Voting Open! How I Met Your Father Giveaway: The Shortlist

We announced a very special giveaway last week – you send us your love story, and the winner (who is chosen via public voting) wins a a pre-wedding shoot with Tarun Chawla, my wedding photographer! Voting closes 10 August, 2013

The last of the entries poured in on Sunday night, and honestly, it was the toughest job to pick just a few for the shortlist. You poured your hearts out to us, and it kind of broke our hearts a little to have to select just 4 out of the 28 beautiful love stories. But we gotta do what we gotta do. So without wasting any more of your precious time, here’s what you have to do:

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Here are the love stories that made us fall in love…

…in no particular order. You’ll have to vote for any one of the 4 at the end of this post. Remember to read all 4!

#1 Kartiki’s Love Story

With Russia in the backdrop, this is Kartiki’s college romance of how a jock boy fell for a bookworm girl and how he finally managed to get her to say yes!


Ours is a med school love story spanning over almost a year. At the ripe age of 17, I left home for a medical education in Russia. Little did I know that right beside me on the bus from Moscow to our university, was the person with whom I would be destined to spend the rest of my life with. I was the typical head strong girl more popular for my dances and studies while he was the average football playing (in which i obviously had no interest ;)) jock. But as fate would have it, even though we dodged paths for like 5 years, not knowing the other even existed, even though we were in the same university living in the same campus, our paths crossed and he was put in my class for the next two years. When he saw me in class he said it was love at first sight for him. So as the usual college story goes he asked his friends about me and they said please don’t propose to her, she will hit u on the head with something ;), coz thats the kind of reputation I had – rude and headstrong. So he decided to really see whats beneath the exterior. After observing me in class for a month or so , when he realized i was nothing like what the others saw of me, he finally decided to take the plunge. It was just another day of our psych class. After the class ended, he asked if i wanted to have a coffee with him. I was literally taken aback. I said of course NOT. Right near our tram station was a church. So he said atleast come to the church with me. So i said ok (God alone knows what came over me coz i normally wont do such a thing) i still remember, it was the most beautiful weather – when it is snowing and raining at the same time!!! He started off in the wierdest but cutest way – i dont want you right now (by now i was thinkin is this a joke)  but i want u after two years when we pass out of here and i have made something of myself and then i want you for my whole life (mann mai laddoo futa ;)) So we talked and talked for almost 3 hours with our friends watching from inside the church (half of them expecting me to beat the shit out of him;))  with me trying to convince him that i was not the right girl for him and even saying, ” agar mai tumhari kismat mai hongi to bhagwan bhi nai rok paega” and sahi mai bhagwan nai rok pae not even me from trying to stay away from him. After that day i decided never to speak to him again coz i it was embedded in my head i would never make myself fall in love. He called and called and tried every trick in the book to talk to me with my friends saying “normally to tu aise ladko ki vat laga deti iske sath kyu nai??” and i would really have no answer. I did not know why i never felt like screaming at him or beating him up. So one day after a lot of instigation from my friends i decided to just put a stop to all of this and we had the mandatory fight (the climax of every love story) and i told him to just back off. We stayed apart for another 4 months not talking or literally having cold wars in class but deep down i felt really bad and i didnt know why. There was always a stinging feeling as if this is not right and not the way its meant to be. Then i decided to go back to india for a month to clear my head. while i was leaving i got a message from him wishing me a bon voyage. right there sitting in the plane a tear rolled down and i knew deep in my heart that i had really wanted this message. When i came back distance had made the heart grow fonder. It was now my turn to use every trick in the book to get him to talk to me again. then one evening my friends tell me that they were all going to moscow for the weekend to see the victory day parade that takes place on the famous Red Square on the 9th of may 2010. I decided to join in. when we reached moscow on the morning of 9th may, we straight away headed to the Red Square. then as my friends wandered off in different directions, the boy took my hand and whisked me off right in the middle of the action. We walked for a little while around the square and when we were bang in the middle of the square, to my utmost surprise, he got down on one knee, whipped out a ring and….. no he did not say will you marry me….. he said, ” please say yes please say yes i’m scared”. hahahaha….. and with a body shivering out of fear he placed the ring on my hand. and as i said earlier “bhagwan bhi nai rok pae.” 😉

About the photo – A photo of the same day when we had been to the moscow zoo later that day. hope you love it as much as i do. 🙂 By the way thats a real dolphin, in case you are wondering (coz almost everybody asked us that) … 😉

#2 Anisha’s Love Story

A dash of Bollywood-worthy filmy scenes, and the kind of love that grows slowly like a steady fire, this is a heart-warming tale of how Anisha met her husband-to-be, Guneet.


Most of us have seen quite a few movies, which are inspired from real life stories, but how many of us have our love stories inspired from reel life stories? Be it a Vicky Donor angle or Sholay ’s confession scene, our love story has all the typical Bollywood masala to make us, us.

The first thing I see when I close my eyes is a scene from my memory that tickles my senses. Guneet is searching for me in the crowd whilst hiding a rose behind him. Slowly our eyes find each other in the crowded space while our smiles bring us closer in a flash of brilliance.

The quintessential book loving bong girl from the Arabian sands is the heroine and the Bhangra dancing Punjabi guy from his pind, Bhatinda, is the hero of this star-crossed love story who make it against all odds.

Guneet is not unusually handsome and I am not especially beautiful. We are just an ordinary boy and an ordinary girl. But surprisingly, back then, we came to know in a due course of time that we were a one hundred percent perfect match for each other. Guneet and I met in college in December 2004. We were in different classes and polar opposite in characters. Hence I still wonder whether it was destiny that brought us together.

I was always with my books, afraid to bunk a single class and zero interest in sports and adventure. On the other hand, Guneet is a national level basket ball player and a hard core adventure junkie with the least bit interest in what the text books have to say. In other words, I was always in the classroom and he was either in the canteen or out on the court. But God wanted to have some fun and had other plans in store for us.

We used to board the same train to go home during vacations. While he used to go till Kharagpur to take his onward train to Hyderabad, I used to travel till Howrah station. And it was these journeys that helped us find our path towards each other. Funny, how drastically opposite people like us first started talking all night till dawn when the sun streaked through the window. With each vacation, each train journey and countless stations passing by, we just stayed up all night talking and I think it was the symmetry in our differences that brought us closer. He talked about his love for basketball, I talked about my love for Salman Khan; he talked about skydiving, I talked about reading; he talked about Bhangra and I talked about Sufi.

Haule haule two best friends were becoming aware that both needed to share their feelings with each other and doing that would make  both of them happy. But neither had the courage to say anything. They say whiskey is the medicine to many hiccups and stored feelings and the events which followed suit, convinced me. A lot of whiskey and some vital sharing of information (lovely euphemism for gossip) from friends gave our relationship a new direction.

My college was planning a tie up with a leading university in UK and being the nerd I was, I decided to explore that option. And if I were to take up that opportunity, it would have led me to pack my bags and complete my studies in UK. Jittery about my feelings for him, I couldn’t break this news to him but one of my close friends did and in a booze party no less. He became very upset the moment he heard the news. Drunk on whiskey, he proclaimed in the party that he would bomb the college in UK if I decided to go there. Words were out in the open and my heart got the better of me. Three days later, on 09 January 2006, he whispered those three sweet and life changing words. With a yes on my lips, we marked the beginning of our love story, aka our life story.

And so, once again he was there standing outside my classes when I was nervous about my viva exams and I was cheering him in his matches when he was strategizing against his opponents. He innocently heard all my bitching and my petty fat stories and patiently calmed me down by saying that I was the only one who covered his view, while I stood with both jealousy and pride whenever he danced in the college fests with other girls. But at the end of the day our walks in the campus coupled with our endless stories was the best thing to look forward to.

Six years down the memory lane but the same continues till date, our talks have been the lifeline of our relationship. With me in Delhi and his office assignment taking him to America, things have not been that easy. At various times in our journey we face dead ends, but we both manage to jump over those bumpy roads together and not get lured away to different paths.

Practice makes man perfect, but no man is perfect really. We tend to look for our Mr. or Ms Perfectionist in that imperfect human being. So naturally we both too accept each other with our flaws, our differences along with our similarities and I think that’s what makes and will make us “click forever”. We are tying the knot on 08 December this year, with the hope that our talks, the flame and the rumblings in our chests, when we see each other, never extinguish.

#3 Nikita’s Love Story

A DU (Delhi University) love story where a girl who’s grown up reading Mills & Boon gets her own knight in shining armour moment – this one is sure to melt your heart!


It all started when I joined Delhi University in 2006 for my graduation. He was in the fourth year of his engineering degree. I used to stay in Noida at that time and he in Sadiq Nagar, South Delhi. Even after living in opposite directions, destiny made us meet. Both of us used to take the same Delhi University Special bus from different locations. He used to take it from Lajpat Nagar with his friends and I used to board the same bus from Pragati Maidan with my friends. Only university students are allowed to travel in these university special buses.

So unknowingly I had become friends with his friends on the bus. And then on one fine day, I realized there was a tall guy with a huge smile in their group too. His smile was so infectious (unlike normal guys) that it made me wanna smile too. I didn’t pay much attention to him at that time because I was already oogling at other good looking guys in the bus as well ;). 

It was 31st August 2006, the bus was really full and I did not want to miss it because I didn’t want to miss my first class (funny I was with attending classes in the 1st year of my degree, ‘who the heck attends the first class at 8:30 in the morning?’). During my graduation days we didn’t have these automated low floor buses, the doors of those old buses did not close like they do now. So i took this bus and was hanging on to dear life on the last step of the bus. I really felt I had taken a stupid decision to get on even when it had no space to get in, scared I was that I might actually fall off. And then all of a sudden, a hand came to catch hold of me through the crowd to pull me up. I felt weird as I did not know whether to take help of the hand or keep hanging on the last step. Well I finally gave in and took the given hand to climb up in the bus through the crowd and got saved. And guess who the saviour was, (it was my guy; the tall guy with that infectious smile. That was the first time I ever locked eyes with his, they were soo kind and nice. At that very same moment he became a superman for me (stupid girl I was I must say). I know my eyes must have been sparkling at that very moment (Must have looked like a stupid teenager, actually I was only 17 at that time; so yes I was a teenager). And like stupid teenage girls, I developed a teeny meeny crush on him that day. I was soo enveloped in my thoughts at that moment, that I lost him before I could even thank him for saving me, and he went missing for days after that. Everyday I boarded the bus my eyes searched for him because I wanted to thank him, but there wasn’t any sign of him. It seemed I had had a hallucination because he just did not seem to appear again. 

I had lost all hope of seeing him again. And then one day, I still remember the date it was 18th September 2006 i was taking the bus from my favourite back entry of the bus and guess who I found standing on the steps! Yes it was him, my guy, my saviour (my superman ;)). Our eyes locked yet again and I seriously felt something weird in my stomach. It might sound weird, at first I thought I was hungry but I wasn’t hungry at all. He smiled as he recognised me from the other day and I felt weak in my knees (I know its so mills n boon sort but maybe because I have grown up reading them). We just started talking after those initial smiles and it was like a house on fire with so much to say as if we had known each other since long and had met up after a long time. It also happened to be his birthday that day.        

Both of us knew that we wanted to talk more than those 15 minutes in the day that we could get in the bus.. But me being a girl, I did not feel like asking for his email id or phone number (C’mon I couldn’t, I was way too shy). And then all of a sudden just before getting down from the bus, he asked me ‘Are you on yahoo messenger? and I was like yesss 😀 (with a bright smile).

That very evening he added me on yahoo n we started off there and kept talking till the early morning hours. It was so different talking to him, from the very start I felt I felt I could talk of anything under the sun with him. My day started with meeting him in the bus, chatting with him like crazy and then waiting for the moment to reach home and start off again (I got to know much later, that he felt the same too). We exchanged numbers just a few days later and our talks shifted to texts and calls. My friends thought I was going crazy, wanting to talk to him anytime and everytime I got a chance. At that time it was only about telling him about my day & getting to know about his. Both of us thought alike, we knew we shared a very different relationship but we wanted to be sure of things. On 10th April 2007, he asked me out to be girlfriend, he said it so cutely, ‘Niku I want us to be more than just friends and I have fallen head over heels for you’, and I was floored.

It was also his last year in college and he got himself a job and had to go to Bokaro, Jharkhand for it. It was so hard seeing him go, I realised that I shared something much more than what I had thought it to be.

It was also about taking our relationship to long distance which added an uncertainty to it. But he was soo happy about this job so I encouraged him to go on. I wouldn’t say it was easy for us when we could not meet up everyday like we did wen he was in Delhi but we had no choice. The best part was he used to come back home once every 3 months, I used to keep waiting for those days to come. With time we only came even more close, it was so different with him; he was my superman, my love and my best buddy too. Even while he was there we used talk the whole nights on phone texts and chats through internet. And then in 2009 he got him a permanent residentship of Australia. Man!!! That was huge for us, at that time the only thing we could think of was about it was soo good for him. This took us back to the days when he had shifted from Delhi to Bokaro, now the distance was going to change from 1200km to 12000km with an added difficulty of the time difference. He had to set himself there and meanwhile I was also studying for my masters now. I knew ‘time was only testing us’, but guess what we made it through those days too. Sailed over the high seas and he came to India in December 2012 and we decided to get married and told our parents. Our parents met up and things were fixed. Our date of engagement was decided to be 28th April 2013.

He came back on 27th April’13 and proposed to me formally in a surprise party that he had organised before our formal engagement ceremony (on 28th april); bend down on his knees asked me to marry him with a ring in hand and made me feel like a princess (he truly is my Mills and Boon guy ;)). And now we are going to get married in November this year and then we would finally be together forever. Finally I have my own Mills and Boon story just like I always dreamed of!

#4 Prerna’s Love Story

High-school sweethearts who are getting hitched soon – who doesn’t love a story where puppy love survives the trials and tribulations of adulthood? While this story would’ve anyway made it to the shortlist because of how cute it is, it also shares a few similarities with my own love story 🙂


When was it, that we fell in Love? When we were twenty or eighteen, maybe sixteen?

I really don’t know, ’cause the truth is, I can’t picture a time when I wasn’t in love with him.

No, it was not love at first sight. No, it was not best friends falling in love. No, it was not a perfect proposal.

Yes, it was a high school drama. He was 17, she was 17. He was member of student council, she was member of wicked council. He was rule maker, she was rule breaker. He was outstanding, she was standing out of class. He was sports captain, she was cheer leader! In short the casting was perfectly imperfect in this love story.

And to add it was not the best school as Karan Johan makes you believe. Strict teachers, long skirts (almost Ghaghara), separate seats for boys and girls, two plaits for girls, short hair for boys, no friendship bands, extended lunch hours for raksha bandhan!

How did this LOVE ACTUALLY happen?

First time, I noticed him when he was on the stage, reading news in the assembly. I need to correct my statement, Instead of him, I noticed his voice – Loud, Clear, Confident- Like a real man :). I got to know more about him from my very close friend in school, Priyanka, his neighbor.

We first interacted, in a Debate Competition. He wasn’t supposed to participate but he had to as one of the student got absent on the D day and he had to take part on his behalf (My Luck :)).  All the participants had to be seated in a separate room until the competition starts. He was preparing for the competition with a paper in his hand but I was very well prepared. I went to him randomly and without thinking even twice told him “I love your Voice”. As soon as I finished saying this, I was like “OMG, have I gone MAD..what will he think”. I waited for 2-3 seconds, and got a reply with a smile “Thank You, today this voice will not help me, I am not prepared”. I said, to myself- “You win this competition or not but your voice has already win my Heart ;)”. I won the competition, not just the trophy but also attention of Varun.

After this Incident, we became friends and I started knowing him better. I used to be little shy that time, and whenever we used to pass each other, I used to blush, which was becoming very visible in that SAD school. Over a truth and dare game with friends, I confessed I like him. But never ever I wanted this confession to come out open as I knew it was just an infatuation. My friends used to tease me, by his name. I used to tell them not to do, but deep inside I used to love it. It’s a saying if your friends or anyone tease you with the person you like, gradually the liking keeps increasing. This was becoming true in my case. As, the time was passing by, my liking for him was becoming more. To add to my flavor of the season, he was a huge flirt. He used to do something or the other, like coming in my way, shero shayari, giving me paper hearts, singing for me, keep starring me, etc. Gradually we became good friends.

In our times pre-internet, pre-cellphone, pre-mall mushrooming there were many moments of love, friendship and togetherness- day trip organized by school, tuition bunks, hours spent in PCO, friendship’s day card, slam book. One part of slam book asked Idea for Perfect Date. “Island with my Beloved” was his answer.

After few days, one of our classmate, got to know about my feelings and he was a good friend of Varun. I was scared, what if he tells Varun. And that’s what happened. Varun got to know, and I was scared to face him, look into his eyes. I only know how I entered my class that day. But, the entire day passed away, and nothing un-usual happened, just that I dint look at him at all that day. Just when we were leaving for home that day, he stopped me and said that he wants to talk to me over phone at home.

At 3:30 sharp, I bunked my tuition, went to a PCO and called him on his landline. My heartbeat was racing like anything. I was so scared that I prayed nobody should pick the call and I just run away. But as destiny had planned he said in his Heavy Voice “Hello!!” Then we started talking, we were talking generally in starting and then there was a silence for 30 seconds, and he asked me if what he heard about my feeling are actually true? I took a deep breath and replied with affirmation. I then clarified it’s not love you but it is something more than a friend. It is an unsettling feeling which I can’t describe. He said that even he likes me as a friend but, he has never gave a thought in this direction and I was heavy at heart, tears in eyes. I made sure that he doesn’t get to know that I was crying but he somehow figured out. He made me smile again by his sweet jokes, I was smiling but I was very sad.

Days passed by, we didn’t talk much. It was not any more easy to face him or talk to him. No more jokes, no more casual talks. I was trying to come back to life. Just when it all seemed like history, I invited him to my 1st cousin’s wedding, exactly 10 days after our telephonic conversation. My brother will kill him if he reads this, but on his wedding I was more excited about Varun than my bro’s wedding! I wore the best lehenga, dressed at the best make-up artist, wore that million dollar smile hoping that if it can make any man drool, let it be him.

It was 10:00 PM and he was still not there, I kept looking at the entrance gate, waiting for him to enter. He entered at 10:15. As expected I started fidgeting, started asking my cousins about my kajal, hair, if I am dressed well, if I am not looking too bad. Lol..story of every girl! The moment he entered, I started looking somewhere else, so that he doesn’t get to know that I was waiting for him. He came where I was standing and said “Hi”. And I was like “Hey, hi. When did you come” We talked for 5 mins  and I said please help yourself, I will be back in sometime. As a customary thing every guest come on stage to greet bride and groom, presenting their gift. It usually is a long que of guest and like everyone he was waiting for his turn, standing next to me. He gently nudged me and said in very soft voice “You are looking very Pretty”. For a shy boy to complement a girl is a big thing I know. He simply swept me off the ground with his compliment. I could see cupids flying in the air, aiming right at me and him. I surely was on cloud 9.

After that day, my feelings again grew for him. Now, a week later, it was our common friend’s birthday. I did not get the permission to attend that again I bunked my tuition, and went to the party. As all our friends knew they deliberately made us sit facing each other. At this point of time, I was feeling something from his side as well. But I was not thinking much as I dint want to hurt myself again. While we were heading back to home, he said “Should I drop you back home?”. After thinking a little, I said “No, my home is very nearby, I will go”. I wanted to say yes, but it wouldn’t have been right. While I was going, he said he wanted to talk to me about something and if we can talk tomorrow? I said, Ok. Party ended on a good note but with a HIGH CURIOSITY.

After heading back to home, I immediately called my best friend, Priyanka and told her everything about the day and she was also excited but warned me to keep my excitement level low and wait for tomorrow. I couldn’t sleep that night, thinking about what will happen tomorrow. The next day came and I woke up from my bed with a smile on my face. I called him on his Landline, he picked up the call and he said he wanted to talk about something by meeting me in person. I agreed and we decided we will meet in evening at Nirulas, Prashant Vihar. I kept his phone and immediately called Priyanka, she came to my place, and helped me get dressed for the perfect date.

I got ready and reached the Venue before time. Time was not passing by quickly. Even a single minute was worth hours. I kept standing outside Nirulas for 20 minutes. I called him from a PCO, on his landline, his mother picked up the phone and said, he has gone for tuition. I waited for another 10 mins, he wasn’t there and that’s when I decided to head back to home. After half an hour my phone bell rang, it was him. He said “Sorry sorry sorry..sorry..I got stuck in traffic, Can you please come now? If you want I can pick you from your home”. Hmm…I said “Ok, I will come there”. I went again. He was standing there, wearing a black leather jacket (It was winters, November 28th, 2002). His car was parked at the road opposite Nirulas. We stood by near his car. I asked “What do you want to talk about?”. Firstly he apologized for being late and then he said “ I have been thinking for last so many days, and I realized I have strong feeling for you, don’t know what..but maybe I love you. Would you mind being with me?” OMG.. that moment was amazing. I said “I would love to be with you”. He asked me if we can go for a drive. I happily said YES. He opened the door for me like a true Gentleman, which he is. We sat in the car and he started driving, played a soft music and suddenly he took out a Red rose from his jacket (In a filmy style) and said this is for you. I took the rose and it was like a Perfect Date 🙂

From then to now, it’s been more than 10 years including 9 years of long distance relationship. We respect each other and trust each other. After years of struggle, our parents are arranging for this love marriage. We are getting married exactly 8 days before we celebrate our 11th anniversary.

PS: And yes, my man does not lie. He is taking “His Beloved to Island”- Maldives!!

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    1. It was SO tough narrowing it down to just 4! Tarun & I picked almost 10 individually – and then narrowed it down seeing which ones both of us liked. Really difficult task – I could see how everyone had put in an effort to put their story down in words, shared such personal details, and you could feel the love pouring out of every story!


  2. All these beautiful love stories tugged at my heart. Reading each of these, especially the 2nd and the last one, made me all misty eyed remembering my own love story! Even as I write this, the last 8 years with my boyfriend (now fiancé) are just fresh in front of my eyes… Nostalgia is a wonderful thing.. More so when it’s memories of a beautiful love story! Best wishes to all the couples… They have the biggest prize – the togetherness of each other! Winning a competition as coveted as this is only the cherry on an already delicious cake 😉
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  6. Hey Nikita,
    Your story is really sweet and a dream come true for any Mills n Boon fan 😉 or someone who strongly believe in her dream guy 🙂 I am sure you guys would live happily and have a blessed life 🙂
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  7. I hope you all enjoy or have enjoyed our story as much as Guneet and I have enjoyed playing our parts in this real dramatic story. Thankyou for your wishes. It means a lot to both of us.


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  10. thank u to all dose who r voting for us…. it was whirlwind 2010 for us… but u jst know u r wid the right man when he brings out the best in you and loves u inspite of all your craziness… i am a better version of myself when i am with him… dont know if it is due his charming personality, his overall good heart or jst his cute dimples… 😉 …. you know u hv met a good man when he is not just good to you but also when he is good to everybody else around him….


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    there are certain incidents which are really touching
    Reallly wish them best of luck and happy life together forever


  16. I am the witness of this cute love story ……..all the best……hope u guyz win ;)….. heartiest wishes for the couple.


  17. I love u ,varun and prerna…..God bless u……and be happy forever…..proud to be ur friend as u both carried ur relationship with honesty within ur self and fulfilled ur promises of being together..forever with each other…..u r right and true example of perfect love in this mith world…..


  18. Hi,

    I realy dont know what to write…
    Love storiea all are priceless!

    I cant afford one makes this all more dramatic ..

    I love Prerna’s story over all… beautifull and almost me next wish…..

    Be blessed all the couples…..

    Let love and warmth overtake all hatred in tha world….

    Be blessed….


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