Wedding App Review: Tanishq Karva Chauth 2013

Tanishq Karva Chauth 2013 app cover photo

You can download the app here.

Tanishq released a Karva Chauth app yesterday, and it made a lot of big claims – it has an inbuilt Chalni, explains all the rituals, and it will be your best buddy through KC. Hmmm…Remember how I used a plastic pencil box made out of net as a Chalni last year when I observed Karva Chauth on my honeymoon? And how my husband & I were absolutely clueless about what rituals are done on this day?This app definitely got me intrigued. Could it have been the savior on my KC attempt last year?

So I hit download and decided to see for myself.

The app started off with a line I found rather amusing – from being a sieve to your saasuma – this app will do it all!

Tanishq Karva Chauth 2013 app review intro

And honestly, the app does do it all (well, almost). It has the following features –

Tanishq Karva Chauth 2013 app review features

  • Chalni – ok, this one is the coolest. You click on it, and it turns on your camera with a criss-cross design all over it. Basically, it feels like you’re looking at your husband through an actual Chalni! This would have come in so handy last year on our honeymoon Karva Chauth!
  • Moon rise time – by the time evening rolls in, you’ll want to know what time the moon’s going to show it’s face so you can shove your face in some food 🙂 The app displays moon rise time in major cities of India, along with a countdown clock. I do wish they add international cities as well soon, because I remember trying to figure out moon rise time in Australia last year (we finally settled on the shocking 10 pm estimate we found in the local newspaper).
  • Rituals – from sargi to breaking the fast, this app details out everything you’ll need to do during the day. Really helpful, especially for a non-Punjabi-first-timer like me. I’ve only seen KC in the movies, and words like “sargi” are just something I dismissed off as a hindi word I did not understand due to my limited vocabulary. I was totally clueless about what my day will look like this Tuesday, because I’ve never seen anyone keep the fast of Karva Chauth (Biharis keep Teej, not KC). But after going through the rituals mentioned in the app, I feel better prepared. I do wish they detailed out the story of Karva Chauth (what is the story behind it, what to do during the puja). This will prove to be difficult, as there are apparently many versions of the story and everyone does the puja in their own unique way. But if they could atleast mention one standard story that someone can use, it would be really helpful.
  • Mehandi – Apparently, every woman in India applies mehendi on her hands before a fast she’s keeping for her husband. And so Tanishq decided to give us a visual design book with some mehendi design options! If you like a particular design, you could just show it to your mehendi-wala and ask him to apply something similar on your hands. I did like some of the designs. The app also mentions how you can also visit a Tanishq store to get mehendi applied as they do a whole Mehendi event on Karva Chauth (mehendi-walas are available at select stores).
  • Catalogue – a Tanishq collection of jewellery that you can browse through & select what you like 🙂 Of course!  You can’t buy directly from the app though, just select which one(s) you like.

Tanishq Karva Chauth 2013 app review jewellery

  • Gift on the Moon – this is a game in the app, where your husband “hides” a gift for you on the moon along with a message. To get your husband to do this, just pass him your phone (or you can try your luck with getting him to download the app on his phone!) where he will type in your date of births & get a spot on the moon to hide his chosen gift. He can then also type in a love-filled message for you. Or if he’s anything like my husband, he will send you a message that says “How’s the weather like on the moon?” that pops up once you’ve located the spot!

If you’re done laughing at my husband’s idea of a romantic message, I’ll now summarize the good & the bad of the app:

What I loved

  • The Chalni! Best. Idea. Ever!
  • User-friendly, very clean & neat interface
  • Comprehensive guide for a first-timer (with rituals explained)
  • Moon rise time feature is also super duper helpful
  • This point is a pro for the husbands (and a con for the wives!) – The gift for the wife is only a virtual gift 🙂. My husband’s exact words were, “that’s the best part about it – that it’s just a virtual gift!”

What they can improve on in the next version

  • Give moon rise time for international cities
  • Allow a wife to give a gift back to her husband (since some husbands also fast for their wives on this day 🙂)
  • Detail out the story of Karva Chauth (what is the story behind it, what to do during the puja)
  • Not available on iPhone yet 😦 Edit: The app is now available to download on iTunes! Yay! 🙂

All in all, I quite liked the app. It’s definitely useful, and I’m just waiting for it to come out on the iPhone now. The Chalni & Rituals features would’ve been life-saving for my husband & I last year, and it’s definitely a go-to app that every girl observing Karva Chauth should keep handy on their phones. True to it’s claim, the app is your best friend this Karva Chauth – from being a sieve to your saasuma! 🙂

You can download the app here (Android users) or here (iOS users)

Do tell me your thoughts on the app! Did you also find it useful?

Feel free to give your suggestions, as I believe Tanishq comes out with a new version every Karva Chauth.

 –While the post is sponsored, opinions, as always, are my own *pinky swear*—

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