So, I’m going to New York

Not forever.

So breathe.

For 6 weeks. For a summer course in Publishing (why didn’t I think of this earlier?!) at New York University.

So yes, I applied. Statement of purpose et al. Got accepted in April. Applied for my visa (what a pain!). Got my visa (was SO easy, all that stress and drama was completely unnecessary, well, when isn’t it?) And I fly out tomorrow.
*hides behind door ashamed for springing this on blog readers so last minute*

I was supposed to tell you all about this last week, but something happened. My laptop stopped working. And I almost got a mini heart attack. Such bad timing! We got it diagnosed, and then it was in “trying to get repaired” mode. The whole time, I felt like my child is in surgery, and I’m sitting in a hospital’s waiting room! (Anyone else ever felt like this?!)

Good news is – it can be fixed. Bad news – data recovery is still a question mark.

Which sucks, because I had typed out “a couple of posts that might find their way to the blog over the next few weeks”. And now, I can still promise posts – but all about New York and little about weddings. Unless I attend a wedding in New York. Any invitations?

Till my data is recovered, there are a lot of posts that will be postponed by many, many weeks. Lesson: ALWAYS back up, EVERYTHING!

Btw, I’m typing this post on my phone. Can you make out?

Brides, since the course is super intensive, I won’t be able to respond to your queries during this time. And wedding vendors, you’ll have to wait till August to hear back from me.

As for my course, it’s called the Summer Publishing Institute at New York University. And I got pre-program homework assignments to finish before 2nd June (the day my course starts). Ummm…why have I voluntarily signed up for this?!

I will miss you all. I will miss my blog. Not that it won’t constantly stay on my mind. I will miss my husband. My daily routine. I hope I can keep updating you, and reading your reassuring comments to feel connected.

Ok. Enough with the moaning. Now onto brighter, cheer-ier things! (Yes I know that’s not a word. My blog, my wish).

I’m mostly done packing. I got myself vaccinated. I tried learning how to ride a bicycle. And failed miserably. Thanks Aman, for trying to teach me. I’ve learnt how to make a cheese omlette, this mushroom thing my mom makes that I love and…that’s about it. (If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you now know why I’ve suddenly trying my hand at cooking!) Will have to wing it for any other cooking requirements. Or maybe just eat at Pret A Manger every second meal (or every meal!) :p

I can’t tell you how excited I am. I want to do so much once I’m there. I don’t have a list, but I want to see all the places I’ve only ever seen in movies and on my favourite TV shows. I want to buy… STUFF! No idea what’s good in New York that you don’t find here. But just, stuff! You know? Anything in particular I should be buying? And I want to eat! I’ve always been fascinated with what people in other countries eat, and New York is considered a great place for foodies, so I. just. cannot. wait!

See you, very soon. And follow me on Instagram to get daily updates as I make my way around the greatest city in the world! I’m still doing the #365grams project (one picture every day this year).

Stay in touch, please! Don’t know what I will do without all of you! Oh, and my husband πŸ˜‰

Talk soon!

20 thoughts

  1. Its awesome! … One of my fav cities in the world!! … Here’s what I would recommend

    – Broadway show .. must must do … esp The Lion King … please book it 2-3 weeks in advance .. its run house-full … its expensive but totally worth it!

    – If you are a non-vegetarian .. do try the hotdogs πŸ™‚

    – Touristy stuff – visit Times Square and the shops around, Stanton Island ferry, Brooklyn bridge, atleast one museum, Wall Street, Central Park, Grand Central terminal just walk around … its so much fun!!

    – Stand-up comedy at The Comedy Store

    – Sep 11 memorial


  2. oooh Yay! I am here too (holidaying though!). Do drop a message if you’d like to see (another) Indian face and catch up! I do know how to make yummy vegetarian food too πŸ˜‰
    In the meanwhile, food wise, you must try Mexican too. It’s unlike the kinds we get in India.


  3. Have a great trip and course! Can’t wait for your updates, I’ve always wanted to attend their art history program! I’m super stoked you’re there, eagerly awaiting your posts about it. Your blog has taken me to the Gold Coast, can’t wait to get inside NYU! πŸ˜‰ Good luck! x


  4. New York is my favorite! Going to university there for fall. Food? If you want really good Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Thai food then go to Flushing in Queens or Brooklyn. If you want more Indian and South Asian then all over Queens and Hicksville. New York is one of the most global cities in the world so there is so many different cultures and things to do.


  5. NYC is the most awesome city in the world and best in the summer time!

    For shopping, check out:
    1. Ann Taylor LOFT
    2. forever 21 – biggest store in times Square
    3. H&M
    4. Great deals at shopping malls like Macy’s, Nordstorm etc
    5. Check out this make up brand called e.l.f .. They have a flagship store in nyc .. beautiful colours and SO cheap. .. It’ll make anyone switch over from MAC

    For food. . Check out all the food trucks. . Best food in nyc.

    Have fun πŸ™‚


  6. Get to know about your blog yesterday as I have just started this interesting thing. Hope to see more from you as soon as you complete your course in NY. Want to share some more views regarding wedding gowns.


  7. That’s awesomeeeee…..have loads of funnnn…n do visit South street -historic district, check out a night show at their OAT.. N must visit new York night taxi… And yes….Keep us posted πŸ˜€πŸ˜


  8. NYC is awesome..go to mamouns falafels it should be near your uni..cheesecake factory..banana pudding in Magnolias in 38th street..oh gosh I miss that place 😦
    Its awesome will never want to come back once yr there. !


  9. NYC is my Favorite city .. There are so many places to go for shopping and just having fun. Do visit Macy’s at 31st street, thats the biggest single standing store. Then there are forever 21, H&M, Victoria Secret all around it. Walk down till Times Square. Visit Rockefeller Center. That area has so many store Saks fifth avenue is a must go. Then try your luck at TJ MAXX and Marshalls. For Eating CHIPOTLE and Olive Garden . .. I can go on and on .. Let me know if you need a virtual guide πŸ˜› ..


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