thedelhibride Asks… Karva Chauth Ensemble

This will be my first Karva Chauth with the family (although technically the first one has already happened last year at my honeymoon in Australia). I’m not a Punjabi, so this is the first Karva Chauth of my LIFE! What I mean is, I’ve never even seen one. Except in the movies, of course. And I’m, obviously, totally lost about what to wear.

What do you wear on Karva Chauth?

I’ve heard newlyweds get really decked up on their first karva chauth, and many even wear their wedding lehenga. Should I? Or should I just wear a really heavy sari? I have one net sari with heavy kundan work that I wore to my cousin’s wedding 4 years ago (never wore it after that because it’s really heavy) – it’s actually the exact same sari Anushka Sharma wears in the final scene of Band Baaja Baraat (the movie) where Ranveer Singh’s character finally confesses his love to the girl. Or should I go classic and wear a silk sari (I have plenty lying unused from my trousseau), or wear one of the many anarkalis I own that are not so heavy?

I know, I know. Too many options na? That’s why I need a little bit of help! What did you wear/are planning to wear on your first Karva Chauth with the family? Your wedding lehenga? Or a heavy sari? SOS!!!

Edit: I finally wore my wedding lehenga! Pictures and full story here.



  1. Hey I would go for a lighter outfir given your petite frame. Pair it with bridal makeup/hairdo and some nice jewellery.. If you are going to fast, the last thing you want to bother you is a heavy sari. May be wedding jewellery can be the little something from the wedding day. If you are likely to apply mehendi on that day, prolly choose a darker shade like sunset orange or deep green/blue..


    1. Hey! I was actually thinking of keeping my hair and makeup simple. Just leaving my hair open. Don’t feel like bothering with a parlor visit. And yeah, definitely considering wedding day jewellery.


  2. I think you should go with a nice and bright saree and pair it with your wedding jewellery maybe! Most punjabi girls wear their bridal lehnga, but in my opinion it is a bit too much! A sari will be perfect with some nice mehndi, subtle make up and pretty jewellery! πŸ™‚
    PS. I am also unmarried! πŸ™‚


    1. Hey Ashima, I was actually thinking it will be at least one day I can re-use my wedding lehenga. Cos I doubt I will use it any time soon again. Paisa vasool πŸ™‚ But I do need to try my wedding lehenga again, to make sure it fits and looks good. I’ve put on weight since last year, and will steer clear of it if it makes me look fat!


  3. Hello! First off, great work!!
    If only I had found your blog a year ago! I’m a Bihari too and hadn’t the slightest clue what the fuss over the first Karva Chauth was. I chose a shaded blue Chiffon saree, and paired it with very minimal jewellery and a heavy gota patti red blouse. I remember almost fainting while draping the saree, though! πŸ˜›


  4. In band baaja baarat last scene, isnt Anushka wearing Santa claus costume :O Or may be I dont remember ….
    I think you should go for a lehenga πŸ™‚ not at all a “heavy saree” at least πŸ™‚


    1. Lol! No, it’s that deep purple sari that she’s paired with a pink/red blouse. And after reading everyone’s comments, I’m realising that a heavy sari will just bog me down. Lehengas are always easier to handle than a sari, plus mine was not a million kilos, it’s actually quite light, so leaning towards it now!


    2. oh..guess what..that was ‘ladies vs ricki bahl’ end scene πŸ˜›
      Whatever u wear u gonna look lovely πŸ˜‰ and pls pls do post the pics…


  5. Hello there!
    It’s my first Karva Chauth and I’m a Bihari so I have no clue how to go about it. I have heard that some girls wear their wedding lehenga but I don’t see myself doing it. I think I would for a nice, bright saree (from my trousseau)- nothing too heavy, maybe crepe silk or georgette with some threadwork and slight bling.

    I think you can opt for one of the unused trousseau sarees. It’d be useful if you’d post pics of tentative sarees/suits so we get a better idea of the options…no?


    1. The only unused saris I have that I am prepared to use (i.e. blouse & petticoat in place – u know how imp that is!) are either too light or just plain silks (although they are in bright colours). Hmmm…but I’m seriously lehenga now since it will be easier to handle. Let’s see….!


  6. If i were you i would wear my bridal lehenga. it is the best day to make use of it. Dont go for anything light. You can do makeup at home But dont keep your outfit simple. I am a punjabi girl and it is always said that we wear our bridal lehenga thrice – 1.On D day ofcourse. 2. Brother’s wedding. 3. First karva chauth πŸ˜€
    P.S. I am getting married soon :p


    1. Won’t your brother’s wife resent you for trying to upstage her? My fiance is Punjabi and I don’t know how I would feel if his cousins show up to our wedding in their wedding lehenga (since he doesn’t have a sister) haha.


    2. Lol! Most North Indian brides try and reuse their lehengas at their own brothers/sisters wedding. You just tone it down a bit with a lighter dupatta and/or blouse, and when u are not decked up in all solah shringar, nobody is going to mistake u for the bride πŸ™‚


    3. Lol! I still have my inhibitions about doing something like that but I take your word for it, especially if you tone it down a bit. As for karva chauth, I think your wedding lehenga is beautiful and as others have suggested you can tone it down by letting your hair down and doing your own makeup. I say go for it!


  7. Hey! A fellow punjabi here too. Please please wear your wedding lehenga, You just have ONE first karvachauth in your life. Why wouldn’t you wanna wear your wedding lehenga?

    What I’d suggest is, go for your wedding lehenga and just tone down the make up and jewelry. Put on those light waves and you’ll be good-to-go.

    PS- Your wedding lehenga is so unconventionally elegant and graceful that it’ll make for a perfect Karvachauth ensemble.

    Have fun!


  8. Hey

    why aren’t you considering wearing your reception outfit? I think its fab….neither too heavy nor too light. Plus it would be different too. You can wear your trousseau saris in the future too. Flowy soft curls and dewy make-up. It would look fab.


  9. Its going to be my first karwachauth as well πŸ™‚ I am wearing a heavy anarkali. It is so much easy to handle.
    I have seen my mum over the years managing the thaali during the pooja; it becomes more difficult if you’re bogged down by a saree. One should have one’s hands free.
    Also you will definitely be asked to cover your head for a while during the pooja. So keep that in mind as well.


  10. Hey,
    Its my first KC too (post marriage i.e.). My MIL is a punjabi and according to her you need to wear your wedding lehenga/ dupatta only during the pooja specially kept for you. Also, your MIL is supposed to buy you a new outfit which you should be wearing while opening your fast. And you’re supposed to buy her a new outfit too(I’m not sure if she’s supposed to wear that on KC, i don’t think so though..).

    And you’re also supposed to get make up and a piece a jewellery from your inlaws πŸ™‚


  11. Hi,

    I think you should wear your wedding lengha. I have seen pictures of your wedding day, your lengha is quite classy. See its your first karwachauth i think you should be little glamorous that day and trust me its only first karwachauth that you can wear heavy stuff, all the following years will be just as another day.

    Since you are a punjabi…karwachuth is a big deal in your culture.All your silk sarees and heavy anakalries you can wear on Diwali.

    I think go for typical Bollywood karwachauth style…It will be fun and you can only do this one your first one.:))


  12. I repeat..Wedding Lehenga!
    hehe.. See so many of us want you to do that :p
    and coming back to brother wedding scenario, it is but obviously done in a lighter way either by using a lighter dupatta or different blouse or by changing the draping style πŸ˜‰
    Just mentioning what happens ;p
    I am sure you will dazzle in anything you wear btw.. Take care πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  13. Hi Shinjini!
    You must wear your wedding lehenga as it will be good use after the wedding.
    Just go for it and feel like a bride all over again.
    Pics awaited..! πŸ™‚


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