Contest Alert! Tanishq Will Make Your Wedding Wish Come True

Contest ends 31st December, 2013!

Confessions of a Bride wedding contest by Tanishq

If only Tanishq had come out with this contest last year!

What contest?! The Tanishq Wedding Contest that makes a bride’s dream come true! Here are the details of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that no bride should miss out on. Seriously.

I clearly remember the months leading up to my wedding. The frantic preparation, trying to find the best candid photographer within our budget, the most reasonable decorator, the caterer with the best food but the least rates – the list was endless!

Amidst all the bleary-eyed nights spent on planning the wedding, two images clearly stood out in my mind – the perfect wedding lehenga, and my dream wedding videographer.

I had found the perfect wedding lehenga at Heritage, South Ex. When I tried it on, I felt like it was made for me. The only problem? It was more than double my lehenga budget 😦

And everyone knows who my dream wedding videographer was (and still is!) – The Wedding Filmer. Their rates start at only INR 4 lakh a day *gulp*

As much as I tried to move around items in my budget to make space for these indulgences, I realized it was just not possible. With a heavy heart, I set this wishlist aside and decided to only do what was possible within our budget.

If only Tanishq had come out with this contest last year!

Just because I had to limit myself within my budget, doesn’t mean you have to!

Tanishq has launched a Wedding Contest – Confessions of a Bride, where they will make YOUR dream come true! They’re going to be your very own Bride Whisperer. So if you want that wedding lehenga that’s out of reach, or a wedding video shot by The Wedding Filmer, or something as crazy as an underwater pre-wedding shoot – you can have it!


All you have to do is CONFESS. Go to the Tanishq Weddings website and put your ultimate wedding wish in words. THAT’S ALL!

One lucky bride will have her wedding wish come true, thanks to Tanishq!

Want some more ideas of what you can ask for? Get your bridal makeup done by a top Makeup Artist, have a beach wedding, go on a Honeymoon to Bali…you can ask for ANYTHING!

Are any of these Tanishq wedding jewellery sets on your wish list?
My favourites from Tanishq’s gorgeous Wedding Collection for this season

Don’t wait, don’t hesitate. Just dream your biggest wedding dream and tell Tanishq. They just might make it come true!

Go here to make your wedding wish.

Good luck!

–While the post is sponsored, the content & opinions, as always, are completely my own *pinky swear*–

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  1. Can you please tell when does tanishq declare the result ? No response from tanishq guys so asking u as I read about the contest first here . please update me on the results .


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