Best Wedding Lehengas of 2012

best wedding lehengas of 2012

I spent a lot of time last year combing through picture after picture of wedding lehengas online. I was looking for some inspiration for my own wedding. Some of the questions on my mind then were – what lehenga should I wear? What should the colours be? What are the styles available?

I carefully put together pictures of all the lehengas I loved on my Pinterest board, some of which I’m 110% still in love with. This is my list of the best wedding lehengas I came across in 2012. They’re absolute beauties, and if I could have, I would have worn every single one of these! Multiple-weddings, anyone? ๐Ÿ˜‰

#1 Nisha’s Lehenga

Nisha lehenga full length
A Tarun Tahiliani wedding lehenga

I totally fell in love, hard, with her wedding lehenga – when I saw her beautiful wedding video (which is a must-watch, btw!).

I used Nisha’s wedding as a reference point for so many things while I was preparing for my own wedding! I highly recommend you watch the video if you haven’t yet. Things I noted from her wedding lehenga –

  • The way her lehenga flared in just the right way when she walks, it made me love the lehenga even more! This is what made me decide I wanted a big ghera on my own wedding lehenga.
  • This is also when I first noted the concept of a double-dupatta – the heavy one on one shoulder, and a super-light one (with just some mukesh work sprinkled all over the net cloth) on the head. I highly recommend a double-dupatta (although I didn’t manage to get it done for my own wedding), and the practicality of having a light one on your head is so high that once you realise this, you’ll never opt for a heavy one.
  • The colour combination was SO pretty! Pink & red lehenga, mint green blouse with long-ish sleeves in a contrasting dark colour, and a dupatta in a completely different shade – yellow! It was an explosion of colours, but all the different elements tied together so beautifully!
  • Her blouse colour was so beautiful, I actually spent wasted too many hours of my life trying to find a lehenga that would match with the exact same shade of mint green.

Yes, I wanted to copy her blouse and yellow dupatta to the T! I would have also if I could have. I think she looked stunning, and her jewellery was just as beautiful, AND perfectly matched! Matching your jewellery takes the outfit to a whole new level. Here are some more pictures you can gorge on:

nisha 1 nisha blouse nisha blouse sleeve details nisha jewellery

Images courtesy:ย Memories in Motionย & Marigold Events

#2 Prarthna’s Lehenga

Lehenga from Roop Sarees, South Extension
Lehenga from Roop Sarees, South Extension

I fell in love with her watermelon red lehenga the first time I came across it on WeddingSutra. And I couldn’t believe it was from Roop Sarees in South Ex! I even noted down all the details in the hope that I might get an exact replica made for myself – “it’s watermelon red in banarasi silk with intricate hand embroidery done with antique gold motifs and highlighted with pearls. And an emerald green blouse and a coral red sheer dupatta to go with it.” The colour combination is so pretty, and it’s simplicity makes it even more endearing. Not too much embroidery, it’s just a play of bright colours and shiny fabric textures. Here are some more pictures Photo Tantra was kind enough to share:

only lehenga prathna best wedding lehenga 2012 embroidery details prathna best wedding lehenga 2012 upper half look prathna best wedding lehenga 2012 look with dupatta prathna best wedding lehenga 2012 full length view prathna best wedding lehenga 2012 sitting prathna best wedding lehenga 2012

Images courtesy: Photo Tantra & WeddingSutra

#3 Sim’s lehenga

sim full length front

Sim’s was the first lehenga I loved in my search for my own wedding lehenga. She made for such a pretty bride! The colour combination of pink and turquoise blue on the borders looked fantastic! And I know her lehenga is heavier than what I would’ve generally gone for – from what I can make of it, it does have a generous dose of bling. But I still think the colours are SO pretty! I also loved her blouse. And her jewellery? Well, I happened to look at these pictures after my wedding and realised – my own wedding jewellery was SO similar! Don’t believe me? Go have a look at my wedding post, and tell me if you can see how they look eerily similar! Point is – of course I loved her jewellery ๐Ÿ˜‰ So much so, that unconsciously I ended up buying almost the same kind!

sim dupatta jewellery

sim blouse sim long distance shot sim upper half sim gill dupatta border details

Images Courtesy: James Thomas Long Photographyย &ย My Asian Wed

#4 Red & Gold Lehenga

red lehenga

I found this beautiful red lehenga after I got married. I remember exactly how I felt when I saw it – *gasp* *jaw drop* followed by stunned silence. I couldn’t believe such a pretty lehenga could exist!ย The red is SO stunning, and the way it’s combined with chunky antique gold embroidery on the border and the blouse gives it a totally unique yet very exquisite bridal feel! I also love the way it looks in the second last picture below – the light streaming through giving a pretty red glow.

red lehenga blouse details red lehenga back red lehenga in sunlight red lehenga gold work on dupatta border

Image Courtesy: Maharani Weddings – Part 1 & 2

What’s your favourite wedding lehenga till date? Leave a link to it below, or email me some pictures!

30 thoughts

  1. Red & Gold Lehenga …..It’s bold,bright,tradtional (as we have a tradition to wear only red in wedding)…all in one it’s awesome………… <3<3<3


  2. hello .. awesome l;ehengas .. i m in love with the nisha one since a vry long time … n i love this one too.. found it on pinterest long tym back … dunno who she is bt th look is vry elegant and beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚ 1769abe8662b56ea74939746f5342514


  3. Hi,
    This might not be related to the post. But where can I buy chikankari saree in Delhi in the range of 10- 15k?? Thanks.


  4. My favourite is Prathana’s lehnga! So pretty, so vibrant, so subtle, yet so elegant!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Totally love it!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. I am so in love with that red and water melon red lehankas .
    I think the photography also given credit for making to look so gorg. Some times we might come across the same thing and give it a pass, but when worn and photographed beautifully does change our views.


    1. That’s so true! A good photographer will be able to translate the beauty of the lehenga in photographs, and if he’s really good – he’ll make it look even better in pics than it does in reality!


  6. oh my god in love with the red lehenga..the last one red n old…..pls pls pls dear find out where to find it in delhi..can it be custom made …wats its cost…need ur expert assistance :). getting married in 4 months… n i think i know how my wedding dress gonna look like . thanks for the post


    1. Hi Bharti! Have not been able to find out where the lehenga is from, but I doubt it’s from India. You can try getting something similar made from RAS? Not sure if they can, but no harm in asking!


      1. ohh ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
        still thanks for the effort… well i will ask them . if they cant do it..i think i should start searching from chandni chowk for something smiliar..


  7. Hi TDB,
    Love your blog. Getting married in Feb ‘ 14 and have a gorgeous (read ‘heavy’) red and green lehenga for the reception. I was wondering if you can tell me where can I get a matching net dupatta for doning it in double-dupatta style? I am pretty sure if I don’t, the heavy one that came with the lehenga will tear my hair away.


      1. Oh, I got the lehenga from Lucknow on an earlier trip I made – should have paid more attention to these details then. Thank you though. Sounds like Chandni Chowk is due for another shopping trip ๐Ÿ™‚


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