Vendor Review: MUA Chandni Singh

Cover Photo Chandni Singh bridal makeup artist review

Chandni Singh. The most sought-after makeup artist in Delhi. The baap, no wait, Queen of Wedding Makeup. The one who brides want so badly that they will change their wedding date if she’s already booked on theirs (true story! Well, partially!)

How did lil ol’ me land up on her much-fought-for hot seat?

I had to attend my cousin’s wedding this September (the same one for whose Sangeet I went to Shruti to get hair and makeup done) and wanted to try out someone new for the Wedding. A chance Twitter chat with Chandni led me to her salon in New Friends Colony.

Chandni Singh Salon & Acamedy is located at 15, Community Centre, New Friends Colony. She charges are INR 25,000 for bridal makeup (rates of her senior and junior artists are lower) – this is according to her website. Please call +91-9810085243 for latest prices and bookings. Check out her Facebook page to see her portfolio, it’s constantly updated with pictures of brides who’ve gotten ready at the salon.

Why I Chose Her

I’ve heard plenty about Chandni. Brides rave about her, and I’ve only ever heard good things. Even my wedding photographer, Tarun, speaks highly of her. I was really curious to see what the hype was all about. Would she live up to the high praises?

She doesn’t travel, so I had to head to NFC to get my hair and makeup done. It was completely in the opposite direction of the wedding venue, but people have done a lot more to get glammed up by THE Chandni Singh. I reached a bit late, and wanted her to start off with my makeup immediately. But she looked at my hair and said, NO WAY! You need a hair wash and a blow dry. Eeks! Won’t that make me even more late?! She insisted, and I gave in. To be fair, I did still have remnants of hair spray & Moroccan Oil in my hair from the previous night, when Shruti had used them to style my hair.

Once my hair was a 100% free of last night’s styling products, Chandni began her work. She understood that I didn’t want to be late, so she had her staff blow dry my hair intermittently during my makeup application.

We chatted about the wedding industry, Tarun Chawla, who makes good copies of designer lehengas – there was very little we didn’t talk about! But if you’re wondering if all the chatting distracted her from her work, you’re highly mistaken. She’s a professional, through and through, and it reflected in every aspect of her work that day.

Her staff stood around her while she worked on me, lending her a helping hand every step of the way. From handing her makeup products, to doing my hair and draping, Chandni has a great set of people who help her focus on what she’s best at – makeup. Salman was standing by her side throughout, while Lata didi draped the sari on me like a pro.

What I Loved

  • Correct highlighter use – FINALLY! Remember how this was an issue with my previous MUAs? Where they would apply highlighter that ended up making my face look oily in pictures? I thought that I should completely ban the use of highlighter in my makeup routine (I don’t even own one, I’m that against them). But Chandni has changed my mind. I told her not to use highlighter on me, to which she asked, “Is it because your skin gets oily?” When I replied in the affirmative, she said, “I will put something that will keep it really matte, does that work for you?” So I let her, while still keeping my fingers crossed (you can dare to experiment when it’s not your own wedding na!) She applied The Body Shop Mattifying Gel before she applied any makeup, and…did it work? Yes it did! My base didn’t look shiny when I left the salon, and I didn’t feel the need to blot my face at all even towards the end of the function. And best of all – even with flash, the highlighter she used didn’t look oily. Perfect, perfect, perfect! Now if only someone would teach me how to use a highlighter…
  • Extremely professional – say what you want about Chandni Singh, but the one thing that makes her stand miles apart from the crowd is her professionalism (Tarun agrees!). Even while she chatted with me, you could see that her mind was still predominantly on the makeup she was doing. She wants everything to be perfect. Which actually brings me to the next point…
  • Perfectionist & detail-oriented – She did her work like she really, really cared about what I looked like. Perfectionist. And who doesn’t want that in their MUA?
    • She gave me a winged eyeliner look, which must’ve taken her over 10 minutes to get just right. She worked so hard at making it look perfect! I’ve honestly never seen anyone else spend so much time in getting the eyeliner perfect. Really. Remarkable!
    • I felt like I was in really safe hands, where I didn’t have to bother with even thinking about what I looked like, Chandni would took care of everything. Even my nail paint! She asked if I needed to get them done, and I said “No, I already have pink nail paint on from yesterday and it matches what I’m wearing today.” You think she just left it at that? NO! She checked my nails to see if they’d chipped even a bit, and only when she was satisfied that they looked perfect did she let it go without re-touches. Please tell me if you know of any other MUA who is this thorough with their work!
    • I’m quite terrible with regular use of lip balm (ok, lazy is the right word!) and so I’m perpetually struggling with using lipstick over my dry lips – you know how lipstick exaggerates the dryness and makes it even more prominent? In the past, I’ve had MUAs just put on a nice shade of lipstick and…that’s it. But this is Chandni Singh we’re talking about. She actually made me go through a whole process to get my lips in pristine condition! First she made me apply a heavy-duty lip balm, followed by light scrubbing with a toothbrush, more lip balm, super gentle exfoliation and a final layer of lip balm (from what I can re-call). By the end of it, there was no sight of that dryness! She really does take care of all the tiny details.
  • Understands the bride – Once my lips were primed for some colour, Chandni tilted her head, scrunched her eyebrows and said, “You are not the kind of girl that touches up her lipstick.” Yes, ma’am! She totally got me 🙂 So she used Kryolan’s lip fix with my lipstick, which is supposed to keep it in place all night long, irrespective of whether you eat, drink or make merry. She said it generally dries the lips a bit so she doesn’t use it on everyone. But now that I’ve seen how awesome it is, I want it! Lip Fix it’s called. Must buy.
  • Large pool of makeup knowledge – The mattifying gel, the lip fix, she has a solution to all makeup problems. She put two kinds of concealors on me, contoured and applied the foundation using a brush and a sponge (depending on the area of the face).
  • Nice to makeup newbies – I’ve always hesitated when getting eye makeup done – I blink too much when someone else is putting kajal and mascara on me, and I absolutely dread the eyelash curler. But she was really nice about it and didn’t make me feel like my nervousness about it was painful to her.
  • Blended undereye makeup – I’m so happy to finally put this point in the “What I Loved” section of a review. I don’t know what she did, but the under eye makeup was perfectly blended. It did not settle into fine lines, did not crack up, did not melt. It was perfect, just like a part of my skin. Best, best BEST under eye makeup I’ve ever had till date.
  • Long-lasting makeup – My makeup (including under eye makeup) did not move an inch the whole night. By the end of the wedding, everyone asked me – how come you’re still looking so fresh? I wasn’t feeling fresh, but I guess that’s the magic of last-lasting makeup! Even the gel eyeliner she used as a kajal substitute stayed just as is! No bleeding, no smudging, it stayed perfectly intact.
  • Great with draping – Although I only got a sari draped, it was draped just right. Lata did an awesome job, and the pleats in front looked perfect! Ufff…even I’m tired of using the word “perfect” about Chandni Singh Salon, but it’s true!

What I Wasn’t A Fan Of

  • Colour of my face – While everything else went off perfectly, better than I had ever imagined, the colour of my face was a bit off. I can’t pin point exactly what went wrong, but I didn’t look like myself for sure. It was only a day or two later that my husband suggested, “Maybe it was your skin colour!” Was the correct foundation shade not used? Chandni did say that my skin was unevenly tanned (probably because I had vacationed in Goa recently). So maybe she ended up using a foundation that was a few shades deeper than my actual colour? Or was it the contouring that didn’t suit my face – you know, not a large enough canvas and therefore too much of my face got covered with the brown shade? Or was it the effect of applying a bronzer? But I’m not sure if she applied any bronzer.Whatever the reason, the colour didn’t look right. You can see it in the pictures. I can make out in some of them how my neck looks a lighter shade than my face – but she used foundation on my neck too, so that’s why I feel it might be the result of contouring. I might’ve pulled it off otherwise, but I was wearing a neon pink sari and a tan shade didn’t look so great with it! While she spent a lot of time on the base (which is a good thing!), I didn’t end up liking most of my pictures because I looked sodifferent. But since Tarun likes her work so much, maybe it was also because I was not clicked by a professional photographer. Pata nahi, but have a look at the pictures (end of this post) and let me know what you think (I’ve only put up the nicer pictures, of course! But they’re completely unedited so you can see how it looked in reality)

About The Salon

  • Her salon was a delight, as was her staff. They held my bag the minute I walked in, and actually put all my stuff back in my bag while I was getting ready. Wow! Proper 5-star service!
  • The salon itself is so pretty and girly! You can see more pictures of it here. It provides a fantastic backdrop to pictures, and you know how important that is to a bride on her wedding day. There is this area within the reception, where there’s a beautiful sofa with glass stained windows through which sunlight streams in. Many a bride has gotten clicked on that sofa, and it makes for the perfect background for “Just got ready” shots of brides.
  • The washroom was also so pretty and clean, a refreshing change from all the other Salon washrooms I’ve ever been to. It might seem like a small thing, but it really creates a feeling of comfort and assures you that THIS is a good place to visit!

Would I Go Here Again?

Of course, YES! While we’ll have to figure out what went wrong with the colour of my face, you can clearly see how completely bowled over I am with Chandni Singh’s services. All the little details that she takes care of – from my eyeliner to that really awesome washroom – a Chandni Singh experience is something every girl should get a chance to have atleast once in her lifetime. I can say now that I truly get it, why she is every bride’s dream wedding makeup artist.

Despite all the success, her feet are still firmly planted on the ground, and you can speak to her just the way you would sit and chat with any other girl in the world. I really, really enjoyed the whole experience, and Chandni & I have already decided what look we’re going to try on me next – coral lips and smokey eyes! 😉

The Pictures

*All pictures are completely untouched and unedited. Except for the first & last picture, all others are taken from an SLR camera.

At the Salon
At the Salon – taken from my iPhone
At home right before we left for the wedding
At home right before we left for the wedding – can you see the slight difference in the shade of my neck & face? Or maybe it was just the lighting
More pictures at home
More pictures at home

Chandni Singh bridal makeup artist review home lighting 3

In the bride's room with her
In the bride’s room with her

Chandni Singh bridal makeup artist review bride's room lighting 1 Chandni Singh bridal makeup artist review bride's room lighting 3

In the main function hall - I like this picture the most since my colour doesn't seem so off in it
In the main function hall – I like this picture the most since my colour doesn’t seem so off in it (taken from my iPhone)

You can read other vendor reviews on the blog here.

What did you think of Chandni’s work?

PS. The sari is from Roop Sarees, South Ex – and this is what I had originally bought to wear to my Reception! Before the change of plans to go for a lehenga instead.

31 thoughts

  1. Have heard a lot about Chandni and good to ready your review.

    About the makeup – I totally agree. The face colour does look darker than your usual shade, except in the last picture. Was it the lighting of the room?

    The draping looks clean 🙂 And everything else about the makeup is quite nice.

    Here’s my question – From what I know she charges over 20k for makeup for non-brides as well. Did you find it worth it? I, for one, am not a fan of spending exorbitantly for makeup and hair. But what the heck if it’s worth it on some occasions, right? 🙂


  2. nice one Shinjini.. Chandni Singh is definitely the best from what I hear.. I wish to get my bridal makeup done from her 😐 😛
    and about the color of your skin in these pics, I think the shade of the bronzer is a shade darker than what it should have been.. guess she tried to match it with your tan.. and umm.. there’s too much contouring around the forehead… but then you look perfectly natural in the last pic.. professional makeup is done keeping in mind the fact that the lighting at the venue is going to be a lot more harsh than in the salon, so yeah, that could be the reason..
    you look pretty as always! :*

    oops! such a long rant! 😛


    1. Thanks Ritu! I know, kuchh toh gadbad hai, just can’t pin point what. Somebody on Facebook said it might be because the foundation oxidised and therefore turned a shade darker after I left the salon. But I guess Chandni will be the best person to answer this anyway.


      1. Hi

        Could you also suggest me a good MUA in the range from 6-7 K for wedding & engagement ceremonies.



  3. More than the make-up, I like your saree! 🙂 So pretty. Where’s it from?
    Your make-up does look nice, and I especially like the eye make-up with the liner and kajal. The base colour appears to be a little dark, compared to the neck, but then again, overall it looks nice.

    And yes, I totally agree with you on the washroom! It’s such a mood-spoiler to use dirty washrooms, so hygienic surroundings play an essential part in a salon’s set-up.


  4. First of all I really like your saree….. and I have been following your blog since you started it and your blog is one of blogs that give me inspiration to start my own blog….. I just love your blog……. your saree is so preety but your lehenga outfit from your reception is to die for…… so I am glad that you choose lehenga over this saree…..
    You are looking lovely I really like your eye makeup and you are right chandni singh is queen of wedding makeup.


  5. You look gorgeous!
    and the same thing happened to me when i got my makeup done from other salon,some lakme one.
    The reason is that 1-2 shades lighter should be used on the skin,Because the foundation gets oxidized after some while ,Most probably Mac foundation.

    I have started using 2 shades lighter foundation on me and after a while it looks perfect on me.


  6. Hi Chandni!

    I like your photos.
    You look cute!!
    The foundation problem is because the foundation usually oxidizes on oily skins.(I think you have oily skin.) the under eye makeup is very professionly blended and also the lip color coplimented well.

    It seems you have a good height. If so, why don’t you take chance in modeling.(just my opinion.)
    You have everything that a modle needs, look,figure, features, and height.


  7. Hi!
    Pretty u look 🙂 n thanks for the post!
    I wanted to know which of her senior artists is the best? Since she doesn’t travel out stations for bridals but her senior artists do…
    So..any one who u think can do a good job from her team?


  8. Hi!
    Thanks for the awesome review and u definitely look pretty 🙂
    I was wondering if u can tell me who amongst her senior artists is the best? Since she doesnt travel out stations for bridals but her team members do! Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks 🙂


  9. Hi..I follow your blog pretty much & went to Chandni Singh for my bridal as well as she came recommended from almost everyone, blogs, friends & work colleagues. I have extreme problem skin as in my my forhead and lip area is almost 3 shades darker than the rest of my face. I feel she did a fantastic job as my skin looked pretty much even and that too on the fairer side & my foundation did not turn grey one bit. I had gone to Looks sector 18, Noida for my pre wedding function & I look like a grey doll. Gross is the word.. She has an eye for detail which is amazing . When I was stepping out she just stopped me & made her staff re fix the dupatta at the back, I feel that goes to say a lot of a person. Also I was a morning bride and she was there dot on time- 6am which again shows how big a professional she is.

    Also when i look at your images here the 1st, 2nd & 4th image look the same & just the 3rd image looks relatively dark ( & i guess they have all been clicked around the same time) so i guess it could just be bad lighting. Just a thought.

    Would i go back to her? Hell yes:)


  10. I had taken a makeup course from Chandni Singh before my wedding because I hadn’t booked a MUA even two months before the event and nobody was available and I really feared that I would have to end up doing my own makeup. Chandni was wonderful and didn’t hold back a bit while teaching me how to do my makeup, what products to use and which specific brand and shades of each product would suit me best- it was incredible. However, even I felt that the foundation she used on me was too dark, but she had told me beforehand that she is a fan of tan look.


    1. Ah, I guess she is a fan of the tan look then 🙂 I guess a client can always tell her they would prefer a not so tan look? And good to see you in the blogosphere! Where have you disappeared?!


  11. Hi Delhibride, (referring as this, coz I don’t know your name),

    But here’s a little query about Chandini Singh’s make up. Help me with the below.

    Doubt 1: Are Chandni Singh studio make up artist are as good as ‘her’.
    Doubt 2: I don’t know, but some other MUA artist put this seed in my head and now I’m confused. That Chandni is really good with Fashion make up and relatively not that great with Bridal or Party Make up, because she specializes in giving dramatic eyes and drama look.. And that’s not which looks good in every party or a wedding.

    Hope you could clear this air. As i’m very confused to whom to book for a wedding happening at my place.


    1. Hi although you have sought the advice of thedelhibride, I thought I will interject and give my inputs for whatever they are worth:
      – I went to Chandni Singh for a bridal makeup course since I seriously doubted that given my delay in engaging a MUA for my wedding, whether I would at all finally find a suitable person since CS was also not available for my wedding date and she was my first choice given her reputation ( I finally did – Aakriti Kochchar).
      – I loved CS as a person and for her generosity in teaching me in such detail, but I thought all the looks she taught me were extremely modellish, very dark eyes and darker bronzed/tanned skin) which was not what I wanted for my wedding personally, though am sure lots of other brides would be perfectly happy with the look.
      – finally I got Aakriti Kochchar both for my engagement and wedding and was very happy with her work, though I wished she had put a little less color on my lips on my wedding day, but she told me specifically that she is doing that so that the wedding pics come out fabulously – and they did.
      Hope my little input helped.


      1. Hi strawberrypulp,

        That’s what I’m equally concerned about. Do you know any other studios or freelance make up artist in delhi/noida for party makeup. Then do reply. Thanks 🙂


  12. Hey shinjini,

    I know I’m about 2 years late🙈 but only just got into this bridal makeup research since I’m getting married in Dec 😊
    Thanks for such amazing reviews and bloggs which I absolutely love! You’ve made my life a billion times easier coz I honestly had no clue where to start from, not living in India doesn’t make it any easier 😕

    Absolutely love your makeup and the sari too. I’m pretty sure I want to book Chandni for the D – day, thanks to your amazing review 😊
    Just one quick question, is there much of a difference between her and the senior MUA? Just in case she’s already booked.

    Thanks again,


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