7 Lessons from the Bobbi Brown Master Class

7 beauty tips from Bobbi Brown master class

I attended my first ever Master Class, of any kind, this September. It was hosted by Bobbi Brown, and that class single-handedly changed my life beauty routine!

So you know I’m an absolute novice when it comes to skin care and makeup. I only began to learn when it was time for me to get married, so that’s a whopping 1.5 years of total beauty experience 🙂

I was really excited for the Master Class, because I sure could use a few tips! And of course, Bobbi Brown has a reputation for creating products that suit the girl next door who likes natural looking makeup. Perfect for the novice in me!

The class was taken by two of Bobbi Brown’s right-hand men – Eliano Bou Assi and Eduardo Ferreira. They made it into a really fun, relaxed afternoon spent learning about beauty & makeup.

And in between all that animated talking & dissing on MAC, I came out feeling rather enlightened about the world of beauty.

Here are the top 7 lessons I learnt at this Master Class –   

#1 What’s your skin type?

The right way to ascertain your skin type is to check how it feels at the end of the day. Not right after a shower.

#2 Choosing the Correct Foundation Shade

No, not on the inside of your wrist. And no, not just on your cheek. The fact is, we have different colours all over our face. And to find the right foundation shade for you, apply a streak on your cheek, forehead and chin (this is called the Triple Check). Just dab the streak a few times and if it disappears into the skin, you know you’ve found the perfect shade. I haven’t used too many foundations in my 1.5 years of makeup experience, but of all that I have used, I liked Bobbi Brown’s the most. They have so many shades, and once you’ve found your match, it just looks like your own skin. Personally tried and tested!

#3 Flawless foundation – finally!

There are only 2 rules to achieving the perfect foundation finish

Rule No.1: Hydrate hydrate hydrate

Rule No.2: Use a Bobbi Brown foundation! :p

Honestly though, this one was a life-changer. Once the Master Class was done, they gave us individual makeup artists who would help us in sampling Bobbi Brown products. I told my MUA I don’t use cream-based foundations because they flake on certain areas of my face. He then asked if I moisturized, since foundation goes on a lot smoother on well-hydrated skin. I said I often skip the moisturizer because when I do use it, my skin tends to get really shiny within an hour. This was the biggest mistake I was making. My MUA stressed on the importance of moisturizing, yes, especially oily and combination skin (and on a regular basis, not just before applying foundation). When you provide moisture to your face regularly, it will adjust itself and stop producing that much oil on it’s own. Determined to achieve the perfect foundation finish, I told him I’ll try it out for a month – moisturize my face twice a day, even in the morning. And that’s exactly what I did. I was really disciplined all of October, moisturizing twice a day. Did it make a difference? A MASSIVE difference. My skin has honestly changed. I no longer need a blotting paper within 2 hours of applying foundation, and even without any makeup my skin is no longer the oil-producing factory it once was. Of course, I use a very light moisturizer (Chambor’s for Combination/Oily Skin) – heavier versions such as Kiehl’s Face Cream still tends to make my skin oily in a few hours. But this really works! I continue to moisturize my face twice a day now (it only takes like 20 seconds!) and my skin is a 1000x less oily plus foundation goes on without much flaking (since my skin is always well-hydrated). Foundations that I love and use every time? You guessed right – Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation SPF 15 (liquid) and Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation (Cream foundation! That I use with ease now!)

#4 Always Layer Your Makeup

Build up your foundation layer by layer. It will help in making it look more natural that way. Always start by picking up a really tiny bit of foundation on the brush or sponge.

#5 Tips on using Bobbi Brown Correctors

If you’re using the Corrector+Concealor from Bobbi Brown, this is what you should know – the corrector neutralizes while the concealor makes it look invisible.

New Concealer Kit

Their correctors have lots of moisture. Best way to use it? Pick it up in generous amounts with brush, then dab. You’re set!

#6 The Right Way to Use a Concealor

You should always use a brush to apply concealor, not your fingertips (which is what we’ve all been taught), because the brush helps to fill in the lines as well.

#7 Mascara Application – Up or Down?

Every MUA applies mascara in their own way – some apply it only from under the eyelashes, while others apply it over the eyelashes from top as well. But the right way to apply it is always from the bottom, and move the brush in an upwards motion because you’re weighing them down otherwise that beats the whole reason of applying mascara – to lift UP your eyelashes!

Which of these lessons do you also follow? Have any tips of your own?

22 thoughts

  1. Hi ! Ive heard that using a yellow base concealer makes ur skin flawless..also that ive never tried experimenting with orange and yellow bases! Do they work?


  2. I find it tough applying foundation… I hardly wear makeup in daily life.. and whenever I apply feel I am looking weired :/ may be its about habit of not seeing myself in much makeup


    1. The best kind of makeup is the kind where it doesn’t even look like you’ve put anything on 🙂 Find the right shade of foundation, and it will just look like your own skin, but better!


      1. Agreed.. I see girls who know makeup and their skin looks flawless.. Somehow I never like makeup for those girls at major makeup brands counters.. They seems to have put on so much of makeup which actually looks scary at times


        1. very true. The girls at these counters tend to over-do it, maybe they do it in the hope that girls notice that they have makeup on, because if it looks natural – girls might end up thinking “oh I didn’t need makeup to look good!” Marketing strategy 😉


  3. Great tips…… definitely going to bookmark this……. I have oily combination skin and avoid using moisturiser oftenly but definitely going to moisturiser consistently right away….. great post…..lots of love to you


  4. I wish I could stick to a nice skin-care routine! Just stocked up on some moisturiser and night cream, but when it comes down to applying them daily (especially at night), I get lazy!

    How do you motivate yourself to moisturise twice?!


    1. Ummm…for the first time ever my skin is not an oil producing frankly. And honestly it’s looking the best it ever has, so that keeps me going! Honestly, if you manage to wash your face at night that’s half the battle won. Just add 20 seconds more and you will be done moisturising. Do make sure your face wash and moisturiser are kept next to each other – easy access!


  5. This is off topic but have you mentioned the lipstick shades you use. If not can you mention them? Some light ones and some bright ones too. Please. I love your lipsticks in the photos.


    1. I haven’t mentioned these anywhere, so here goes – I only own MAC lipsticks at the moment. Cosmo is my favourite. I use Velvet Teddy often, mixed with Pink Plaid or Brick-o-la. And I usually top it up with MAC Lipglass Lust, my favourite nude lip gloss! I often go minus lipstick though, and instead put on tinted lip balms – the chubby sticks from Clinique. Super Strawberry is my favourite, followed by Chunky Cherry.


  6. Hey,
    I completely loved these tips!
    I am a complete skin care lover though and love pampering my skin with everything natural. But one thing i can’t get enough of is lipsticks!
    I have this wonderful tip for all the lipstick lovers like me :-
    To get a smooth finish of the lipstick, scrubbing the lips is very important. Before attending any party, scrub your lips for a minute or so with a mixture of petroleum jelly and a pinch of salt. It will remove the dead skin and the flakes on your lips and reveal brighter and smooth lips.

    Geetika | geetikawalia.wordpress.com


  7. How do u get to know about these amazing events?? I would like to attend events like these and also about products which are right for my skin. Mostly I pick up worng products due to lack to knowledge and then I regrt. I think such events will help me to take right decisions.
    I will be waiting for your precious reply!!


    1. Hi Ekta! Bloggers are typically invited to such events 🙂 sometimes they are open to the public as well. I usually try and keep my readers updated about these events via social media and the blog.


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