thedelhibride Asks… Bachelorette Party Ideas

TDB Asks Bachelorette Party Ideas

One of my best friends, my “chuddy buddy” from school, is getting married in less than 2 months! Time is running out, and I haven’t had time to plan her bachelorette party yet *biting nails at a rapid pace* I know, I’m a terrible best friend!

Karishma, if you are reading this post, which I know you are, STOP READING it right now. I will tell you all the things you need to know, but you need to stop now.

Since a long trip is not possible – limited time, people can’t take leave from office – there are only a few other possibilities:

  • An overnight trip on a weekend to a place near Delhi (considering Neemrana, Dusit Devarana, Taj Vivanta in Surajkund, Westin Sohna or that Jaypee Golf Resort in Greater Noida? Any idea how they are?), or
  • An overnight party somewhere safe and private in Delhi itself (our houses are not an option)

KARISHMA, if you haven’t stopped reading yet, STOP NOW!

I didn’t have a bachelorette party of my own, I’ve attended only one my entire life – so I’m pretty clueless. I need help with everything! What kind of party should we have? Any games we should be playing? Or should we just do a spa and relaxation kind of party? Like – a Bride’s Day Out with a spa followed by long, private dinner? Where should we have the party, if we are having a party? If we do a quick trip near Delhi, where should we go and what should we do there? Where can you find bride to be gear – sashes and crowns and all things pretty?

I know, that’s a lot of questions, but I’m calling out to all blog readers –

What are your suggestions for a Bachelorette Party in Delhi?

Even your tiniest suggestion is much appreciated! THANK YOU!

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  1. Not familiar with the Delhi scene very much! But I think I party the night before and the next day a spa day to relax and recupere from the party. I think I really cheesy over the top party would be fun. I also didn’t have one only because I was supposed to be planning it myself and totally forgot about it when the time came.


  2. I think you definitely need games to spice up the quotient. Book a room somewhere, maybe do spa in the afternoon but go out partying at night- you could do ladies night at so many places in delhi!!!

    Games- you can play never have you ever is always an ice breaker


  3. – Morning – meet up for a brunch give her all the gifts, sashes, crowns, etc.
    – Late afternoon/ early evening – go for a spa session n then all you girls get a super glamorous make over at a parlour
    – Take her to a club you know she always wanted to go but have never been to! Talk to the manager in advance and ask if he/she can do something special – like the DJ welcoming karishma as soon as you all enter, etc
    – Grant her 3 wishes for the day with some pre decided rules. Or make sets of 3 wishes for each location and ask her to pick one!


  4. ..whatever is the plan, just one addition! make a film – funny message videos (no senti types) from all her friends from age 0 till date, whoever is attending or not – all inclusive! add a warning msg from parents in the beginning, and disclaimer from fiance at the end! should be fun and surprising 😀


  5. Hey.. I’ve bought the sash , crown, badges for all… Plus other accessories before at party in a box. There’s a store in delhi and one in gurgaon too… The mall that has the one in delhi has another party store that you could look up too. Have fun!


  6. Adding a few responses from Twitter here –
    1. Pallavi wrote a whole post on it!
    2. Shreya shared her tips in a post she wrote recently –
    3. Mehak recommends a high tea at a hotel (Claridges or The Imperial), followed by a spa (Tattva has spa parties, or Amatrra Day Spa) and bridal movies. Can also get a combo deal on a high tea+spa at a hotel.
    Edit: Found another awesome article on this by Little Black Book Delhi!


  7. “never have I ever..” is a good game. I did this for mine (i hope you remember the vapour night out we all had) it is esply good if you have a big gang who do not know each other well. check out with the club/lounge you finalise on and get a special section pre-booked for yourself. talk to them about a package deal for food and drinks. I got mine at stellar discounts cause it was a weekday.


  8. Dusit Devarana is gorgeous property and so is Taj Vivanta.
    Games, gossips, adult talks are a must for girls night out. 😛
    Decide a theme for the party- Like hippe, princess, beach, anarkali and have a dress code.
    Buy some girly stuff like tiara’s, bangles, makeup
    Do a dressing up game with limited means-most creative one will win, Biggest gossiper game, there could be so many games done with balloon. Leave sophistication and bust balloon with bumps, karaoke night – choose winner who was worst, Item songs dance… there are so many fun things that a gang of girls can do 🙂 I hope you will not be short of ideas. have a good time 🙂


  9. I am throwing a bachelorette for my friend in 2 days as well in Delhi. Will share my research with you guys soon. But am trying to find some unique ideas for bachelorettes. Clubbing and spa etc are way too obvious. any suggestions?


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