thedelhibride Asks… Gota Patti Lehengas in Delhi/Jaipur

In June, one of our blog readers had asked this question about where one can find gota patti lehengas under INR 35,000 in Delhi & Jaipur. I had put up the question on Facebook, and we got some helpful responses. I’m now adding this to the blog, so that all of you can have easy access to the helpful comments left by fellow readers. If you also have a suggestion, please add it to the thread – either on Facebook or as a comment below this post. Thank you!

PS. Please let me know in case the Facebook link above is not displaying properly for you.

8 thoughts

  1. I had spotted some fantastic Gota Patti Lehengas in that range at CTC Mall in Moti Nagar. You can check there. Though I am sure that you’ll get better ones in Jaipur. 🙂


  2. heyy shinjini…thnks fr posting my question again…Well i found my lehnga in Roop Sarees chandani Chowk…n as its said that we end buying what we didn’t think of and so i bot a zari & zardozi lehnga…


    1. Hi Shivangi… congrats for your marriage !!! mine is due in Feb and I went to Roop today. Could you please let me know how much you purchased your lehenga for.The roop sarees vala eliminated all almost all the bootis from lehenga I liked and still came out with a budget of 46k.Too disapointed,Could you pls suggest me a price or some pictues of your lehenga or any sort of help !! In dire need of it.


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