How I Met Your Father Giveaway: Winner Announced

The votes are in. Over 1500 of you voted! Yes, 1500+!!! It was quite a roller coaster to watch the poll unravel as there was no clear winner for the first day or two. But towards the end, it got clearer who might win. Or, was it?

This is how we voted for the How I Met Your Father giveaway –

#1 Public Voting

1,506 votes came in. Thanks to everyone who took out the time to read the stories and voted!

#2 Panel Voting

There were a lot of concerns about how someone with a greater “social media” standing might win on factors not based on their love story. Although I think we took care of that with over 1,500 votes (a lot of variety!), we still put together a panel of people from my entrusted circle – friends, family & fellow bloggers! Here they are…

The panel members!

Row-wise L-R panel members: (1) Sakshi, Stefanie, Ruchi, Aman (2) Rohan, Cliantha, Namrata, Karishma (3) Vishal, Ankita, Shilpi, Dhanya (4) Vidhi, Aditi P, Mehak S, Roli GV
Row-wise L-R panel members:
(1) Sakshi, Stefanie, Ruchi, Aman
(2) Rohan, Cliantha, Namrata, Karishma
(3) Vishal, Ankita, Shilpi, Dhanya
(4) Vidhi, Aditi P, Mehak S, Roli GV

All of them took their own sweet time to pick their favourite – and each vote by them is counted as 30 votes. They’ve been given a higher weightage, basically. This panel consists of people I trust a lot to give an objective vote, and their votes were also all over! Some loved Prerna’s high school story, while others thought Kartiki’s was true romance. Some were fans of Nikita’s Mills & Boon love, while others were really appreciative of how well-written & engaging Anisha’s love story was. While I didn’t know why the 1,506 voters picked the story that they did, with the panel I got an inside view of why they picked a particular love story over the other. And trust me, a lot of them came back to me saying, “OMG Shinjini! ALL these stories are so cute! Howww can I just pick ONE? This is insane!” Haha. Well, I had to assure them that no, you can’t pick more than one! So you know how difficult a task it was for them as well.

#3 Tarun Chawla


Since he’s giving away the giveaway, literally! His vote counted for a 100 votes.

Who Won?

If you’re Kartiki, Anisha, Nikita or Prerna, you must be all like – Shinjini!!! Ok ok! We got how you chose the winner. Now can you please, for heaven’s sake, kill the suspense already and TELL ME…

Did I Win?


If you’re Nikita, yes, you did!

Congratulations Nikita, you just won a pre-wedding shoot with Tarun Chawla!


And, if you’re Prerna…

Congratulations Prerna, you just won a Save The Date card shoot with Tarun Chawla!


Prerna lost to Nikita by just 9 votes!!! Which is pretty narrow, considering the total number of votes was 2086 (combining public, panel & Tarun’s votes). So Tarun has very generously offered to give Prerna, the runner-up, a Save The Date card shoot!

Congrats Nikita & Prerna! Please drop me an email at to receive further details on how you can “collect” your prize 🙂

Kartiki & Anisha, Tarun & I loved your stories insanely as well, that’s why we picked them for the shortlist in the first place! Thank you for participating in this giveaway, hope you’ve had fun with it and will come back for the next one!

Once again, thank you to everyone who voted. You made this giveaway a much bigger success than even I had imagined! And of course, big thank you to Tarun – who offered such a great prize! 🙂 Can’t wait to see pictures from Nikita’s pre-wedding shoot, and see Prerna’s Save The Date card!

2 thoughts

  1. Congratulations to couple!!
    Had voted for nikita’s story , so happy that she won .
    All the best guys , wish you all the luck and happiness forever! 🙂


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