Vendor Review: MUA Supriti Batra

Remember the review I did on MUA Shruti Sharma? I had gotten my hair and makeup done by her for my cousin’s Sangeet, which took place this September. My cousin – Rashi – was the bride, and she looked absolutely stunning on both the functions – her Sangeet & Wedding. She’s a natural beauty, and the hair and makeup just added a touch of glamour to it. I asked her to take some time out of her busy B-school schedule (yes, she got married in the middle of her MBA!) and write a review on her MUA – Supriti Batra.

bridal makeup artist supriti batra vendor review

Supriti has a makeup studio in Gurgaon. She can be contacted at +91-9811006063 for any queries on her charges and availability. Here’s the review in Rashi’s words –

Why I Chose Them

Just 3 days before my wedding, I decided to change my makeup-artist. I know that it comes as a shock to most brides since it’s as good as changing your wedding trousseau just a few days before your wedding! Well, my entire wedding was planned out in less than a month’s time. It was to be held in Delhi but to add to the misery, I was nowhere close to Delhi! I was some 2500 odd kms down south in Kerala trying to get past my hectic term at B-school. The initial, obvious choice for an MUA was the person whom I had gotten my make-up done from for the past 4-5 years while I had lived in Delhi. True, I had only gotten light make-up done on previous occasions but I figured that she would do a good job on my D-day as well.

So why did I end up changing my MUA at the last minute? My mom really liked the work of one of her friends – Supriti Batra (who has worked with Satya Paul, Meera & Rohit and many other fashion houses and media shows) – and wanted me to try her out. So she casually told me over the phone one day that she’s has fixed someone for my Sangeet makeup, and the MUA will give me a trial for it when I land in Delhi. When Supriti arrived at my home, my mom asked her to give me a trial for my wedding make-up. I glared at my mom (I had only agreed for Sangeet makeup!) but she consoled me saying that if I like the wedding makeup, I will definitely like the Sangeet makeup. My mother also jokingly told Supriti that I am a tough client to deal with and am very finicky about clothes and makeup!

Supriti started off with the trial and told me that she will do half of my face to help me compare. The best part about the trial was that she made me feel extremely comfortable. I directly told her that even though I am the bride I don’t want to shine like a disco ball. And, I like heavy eye make-up. I ended up loving the trial makeup, and quickly realized she was far better than the previous MUA. And so, last minute change of makeup artist – done!

What I Loved

  • Different looks on different occasions – She gave me two very different looks for Sangeet and Wedding day. On the Sangeet, it was a natural subtle look centred around the colour pink while on the wedding she went more bridal with golds & a dash of red.
  • Subtle makeup – She gave me a very subtle and natural look on the Sangeet. And overall, both the looks were fabulous.  I have to agree with Rashi here, she looked just like herself, and the makeup just added to her natural beauty.
  • Camera-friendly makeup – I was so glad I didn’t shine like a disco ball in the pictures! Extra brownie points to Supriti!
  • Amazing eye makeup – On my Sangeet, she broke the monotony of the pink centric makeup with a dash of green on the eyes. For the wedding, Supriti gave me a golden look with reddish blush. My eyes were covered with golden eyeshadow with black merged on the sides. She tried some blue eyeliner (with the black one) to bring out my eyes. I liked her little experiments because they made me look a lot better. And the best part was that she suggested that I wear fake eyelashes – which I was initially very sceptic about – but it really did make my eyes look bigger and lady-like :)!
  • Pretty lipstick colours – I love her amazing collection of MAC lipsticks. I tried this bright pink lipstick on the Sangeet, which I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. But I ended up loving it!
  • Waterproof makeup – She used waterproof makeup which stayed intact the whole night. Yes, I did cry on the Sangeet and the Wedding but my makeup didn’t come off even one bit!
  • Great with hair – The only concern that I initially had was regarding my hair-do. I hadn’t tried the hairdo in advance with Supriti, and I wasn’t a big fan of the ironing rod (which was being used to give me soft curls)! But Supriti comforted me by assuring that they could always re-do the hairstyle if I didn’t like this one. However, my hair turned out lovely and stayed intact even till the next morning!
  • Listens to the client – The only place where Supriti and I sort of disagreed was on the glitter bindis above the eyebrows. Most brides have stopped applying those dots but I really wanted to have that look (my only chance of wearing the fancy glitters!). So, I suggested that we do an alternate white and red bindi so it doesn’t look gaudy. And she agreed 🙂

What I Wasn’t A Fan Of

  • Bindis came off – This is a very minor point and was probably due to lack of experience on mine as well as Supriti’s behalf. A few of the bindis fell off while I was changing (I had to change into 3 different outfits!) and I had to put them on again. I suggest if you want to go for this look, then do use a glue to fix the bindis.

About The Salon

Her make-up studio is in her house in Gurgaon where she has converted one of her rooms into an awesome well lit studio.

Would I Go Here Again?

Yes! Overall the experience and the outcome was great! Supriti was amazing. She herself is so sophisticated that you will have no doubt that she will make you look anything less than a fantabulously elegant bride! And I would definitely recommend her to any of the brides-to-be.

The Pictures


Getting ready at Supriti's studio
Getting ready at Supriti’s studio
Supriti at work
Supriti at work
All ready for the Sangeet!
All ready for the Sangeet!
Rashi at her Sangeet
Rashi at her Sangeet
So happy with the Sangeet makeup!
So happy with the Sangeet makeup!


The beautiful bride on her wedding day!
The beautiful bride on her wedding day!
I took this picture at the venue :)
I took this picture at the venue 🙂
The intricate wedding hairstyle
The intricate wedding hairstyle
Closer look at eye makeup
Closer look at eye makeup
Yet another angle of the makeup!
Yet another angle of the makeup!
All dressed up and ready to get hitched!
All dressed up and ready to get hitched!

Personally, I loved my cousin’s hair and makeup. I thought Supriti did a stunning job, where she just added to her natural beauty. In person, she didn’t look too “made up”, and the bright lipstick was a nice bridal touch to the whole look. Rashi looked great, and from what I’ve heard – was extremely happy and satisfied with Supriti’s work. She’s definitely going on my list of recommended bridal makeup artists.

You can read other vendor reviews on the blog here.

Photography by The Wedding Company

Have you heard of Supriti Batra, or used her services? What did you think of it?

10 thoughts

  1. hi, first of all – thanks for the awesome review, i just loveeeeee the delhi bride!….
    and secondly-how much does the MUA charge as the bridal package?


  2. Hello TDB,
    Her make-up is indeed beautiful. But, her red with golden lehenga it is even more beautiful. Since she is your cousin, can you share where did she shop this beautiful ensemble from ? Also, if it is alright, how much does it cost ? It can be of some use for us, as we have big event coming soon in 4 months time.
    Also, since you have so much info about MUA. I have a Q for you, either you or any enlightened MUA in your camp can comment on this. Any inputs from readers will be very helpful.
    If an MUA says, she can give a new hairstyle – JUST HAIRSTYLE within 30 minutes (post phere and pre-reception time break), How realistic is this ? Is it really possible ?


      1. Thanks TDB. Really looking forward for the pictures. You left us guessing – hmm, how will the lehenga/skirt look like ? I hope to see the lehenga also among those many pictures. Also, her pink halter blouse looks very elegant solely due “made to fit” reason. Often times, the tailor blews up halter blouses and makes it look atrocious. Will be waiting to know about that wardrobe also.
        Also, I am glad to know that bridal hairstyle can be done in 30 minutes. So, I think with your well versed words, we will go ahead.


  3. Hi, I simply love your blog and esp these reviews are so helpful! However, I would recommend you do a review on one of the makeup artists I came across a few months ago on my friends wedding. She is by far the best I have ever seen and trust me, I have seen a lot of them! Her page link:


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