The Making Of: Parents’ Dance Video


I made a video.

While my friends and family were choreographing and rehearsing dance routines for our Sangeet back in October 2012, I was taking attempting candid-style videos from my SLR camera. In the hopes that one day, my videographer would be able to stitch it together with the final dance performances (yes, we call them performances; we’re very serious about our Sangeet that way) and give me something memorable.

Well, after a year and a half of waiting, I finally did it myself 🙂

This is an attempt. An absolutely amateur attempt at making my first video. ever.

Best viewed in HD, on your laptop screen (not the phone!). And put those earphones on if you’re watching this at work! 😉

About the video: I made it using iMovie. While I was shooting their practice sessions, I already knew I wanted a candid video later on, where we could see “behind-the-scenes” footage and bloopers! While Sangeet night was great, it’s the month leading up to that moment that made it all unforgettable. We were meeting every weekend, and towards the end – every alternate day to practice our pieces. The parents were especially hard to practice with, because although their enthusiasm levels were sky-high, it’s not easy teaching a bunch of over-45-year-olds an entire dance sequence. There were times when we almost gave up on them, but eventually – theirs was one of the best performances on the Sangeet. They didn’t forget a single step! Unlike the rest of us :p Here’s hoping there’s many more of these to come our way!

Usually, I ask a question at the end of my post, to know what you have to say about a post. But today, I’m just going to say –

Hope you enjoyed it!

20 thoughts

  1. So cool! Loved it… All the eldies look so cute doing their steps 😀

    What’s the song playing in the background btw?


  2. This is such a cute video. I am a south indian and had a traditional south indian wedding. I had always hoped for such fun stuff though. Such cute memories to look back on !!


  3. This is adorable 🙂 What songs did your folks dance on? I want to show this video to all the elders in my family for inspiration 🙂


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