See me LIVE at 11.15 am IST TODAY!

Hello! Just log on to and attend the Virtual Wedding Show by IndianRoots! It’s already started!

I will be on live for the wedding blogger session at 11.15 AM IST! Mehak of Peaches & Blush will also be on with me 🙂 so excited to speak to all of you! Do ask all your questions in the comment box on the link.

I caught a bit of the Neeta Lulla session in the morning, and she was doling out fantastic advice! This Virtual Wedding Show is a must watch for everyone. You don’t get a chance to have such access to these experts easily. IndianRoots is giving it to you on a platter, so fill it up like it’s the best buffet you’ve ever attended! Bad analogy?

I will see you at 11.15 am IST with Mehak. I feel funny asking you to come watch teeny tiny us when you have Sabyasachi, Rohit Bal and Anita Dongre on the other sessions! But just come say hi 🙂 we are excited to “meet” our readers!

What are you waiting for? Go watch the show, NOW! Here’s the link again –

PS. Ambika Anand of Band Baaja Bride is hosting the Delhi-based sessions!

One thought

  1. I couldn’t get to see you live……. but I just saw your video with mehak on peaches and blush…… and I must say you both are amazing…… your blog and P&B are my most favourites blogs and I know I need to stop and browse all the information only on these two blogs when I get married…… and one thing more…… I think as a reader I connect more to both you because you both shares your real experience and as being a bride once you both understand your readers more rather than all big designer celebrities……lots of love to you.


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