GIVEAWAY: How I Met Your Father

Note: Voting by Tarun & a Panel will also be counted towards the final votes. Read the details under the timeline section.

Feeling Monday blues? If you’ve spent your weekend planning your wedding, and had to get back to the grind of work this Monday morning, fret not. I have something super special in store for you that will instantly bring a smile to your face.



A FREE pre-wedding shoot!

from the photographer who I trusted with my own wedding photos…yes, you guessed right…

Tarun Chawla!

Tarun, who shot my pre-wedding shoot as well as my entire wedding, has very generously offered a free pre-wedding shoot to one lucky TDB reader! You can check out all his other work on his Facebook page.

thedelhibride Giveaway Tarun Chawla pre wedding shoot

How can I enter this super-duper awesome giveaway?

  • Step 1: The giveaway is called “How I Met Your Father”. You need to write down your love story of how you met your husband-to-be (please paste the story directly into an email, don’t send Word docs or PDFs)
  • Step 2: Attach a picture of you and your husband-to-be (together, of course!) to the same email
  • Step 3: In the subject line, write “Entry for How I Met Your Father”
  • Step 4: Send the story and the picture to

Tarun & I will go through the stories and pick the top 3 stories (or 5, depending on the number of entries) that we absolutely love. We’ll then put up those stories on the blog and open them for voting. The couple story with the most number of votes by TDB readers will win the giveaway!

What are the timelines?

  • Last date for sending your stories to us: 4th August, 2013 (till 11.59 PM)
  • We’ll reveal the top picks & open it up for voting on 6th August, 2013 Edit: After hearing a lot of views against voting by the public, we will (in addition to public voting) also be considering a vote from Tarun himself (counted as 10 votes) as well as from a Panel of trusted people.
  • Last date for voting will be 10th August, 2013
  • Winner will be revealed on 11th August, 2013

For now, all you need to be concerned with is – send in the story “How I Met Your Father” & a picture of you & your husband-to-be to by 4th August, 2013 latest. I’m repeating – please paste the story directly into the mail, and use the Subject line “Entry for How I Met Your Father”

Participants should either be living in Delhi/NCR or visiting here before September, 2013 (unless you’re willing to pay for Tarun to travel to you!)

Good luck to everyone. Let the story-writing begin!

PS. You might also want to keep a copy of your story to read to your kids one day 🙂

31 thoughts

  1. Noooo…. I wanna participate in it too! And believe me, our story can make for a great candy floss karan Johar romance!! Fiancé only going to be in India for the wedding in October… How do I participate!! 😦


  2. FiNaLllY I gEt tO WrItE hEre!!!! i AlWaYs uSe tO WoNdER M zErO In eVrYtHnG B iT MaKeUp O DreSsInG up…wLl i eVa gEt a cHaNcE tO wRiTe iN hEre!!!! So hEre is mY ChAnCE!!!!:) ThAnKooOoo tDb!!!!!


  3. Love the idea, though think not fair to open it for voting. Always a door of bias there. Should be just left to the blogger and photographer to decide


      1. Great giveaway! I agree with Aarohi, though. Voting = ppl who are active on social media getting their legions of devotees to vote for them = win! Your + Tarun’s choice would at least let us feel like it was simply a matter of which stories touched you guys the most 🙂


        1. If you want both of us can vote as well, thedelhibride and me ^_^

          lets say my vote counts as 20 {itna credit milna chahiye, m the photographer} and thedelhibride’s vote count as 10…

          so we if really really like a story we would give it our vote 🙂

          ps: agree?


          1. Now that’s a deal I’d be willing to take. Fair enough. At least we know that Shinjini and ur votes count for more.
            Agree! (starts typing story at full speed :D)


  4. Exactly…. lobbying is what happens when you do online voting. get your friends/followers/fans to vote. the real deal is when you, as the blogger, and Tarun as photographer, see the love in each stories.! Just a thought 🙂


  5. I have already submitted our love story but I too Agree with Aarohi. I would be travelling at the time of voting how can i approach someone for the same. So, its obvious the other one have great chance to get more n more votes. My suggestion it will be great if you and Tarun only choose the winner.


    1. we’d love to take into consideration votes from our other blog readers as well. but to make it more fair, Tarun & I will vote as well – with our votes getting more weight-age.


  6. Since a lot of people are worried abt biased voting and this turning into a contest to see who has more social media preference… Lemme write this officially 🙂

    I will ensure this doesn’t end up as a ‘like’ contest. For now submit the stories and wait for the announcement for voting, something very specially is planned!


    1. I agree with the comments above. I would love to participate in this but only if the final decision is with “thedelhibride” and Tarun! Have seen how online polls work and plus I wouldn’t want the love story to be up on a public forum! #justsaying


      1. Same concern here too. U love the idea of the giveaway and the thought is great! But to have details of something as personal as a love story of two people — with pics— not comfortable with that idea of having everything out there on a public forum.. especially a blog that is read by so many people! Have saved my story as a draft. but the idea of over 2 lakh followers peeping into private stories and lives like this is something that perhaps I am comfortable with, and thats holding me back. But the idea behind the giveaway is really sweet too! So it’s a catch 22 situation! Why not just receive entries privately and select a winner… My two cents 🙂


        1. i absolutely agree with dsahni…my lovestory fr me a very special part of my life…n hence the comfort factor in sharing it with people on a popular blog like way toooooo low fr me:(………….if it wud b fr u n tarun….a lil more privacy…i’d jz b more dn glad:))


          1. D, Mazia & Ashima – once you are getting married, most people are ok with sharing their cute love stories with the world. Actually, a lot of people get really excited and want to share their stories with everyone and anyone! 🙂 Of course, we’d need to share the story with the blog readers so that they can vote. And if we change this rule now, then we’ll need to change the whole giveaway! Maybe next time I’ll try and work something out which keeps privacy of a person guarded by a lot more. But at this moment, this giveaway is already in place and I encourage you to send in your story which includes parts you are comfortable sharing with the blog readers. After all, it’s too good a giveaway to miss out on! A FREE pre-wedding shoot 🙂 And that too by Tarun! Hope to see atleast some of you enter this giveaway. Good luck!


  7. So, will our love stories be publically displayed or personally selected?? And not all would be comfortable to ask for votes from around the world..cause if voting would commence…you and Tarun having 10 or 20 votes wouldn’t create a difference…as voting would be in hundreds or may be more like some facebook best photo contest.
    *leaves me confused* :/


    1. Hi Urvashi! Only the top 3 or 5 love stories that will be shortlisted and open for voting will be displayed on the blog. It won’t become a Facebook photo contest because it’s the story people will vote for, not the picture. And while I do wish voting will be in hundreds, I am not sure how many blog readers will actually participate in the voting. We’ve never done a poll for a giveaway on this blog, so only time will tell! Like I’ve suggested to others above, I encourage you to send in your love story with only those details you’d like to share with the blog readers. You know how we always have a slightly modified version to tell our family members? Yes, that one! Come on, I know most of you have that one. Send us that story, and of course, if you’re cool with it send us the complete story! Either way, it’s up to you how much detail you want to share. Hope we see your story in our inbox soon!


  8. By reading all the comments I feel like everyone wants to reach switzerland but they don’t want to sit in plane and also don’t want to use their passports at the immigration…

    Sorry but just a thought.

    You can’t get The Tarun’s pre wedding shoot like this ..
    But even I personally don’t like the public voting.
    Why to ask others for liking.
    It’s your blog you decide and Tarun.
    After all you people are giving this awesome gifts not the likers.

    I had mailed my story in the evening.
    Fingers crossed.
    Waiting for the results.


    1. Sorry, totally different analogies. Who said you need to compromise your privacy for the greed of a giveaway… it comes down to principles you set for yourself. As Mazia rightly says, its too low for most of us. Many of us here too agree that its a wonderful thought and the giveaway is very tempting. The thought of being photographed by Tarun was something that made most of us jump in our seats. But for one prize, can you compromise your privacy? Have hundreds of ogling eyes read your love story which is a cherished part of memory of 2 people. When most of us havent shared details of the love story (yes, even the watered down version) with our families, how is it okay to let thousands of readers peep into lives like this?! AND that too with pictures!!
      So, I very well would want to go to switzerland, but for that I will first ensure that the flight suits me! I will give my passport for immigration, but only when i know my passport is safe with the authorities 😛


  9. TDB: Thanks for bringing another give away :). In the spirit of give away may i ask you to tell us a little bit about your “How you met your husband” story ?. We have ready the whole journey of your wedding planning and i personally would love to hear a little bit about your ‘ how i met your husband’ as well! :).


    1. Oooops sorry for the error there in ” How i met your husband” :P..I meant to write ” How i met your father. 🙂


      1. haha! well, i just might…someday! But it won’t be just a post, maybe a whole book! I remember too many tiny details and the story actually spans a whole decade! Let me know if you’re interested in reading a whole book about us! :p


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