The Perfect Bridal Entry Song

thedelhibride bride entry song

Every bride wants to make an entry on her wedding day to the perfect song. Din Shagna Da is the perfect song, on every girl’s list. Honestly, if you’d asked me a year ago, I would’ve said “Ummm, doesn’t every bride enter to that song these days? It’s so over-done.” But I agreed to enter to that very same song on my own wedding day, because that’s what my mother wished for. She was so smitten with the song, that I didn’t have the heart to say no to it. I got a lot of things my way for the wedding, but this was one thing that belonged solely to my mother. She got to choose the song that marked my entry. And it made for one heck of a beautiful memory. Thanks mom!

Mother getting senti during my entry!
Mother getting senti during my entry!

While the song still remains on top of every bride’s Entry List, I continue to think it’s overdone. But even I can’t deny how perfect it is. And so, I give you an alternative version of the song, that was just released recently by the much-loved The Wedding Filmer.

‘Din Shagna Da’ is a new rendition of an old Punjabi folk song that The Wedding Filmer team of musicians put together specially for a wedding they were covering. And they’ve been kind enough to put it out there for brides all over the world to use! You can download it on iTunes now (click here to buy the song), for a mere INR 12! Seriously wishing this was out there a year back when I made my entry, but no regrets. Atleast you can have it on your big day now! 🙂

Edit: The Wedding Story, another wedding videography team, has also released a beautiful version of Din Shagna Da, sung by Jasleen Royal who has such an angelic voice, it’s hard to not love this one as well!

In other big, massive, awesome news – I recently completed a whole year of wedded bliss! We went off to Amritsar for a quick 3 day trip to celebrate. While a full post on that is currently underworks, I’ve been reminiscing about what I was doing this time, a year back. Sangeet dance practices, mehendi, getting married, having a fun reception and a honeymoon in Australia – it’s all coming back to me, moment by moment! My husband and I have been discussing – “oh, it’s 31st October today. A year back, we were frantically pacing around trying to set up a photobooth on our Reception!” I’m really glad I jotted down everything in thedelhibells series of posts. It’s so easy to forget all the small details as time passes by. If you’ve recently discovered this blog, you should make yourself a cup of tea on this cool November evening and read thedelhibells series. You’ll truly understand the essence of this blog, and see how it all began! Cheers! If you can cheers with a cup of tea, that is 🙂

Do you have a suggestion on an alternative Bridal Entry song? Leave a link to it below!

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  1. I’m totally using the Wedding Filmer version. As soon as I had heard it used in their video…I had searched the entire net for that version but obviously with no success. Now it’s available! Totally using it for my wedding but no bridal entry in Sikh weddings so will incorporate it in another way. Your mum looks so proud and so happy and so sad…all in one expression. So cute!


  2. Hi,

    I am getting married this February and don’t know what I would have done without your blog, specially, and a few others. So first a BIG Thank you. It’s the best maintained and most user friendly blog on Indian weddings.

    This is my first comment and would like more suggestions for Wedding songs! Totally love Din Shagna Da as well.


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