Vendor Review: MUA Shruti Sharma of Monsoon Salon

Shruti Sharma Makeup Artist MUA Monsoon Salon review cover

Edit: I just got to know Shruti no longer works at Monsoon Salon. She’s now freelancing as a makeup artist, and you can get in touch with her at +91-8800578358

I first met Shruti when I had accompanied a bride to be for her makeup trial at Monsoon Salon. Monsoon was (and still is) giving free trials for wedding makeup, and I had suggested we give it a try and see if it’s right for the bride. We met Shruti at Monsoon’s South Ex salon, and my first impression of her was – what an effervescent personality!

Why I chose them

I had planned to just sit and observe while the makeup trial took place. But Shruti & the bride got talking, and suddenly I had my phone out and I was taking notes! Shruti was doling out makeup advice non-stop, and answering the bride’s questions like a rapid fire round! No question was too big, or too small, for Shruti to answer and we left the trial with some great makeup tips. What I liked a lot about her was that she’s so great for a bride who has next to nil knowledge about makeup. She will explain the basics to you, without making it complicated. And she’s such a friendly person, the makeup session will feel more like a girls night out with your bestie!

The bride I went with liked the trial so much, she booked her for her December wedding. Both of us especially loved the lipstick shades Shruti worked with – she had some seriously pretty colours! The only thing I was not too sure about was the makeup base – I felt like it wasn’t blended as well as I would’ve liked, but the bride seemed ok with that.

So in September, when it was time for me to attend my cousin’s Sangeet, I decided to get my hair & makeup done by Shruti.

What I Loved

  • Very friendly – Talking to Shruti is like talking to a friend. Once again, it felt like I was catching up with an old friend!
  • Pretty lipstick colours – Every time I have met Shruti, she’s been wearing a super pretty shade of lipstick. I loved the colours she used on the bride at the makeup trial, as well as the colour she used on me! She has the prettiest stash of lip colours, and she knows how to use them!
  • MFBB (My Face But Better) – I feel it’s essential for a girl to still look like herself post makeup, and that’s exactly what Shruti did. In fact, she says she doesn’t want to transform anyone as that’s not her style at all. She wants you to look just like yourself, but of course – a slightly better version. I was actually amazed at how much she managed to stick to that, and I really didn’t feel like a completely different person. I really, really liked this about her.
  • Great hairstyle – While Shruti doesn’t do complicated hair styles (she’s essentially the makeup person, and someone else will do your hair if it’s anything complicated), I really liked how she styled mine. I told her I wanted something simple, and she give me soft curls. I’ve never had soft curls in my life, since my hair is really straight and curls don’t stay. But she used a hair iron to curl the ends, and it worked out quite well. The hairstyle stayed put till the end of the Sangeet, and I was so happy to finally get soft waves in my hair!!!
  • Listens to the client – I told Shruti I wanted natural looking makeup, just a slight tint of colour on my cheeks, very subtle eye makeup, a simple hairstyle. I’m probably every MUA’s nightmare! Because I want makeup, but I basically don’t want it to look like I have makeup on 🙂 Shruti didn’t make me feel like I was too simple, or what I wanted was silly. She was extremely nice about it, and gave me exactly what I asked for. This is every bride’s dream – to have a makeup artist understand what she wants, and work towards giving her that look.
  • Let’s you borrow lipstick – Shruti is one of those MUAs who let you borrow the lipstick shades they have used on you. It’s always a life-saver, because you can touch up at the venue with the exact same shade that’s been originally used on you.
  • Even skin shade – She believes in applying foundation on exposed skin all over, which means she doesn’t forget to apply foundation on your neck, and even your arms!

What I wasn’t a fan of

  • Highlighter use – I had told Shruti that I don’t want to use highlighter at all, because my skin is oily and post-makeup, it gets shiny quite quickly. If I have highlighter on, the shine literally doubles and so I wanted to avoid highlighter completely. But she told she will use it in a way that doesn’t happen, so I let her use a bit. However, my face still ended up getting shiny quickly at the venue so I am still convinced I shouldn’t use highlighter on my face at all.
  • Unblended undereye makeup – I think I have an oily undereye area, which is why any makeup that is applied in this area begins to melt really quickly, and settles into my fine lines. No, not at the venue, but while I’m still at the salon! This happened to me during my wedding as well (at b:blunt), and it happened again at Monsoon Salon. Argh! Shruti tried to salvage it, but she wasn’t able to. The undereye makeup, once again, looked unblended and overall just not so great.
  • Eye Makeup – I didn’t notice this on that day, but only later when I saw the pictures the photographer sent to me. The eyeliner doesn’t look very neatly put. I’m just being picky now, but in the interest of full disclosure – I thought I should mention it.

About the Salon

  • I liked Monsoon Salon – it’s neat & tidy, and looks good.
  • The staff is friendly, and offers you beverages while you get your hair and makeup done.
  • I haven’t used any other services here, so I can’t comment on anything else right now.
  • One of the hairstylists, Ugen, is quite good. He gave me the side bun that I, if I may say so myself, rocked at India Bridal Fashion Week!

Would I go here again?

Yes. I got a ton of compliments from my family, and all of them wanted to know “Where did you get your hair and makeup done from?” – which is usually a big flashing sign that says “The makeup artist did a GREAT job!” So whenever I want to get subtle looking makeup done, I will definitely go back to Shruti. And of course, if I want soft waves in my hair again! 🙂

Shruti Sharma makeup artist MUA Monsoon Salon review
At the salon, immediately after Shruti was done with me

Shruti Sharma monsoon salon makeup TWC 1 Shruti Sharma monsoon salon makeup TWC 2

The last 2 pictures are courtesy Parul of The Wedding Company, who I bumped into at my cousin’s wedding! Thank you, Parul – for sending me these clicks! 🙂

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What do you think of Shruti’s work?

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  1. Love your hairstyle TDB! The soft curls suit you a lot and I am super impressed that it stayed till the end of the function! 🙂


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