thedelhibells: Sydney aka Honeymoon Part 3

1 Oct

thedelhibells sydney aka honeymoon part 3

Read Part 1 & Part 2 to know how we began our honeymoon journey with Karva Chauth & a trip to Gold Coast.

We landed in Sydney at 8 AM and headed straight for the hotel. The check-in was uneventful, for which I was truly grateful. Yes, we’d requested an early check-in in advance! Lesson learnt! The hotel was nice

Park Royal hotel, Darling Harbour

Park Royal hotel, Darling Harbour

But we didn’t want to spend a moment indoors. We needed to set our body clocks straight! Gold Coast had seen us living in our own time zone (sleeping through the evening!) which was neither Indian nor Australian standard time. I was determined to make sure we didn’t hit the bed till atleast 9 PM, so we headed straight out of the hotel.

We took the 2 minute walk to Darling Harbour, in search of a food joint.

Darling Harbour is an entertainment & shopping district, which has some really great places to eat at as well. The IMAX theatre (apparently the biggest one in the world), the aquarium, show boats and everything else is all right here! It’s got a great view of still water (it’s literally a harbour.) You could spend 2 whole days just roaming around this place and you still wouldn’t have seen it all.

We finally came across a lovely Italian joint…

eat love pizza darling harbour sydney

where we hogged on the most delicious pasta!

pasta at eat love pizza italian restaurant darling harbour sydney

We also bought tickets to watch The Amazing Spiderman 3D that same evening at IMAX…

IMAX theatre (this is the view from our hotel corridor!)

IMAX theatre (this is the view from our hotel corridor!)

…and it was the best idea ever! The movie started at 7 PM, which meant we HAD to stay awake till atleast 9 PM. Honestly, it was hard to stay awake because sleep had really started to hit by 7, but thankfully we were in a massive theatre watching a 3D movie in a most surreal way. So we did good, and managed to stay up till 10.30 PM that day! FYI, the IMAX experience was truly amazing. This is the first one either of us had been to, and it was AWESOME!

The next morning, we got dressed to go to Blue Mountains. On our way up, we stopped to visit a zoo, and finally we saw some of the animals Australia is famous for!

A crocodile…



Some penguins…

penguins australia

A koala bear…

OMG! How cute is that thing!

OMG! How cute is that thing!

I even patted him! Like, for a millisecond.

I even patted him! Like, for a millisecond.

And a kangaroo!

kangaroo australia

Although the kangaroos looked kind of dirty, which is SO different from what they show in that Australia tourism ad on Indian television (“it’s like lo-uve…for the first tiiime!”) – how come that kangaroo on that beach looks so freakin’ clean?!

Then we continued on our way up to Blue Mountains. What’s that, you ask?

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains

See the mountains in the distance? They give off a blue-ish look. Yeah, that was Blue Mountains. It was no great shakes, honestly. Then we did the only thing you can do at Blue Mountains – get into a cable car, ride the steepest incline train in the world…

and take a scenic walk…

The Scenic Walkway

The Scenic Walkway

…which was probably the first sort of romantic thing we did on our whole trip. It was romantic upto the point where my husband scared the daylights out of me by making me believe a spider was crawling on my shoulder! He was just joking, of course. But gah! Romantic moment was safely out the window by then.

By the time we got back from Blue Mountains, there was just enough time left to grab a McDonald’s dinner and head back to the hotel.

The trip to Blue Mountains is a bus ride away from Sydney, and the tour generally lasts an entire day. You will get an option to take a ferry back to the city about mid-way through your ride back. We stuck to the bus, but I’m sure the ferry would make for a beautiful journey back as well.

Day 3 in Sydney, we took the city tour, which took us to a ton of different places which made for picturesque backdrops. One of the stops was the much-hyped Bondi beach.

Isn’t it so pretty?

Isn’t it so pretty?

We had 30 minutes to look around, and guess what we did? No, we didn’t even step onto the beach. We found a shop selling really nice “Bondi Beach” clothing, so we spent all our time trying to figure out what to buy for who. We shopped throughout the trip for our entire family btw. Yes, we’re that couple. *sniff sniff* On the bright side, those Bondi Beach tshirts and sweatshirts were seriously good-looking & totally worth the time spent there (you can buy the same clothes from a shop at Darling Harbour as well, which we realised only later)

We finally reached the famous Opera House, and the tour was a ton of fun! Getting to step into that iconic building, learning all about it’s architecture was actually quite interesting!

We all had to wear these headphones as the guide spoke softly into her microphone. What a great idea!

We all had to wear these headphones as the guide spoke softly into her microphone. What a great idea!

Inside Opera House

Inside Opera House



And then we went to the aquarium in Darling Harbour and Sydney Tower Eye to catch breathtaking 360 degree views of the entire city!


I fell sick :( Not really sick, but sick enough to not finish the rest of the city tour. We spent the rest of the evening visiting a doctor and getting some much-needed rest.

Day 4. I woke up feeling much better, and to make me feel even better, we headed off to shop! We went to George Street and Circular Quay (as far as I remember). For lunch, we ate at a food court in one of the malls. We did spot a very authentic Indian cuisine serving stall, but I reminded my husband that our itinerary said we’d be enjoying an Indian feast for dinner that night on a showboat, so how about we eat some Chinese instead? He reluctantly agreed, but not before he got some masaledaar chaat into his system!

chaat in Sydney

We were quite excited about this showboat thing, but we had no idea what we were in for. We walked the distance from our hotel to the boat (which was anchored at Darling Harbour), and it was such a beautiful walk.

The walk on Darling Harbour

The walk on Darling Harbour

It was a cool evening, and storm clouds had gathered. The sun was just about to set, as we made our way onto the boat.

It was a typical show, where ladies in show-type clothes (that are more “show” than “hide”) sang and danced. Honestly, the show was only mildly entertaining, and we started to get bored pretty soon. As for the Indian feast we had been looking forward it, it was a total let down. It tasted like the chef had just taken some frozen pre-made Indian food packets and heated them up. No wait. Correction: I wish he had taken some pre-packaged Indian food and just heated it up! It tasted just so wrong.

With a bummer of a dinner, and a show that was far from scintillating, my husband & I started to look around the boat. We were sitting inside, at a corner table close to the windows, and we noticed the beautiful Sydney skyline pass us by through the windows. Without having to say it to each other, we both stood up & made our way to the boat’s deck outside. Once we stepped out, the cold air instantly hit us. I drew my sweater closer to myself, trying to keep warm. The show music drowned into the backdrop as the doors closed, and all we could see were the city lights in the distance. We were on a boat with so many other people, yet almost alone on the deck. I’ve got to be cheesy now and admit to one thing – this was the most romantic part of our whole journey. I mean, where something external like the ambience added a whiff of romance to the air.

Want to know what else made the ambience so freakin’ romantic? The views!

sydney opera house harbour bridge

Opera House in the distance

Under Harbour Bridge

Under Harbour Bridge

Sydney skyline

Sydney skyline

That's us out on the boat's deck!

That’s us out on the boat’s deck!

I still think back about this day and can’t help but feel all warm & fuzzy inside. That’s one perfect moment, on the side of that boat, that I’ll never quite forget.

Once again, it was just as I had imagined my honeymoon to be. And as if it hadn’t been a perfect enough evening already, it began to rain as we walked back to the hotel. I wish I could tell you we got ourselves under one umbrella and walked all the way back gazing into each other’s eyes, oblivious to the world outside. But the truth was, we made a run for it! And almost tripped over each other trying to get indoors quickly! :) Still, it was the perfect way to end the Australian leg of our honeymoon.

Up next, Singapore!

For the rest of the stories from my wedding (Pre-Wedding Shoot, Sangeet, Wedding Reception, etc), go to thedelhibells series.

14 Responses to “thedelhibells: Sydney aka Honeymoon Part 3”

  1. Urvashi Salaria October 2, 2021 at 6:45 pm #

    Amazing post!! loved the tiny details :) Stay blessed <3


  2. kashmira October 2, 2021 at 8:54 pm #

    such a nicely written post shinjini..thoroughly enjoyed reading it. :)
    PS: ur hubby looks so much like Ben stiller .:)


    • thedelhibride October 3, 2021 at 4:59 pm #

      Haha! A lot of people say that he does! :) I’m a big Ben Stiller fan myself ;)


  3. cash90mira October 2, 2021 at 8:57 pm #

    Such a nicely written post shinjini..thoroughly enjoyed reading it :)
    PS: your hubby looks so much like Ben stiller :)


  4. Bhavna Singh October 4, 2021 at 1:26 am #

    Finally ! Had been waiting so long to hear (oops i mean read ) all about ur Australian honeymoon. Loved your write ups about ur honeymoon. I think the way u write, u can bring liveliness to a monotonous story as well. Some how i find ur style of writing very similar to Chetan Bhagat’ of my fav writers :)
    Anywhoo, one thing which is really bothering me is the cold wind in Australian beaches when u went for ur honeymoon there. I am planning to honeymoon in Australia in the end of Nov’13 and am all about warm weather and beaches and that is one of the reason we ditched Europe bcz i just cant tolerate cold winds during my honeymoon period at least! All this while i was under the impression that Australia will have nice warm weather during the month of Nov/Dec but after reading ur posts i feel like its more chilly then warm. Is it true? When exactly did u go for ur honeymoon? Was it not warm enough to lay down at beaches ? I am now a little apprehensive about my dreams of warm weather, beaches and water sports type of honeymoon in Australia. Any inputs frm ur side will be really helpful. :)


    • thedelhibride October 4, 2021 at 1:22 pm #

      Hey Bhavna! We went 1st week of nov, which is just the beginning of summer. But u should be good - by end nov summer most def sets in.


      • Bhavna Singh October 5, 2021 at 12:34 am #

        Ok. That’s relieving to hear. Thanks for the info!


  5. Saylee October 15, 2021 at 1:25 am #

    Dear Sanjhini, I really liked the candid way in which you have written about your experiences through the 4-5 days of the wedding, down to the minutest details. I am wondering, how your engagement must have been, since it is indeed one of the very first ‘marriage ready’ ceremony. have you written about your ‘roka’/ engagement? if not, can you share your experiences from that event??


  6. ekpword October 22, 2021 at 3:57 pm #

    That was a great read! I just came across your blog and I am enjoying your posts

    One correction: That is a Koala, not a Panda (unless this was an inside joke or sarcasm that I missed lol).
    Also, damn man, you should have gone to Taronga Zoo, the Kangaroos there are clean lol. I think you went to Featherdale Park? Blue Mountains is never the place to go. I don’t know why every single tourist demands to go there. I always avoid it.
    There is good Indian food here but on showboats, I don’t know if any of the restaurants do catering there which is probably why you had that experience. You guys could have also tried the Bridge Walk. Did you at least walk across the Bridge? Sorry, I’m a Sydneysider who tries to ensure people get to see the good stuff here.

    Also, to Bhavna Singh, you’re coming this year Nov? It’s already quite hot. We’re experiencing a lot of bushfires this year. Much earlier than when the bushfire season starts in summer. So, yeah, the weather will be warm for you. If you plan on going to Cairns and all, it’ll be warm anyway.


    • thedelhibride November 7, 2021 at 1:57 am #

      Oops! Yes, that’s indeed a Koala! Have no idea why I wrote panda :p corrected it now!
      While I had limited control on my honeymoon itinerary, I’m sure other people will benefit with reading your comments here :) Hope they are able to cover more of what Sydney has in store!


  7. Smriti April 27, 2022 at 11:42 am #

    Hi, Loved reading your Brisbane and Sydney trip and the way you had described all the thoughts. Can you help me out with places to must visit in Sydney and Brisbane and Gold Coast as we are also planning to go there on our honeymoon in September.

    You may reach me at [email protected]

    Thanks a ton in advance!


  8. Sakshi Varma September 15, 2022 at 12:12 pm #

    Hi, Great post..I loved the way you have mentioned each and every detail about your trip. I now need your help in planning my honeymoon to Australia.

    We are traveling to Australia for our Honeymoon (Melbourne - Gold Coast-Sydney) during the 3rd week of December! Can you help me with details such as the weather and the kind of clothes I should carry. Also, do you think Blue mountains is a must visit as we have booked the Showboat cruise the same day (which starts at 7:30 pm) for dinner. We are not a great Wildlife fan, but still donot want to miss on things considering that Blue mountains is the main sydney attraction (I think!).

    You can reach me at [email protected].

    Thanks & Keep Rocking!



    • thedelhibride September 22, 2022 at 10:11 am #

      Hey Sakshi, weather was pleasant when we visited in early November, but slightly chilly. Seems like you’re visiting at a time when it will be hot. Blue Mountains can be given a miss - nothing super duper amazing.


  9. mandeep September 22, 2022 at 10:53 am #

    wht abt Greece and Paris in this particular part of the year….r they btr ….weather vise and also place vise…


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