We were in Cosmo, HT City, Harper’s Bazaar & Wedding Times!

You know wedding season is here when all the magazines and newspapers come out with Wedding Specials!

We were lucky enough to be covered in a few publications over the last 2 months. Those of you who follow us on Facebook & Twitter will already know about some of these, but this definitely needed a whole post to share the good news!

In no particular order, here they are –

Cosmopolitan – The Best Bridal Blogs!

Cosmo Bride Oct 2013 thedelhibride Shinjini Amitabh Chawla the best bridal blogs

I love Cosmo (loyal subscriber!), and was flattered to be a part of “The Best Bridal Blogs”! Here’s what they said –

“Shinjini Amitabh Chawla covers everything to do with wedding planning in Delhi – from where to shop for your trousseau to wedding vendor recommendations and reviews. She started it while planning her own wedding a year ago, and hasn’t stopped since!”

Harper’s Bazaar

(read the full-article by clicking on the images above)

October was Harper’s Bridal Issue, and we got mentioned in an article “The New Indian Bride”. Here’s what they wrote –

“Shinjini Chawla, 25-year-old founder and blogger of thedelhibride, said: “In the past it was all about bling, but now it is okay for a bride to not be bling from head to toe.” Chawla pointed out that when she was shopping, all the lehengas she was shown were garish, shiny things. “But now the aesthetic has changed. Either focus on the lehenga and make the jewellery more muted or the other way around,” she says.”

Also mentioned in the article were my favourite bridal wear store – JADE, and favourite wedding videographers – The Wedding Filmer!

HT City – Blog of the Week!

HT City Shinjini Amitabh Chawla thedelhibride blog of the weekVery exciting to be in HT City!!!ย I was in Mumbai when this came out (October 19), and the second I woke up there were over 20 images from both my mothers (yes, that includes MIL) on my phone – they had taken pictures from every conceivable angle and sent it to me! ๐Ÿ™‚ A friend of mine, who is one of the many in the crowd in the centre picture in the top row, messaged me saying “I’m so excited my picture is in the newspaper! Oh, and congrats to you too” ๐Ÿ™‚

Wedding Times

Wedding Times page 1 Wedding Times page 2This was an article called “Blog Alert” in Wedding Times – the monthly supplement that comes with TOI. They just launched this year, and unfortunately have a limited distribution circle in Delhi. I couldn’t get my hands on this issue for many weeks! But the writer – Alisha – actually couriered a copy to me from Mumbai recently. Very excited to finally have it in my hands! And such an honour to be featured alongside Kismet. Absolutely love her work!

I am extremely thankful to all of you, because this blog would not be what it is without your constant feedback, emails, the comments you write, and all the appreciation you pour so generously all over! I am beyond happy I get to do what I love for a living, and you’re the reason for it. You’re the reason it survives. Thank you so much. Please keep coming back to the blog, and feel free to continue bombarding me with all your queries. I may get delayed in responding to you (especially lately with wedding season!) but I’ll always write back to you. So please keep writing in! THANK YOU!!!

11 thoughts

  1. Wow, congratulations!!! You totally deserve this and so much more! You do such detailed posts and you make sure you respond to everyone and you’re such a sweetheart! It all counts! So happy for your success! Wish you many more to come in the future! Also, what a wonderful name!


  2. Hi Shinjini….. many many congratulations….i have read every single post on your blog…. and I am mighty impressed with your writing ..I can say I am an ardent fan of yours …. i love your wedding lehenga sooo much …its is absolutely stunning…. when i get married (hopefully soon) your blog will be my go to guide and i hope you will help me out in times of crises… keep up the good work!! congratulations again!!


      1. I will certainly do that ..thanks. it is amusing but you are like my soul sister…my style statement, chamki hatred and some fundas of life are identical to yours.. I am a corporate lawyer based in Delhi ..would love to connect.


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