LIVE Q&A session with ME!

—The session is officially over. You can view the complete Q&A session here.—

Edit: I’m no longer answering questions on so please send your queries via email. Thanks!

Ask Me Anything

Starting RIGHT NOW, I’m available to thedelhibride readers till tomorrow to answer ALL your questions – wedding-related, or otherwise. All you have to do is log on to and leave your question there. I’ll be logged on all day, till tomorrow night 11.59 PM (12 September) so you can keep coming back and ask as many questions as you want.

Why am I doing this?

I receive a ton of questions every day – via email or Twitter or on Facebook. Occasionally, I am totally free when I receive the query, so I respond immediately. Very often though, I have to leave it in my inbox to be answered later. So I thought – why not keep myself free just to answer all your questions for a full day and a half?! You’ll get immediate responses, AND I get a chance to interact with my readers LIVE!

So go on, head over toΒ and Ask Me Anything!

Edit: While I’m here to answer all your makeup related questions, please feel free to ask anything about other wedding-related categories as well! Post-wedding life, blogger’s life, etc – all kinds of questions are welcome!

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