The Wedding Filmer Contest

It seems like forever since we’ve waited to hear these words – The Wedding Filmer *Contest*.

A chance to have your memories captured by TWF, as a prize for entering a contest.

It’s finally happening, girls. Clear your calendar…ok, more like – cancel whatever you had planned for the next 30 minutes and submit your entry to this contest.

What’s the contest?

Go HERE and tell TWF what love means to you and your special someone, and upload an image of the two of you.

That’s it?


What’s the prize?
An all expense paid weekend trip to Nashik (I had you at “all expense paid”, didn’t I?), where you will have your love story filmed by The Wedding Filmer for the Accor national campaign – which basically means you get to have a great holiday, and the video gets used to showcase Nashik as an amazing romantic weekend getaway (it will be featured on YouTube).

If I can’t submit my entry right now – because really Shinjini, it’s Friday night and I’m out chilling with my girls; not sitting at home in front of my laptop in PJs, unlike *cough* you *cough* – when’s the last date?

Fine. If you really, really can’t submit right now, you have time till 2nd December, 2013. It’s really close, so make sure you submit your entry over the weekend.

Anything else I need to know?

Yes. Since this contest is open to all couples, I will be trying my luck as well. And just FYI, I’m going to be submitting my entry tonight! So being in my PJs on a Friday night at home doesn’t seem like such a sad situation to be in now, does it?! DOES IT? Ok, who am I fooling. It’s still pathetic. Go away. Let me write my entry in peace.

The Wedding Filmer Accor contestEnter the contest here.

Pen down your thoughts.

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