminded everything about the Elizabethan era. With the collection, he intended to take the audience on a journey through centuries of Indian and Elizabethan eras of elegance and opulence. Models sashayed down the ramp in long gowns and with extensive use of muslin in the creation of those Victorian collars, it made everything look so royal.  From simplicity of muslin to extreme grandeur of rich velvets, the collection was signifying at the rich craftsmanship of both these periods. In the men’s collection, there were dhoti pants teamed with jackets, coats over kurtas, long coats with slits in beautiful paisley thread work worn over long skirts and teamed with pyjamis. A lot of kashmiri embroidery work was seen on gowns worn with short velvet jackets by the models in his show. MULMUL collection was all about antique gold kasab kashmiri embroidery on muslin to shibori on fabrics like voiles and chanderi. Corsets donned by models from his collection transported the audience to the Elizabethan era, and reminded of the rich and dramatic pageantry of princesses and fairy tales. Multicolored shimmer work on velvet gowns combined with muslin skirts and Elizabethan collar looked really royal and opulent. Another part of collection which was showcased had extensive light embroidered work on long anarkalis with the use of muslin cloth in the making of such ensembles. To match the taste of Indian bride, a couple of heavy gold embroidered velvet red lehengas were also presented towards the end. The highlight of the evening was when Sonam Kapoor in beautiful muslin and paisley pattern lehenga closed the show for Rohit bal as his show stopper. The show winded with Rohit Bal and Sonam Kapoor dancing to the tunes of a bollywood number.

Just because one cannot end a Rohit Bal post on a non-dramatic note.

Would you want to attend a Rohit Bal show?

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  1. Hey 🙂 Thumbs up for your (and your hubby’s 🙂 ) work!!! You really put in lot of effort to bring out the best of the event for all those viewing it comfortably on their laptops, myself included. I can imagine it must have been an exhaustive task, but you’ve done a great job of putting everything together!! Cheers for all the good work 🙂


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