My Second Karva Chauth: In Pictures

I generally follow a strict chronological order on this blog, and I refuse to share the latest unless the backlog is all cleared out. I’m making an exception now, because there are a few posts I need to share with you NOW! Here’s the first one!

My second karva chauth re use wedding lehenga

When does a girl re-use her wedding lehenga? On her sibling’s wedding, or her first karva chauth. I wore mine on my second karva chauth! If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that I had my first karva chauth on Day 1 of my Australian honeymoon. So obviously wearing any Indian finery on that day was not practical.

This year, it was my first karva chauth at home. Since I’m not Punjabi, it was also my first experience of any karva chauth ever. I was, unfortunately, down with a cold and cough at the time so I was unsure of how I’ll be able to keep the fast while I’m not well. It’s not easy even when you’re completely fit and fine! I told myself, I’ll have water or even some light food if I start to feel weak during the day. Although, once you’ve made up your mind – it’s a breeze to get through the day without food & water. You just have to make up your mind!

The day started at 5 am when I took a bath at that ungodly hour :p and sat down to eat what was to be the biggest breakfast of my life. I hear from a lot of people that they don’t feel hungry that early in the morning, and have to forcefully shove food down their throats even though they don’t feel like. I, on the other hand, wake up hungry. Every single day. I always have, and it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is – I wake up, and I want food immediately. So it was easy to eat, and the feast my MIL had prepared was absolutely yummy! Sevai (reminded me of Eid), toast, parantha, coconut water – I had it all! Honestly, I wish every breakfast was like this – massive and filling. Breakfast should be your biggest meal, and this one truly was!

I worked all day, and barring a few typical moments of stressing out – “I’m not eating when I’m unwell, what will this do to my body?! Will I get sicker?!” – everything went off smoothly. One of my bhabhi’s always tells me – on a fast day, make sure you’re busy with something. That way, you won’t even realise you’re fasting! I followed her advice and kept busy with the blog all day.

In the afternoon, it was time to get dressed up. I just about managed to squeeze into my wedding choli, put on some makeup and was all set to go!

All ready for the evening puja!
All ready for the evening puja! With my MIL
Waiting for our turn to sit in the circle
Waiting for our turn to sit in the circle
I tried my hand at eye makeup for the first time ever! Can you see the pink eyeshadow?
I tried my hand at eye makeup for the first time ever! Can you see the pink eyeshadow?
Happy to finally get a chance to sit in the circle and do the puja
Happy to finally get a chance to sit in the circle and do the puja
Can you spot me? I'm the one with the serious face - full focus trying to figure out what we're supposed to do!
Can you spot me? I’m the one with the serious face – full focus trying to figure out what we’re supposed to do!
Mandatory full length picture for the blog :)
Mandatory full length picture for the blog 🙂

If you’re wondering who was doing all the wonderful clicking, it was my SIL! She made sure this special day got captured on camera and took so many nice shots! I’ve actually had to refrain myself from sharing more shots lest you begin to call me narcissistic! :p

Once we got back home, I drank 2 glasses of coconut water & 1 glass of mausambi juice! No tea or coca-cola for me, thank you. And then I got caught in the act…


Well, I had to do something to keep my mind off food & water!

Finally, my husband came home. And my parents joined us to witness the first ever karva chauth themselves! We kept peeking from the balcony, hoping the moon would show up already! It’s ETA was 8.20 pm, and an hour later, we finally had eyes on the target. My MIL performed the whole “thing” first (can it be labeled “ceremony”?) as I was clueless about what to do, and then I followed suit.

We used a real chalni
Just like in the movies!

All in all, an absolutely wonderful day. I’m so glad I wore my wedding lehenga (thanks to everyone who insisted on it!) It didn’t seem odd for me to wear it since the occasion called for it! It was a very big deal for the whole family that we were doing our first karva chauth as husband and wife in front of them. And I felt like a newlywed, although it’s been a year now!

So for all of you who are about to celebrate your first ever karva chauth – wear your wedding lehenga! 🙂 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

How was your Karva Chauth? What did you wear?

16 thoughts

  1. You looking so so pretty even more than your wedding like a cute littlee girl..and i love you hairstyle girl and also d best part was d least makeup which is makin you look all the more beautiful..muaaah


  2. You’re adorable! Also, yes, I did notice the eyeshadow and you applied it so well! Usually whenever I have attempted the pink shadow…it looks like I got punched in the face lol.

    Loved reading about your experience. Btw, is coconut water and juice allowed during the fast? I’m punjabi but Sikh so we don’t do this.


  3. You’re looking cute here! 🙂
    It was my first Karva Chauth, and I had to wear the attire I got married in. Since I’m a Bihari, I wore a yellow saree for the marriage ceremony, and a beautiful lehenga for the Jaimaal. So, for Karva Chauth, I wore my sunny yellow saree. 🙂


  4. Hey you look like a very pretty 🙂
    yes i did notice your eye shadow and dude if thats how stunning you look after putting on a lil weight..i’d say hold on to it 😉


  5. You look so adorable in your lehenga … the colors on the lehenga look vibrant in day light… and suit you so beautifully… lovely post..



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