My Best Friend’s Wedding: My Personal Checklist as Maid Of Honour

11 Nov

Read the Prologue before you get started with Chapter 1.

My Best Friend's Wedding My Personal Checklist as Maid Of Honour

I’m a self-appointed maid-of-honour at Karishma’s wedding. And what ends up happening to the maid-of-honour? The wedding is one month away, and I haven’t even decided what I’m going to wear!

Ok, before a panic attack sets in, let’s make a list. Because lists always calm us OCD (mild, mild case) type of people.

Karishma’s Wedding

Shinjini’s checklist

1. Plan a Bachelorette Party

Too. many. options.

I’m the suckiest Maid of Honour on planet Earth. I still haven’t started planning her Bachelorette (thank you to everyone who helped out with their ideas, though!) First things first, I’m going to create a Whatsapp group. A secret one. And figure out a date that suits everyone.

*unlocks phone, struggles to find Create Group icon, adds 2 school friends, types in stunningly creative group name - Kari Bachelorette*

There, I started.

What’s left? Date, guest list, venue, activities, budget, bookings. Ummm…pretty much everything. Someone lend me your house/hotel, please? I really just want to book a room at Dusit Devarana (or any other nice hotel in Delhi-NCR that offers awesome spas), drink a Saturday evening away and end with a relaxing spa the next afternoon. Why is it so hard to plan such a simple party?

2. TLC For My Skin

Facial, facial, facial.

The last facial I went for was in January 2014. Yes, I’m way too low-maintenance to be a blogger. So I went to the one person I trust the most - Dr Lohia - and got a Vita facial done last week. My skin feels AMAZING, I loved the facial and will go in for one more session just before the wedding. Review on the blog soon.

3. Hair Care | Where Did All My Hair Go?

Haircut, hair spa, doctor.

Ok, confession time. I’m losing hair. I don’t know why - is it the leading a horribly unhealthy lifestyle thing, or something else? Either way, I need to go to a doctor to get it checked and fixed. In the meantime, I went ahead and got a much needed trim (from Sumit at b:blunt, of course!) I’m also seriously considering a hair spa, but I’ve never gotten one done before. Yes, I got married and didn’t get a hair spa. Whatever. I didn’t even get a manicure. Gasp away, parlour aunty. Gasp. A-way.

4. Get fitter

Yoga, no sweets, eat before 8 pm.

Of course, nothing gets fixed overnight. But I really need to start living a healthier lifestyle. I have started wrapping up dinner before 8 pm, am finding it really hard to limit my sweet cravings, and plan on starting yoga again. Like I said, nothing will happen in 20 days, but I have to make a start somewhere. And weddings serve as a perfect motivator.

5. Makeup Artist for Me

Who is doing my hair, makeup and draping? Panic mode!

This is a stressful one for me. If it was any other wedding, I would’ve chosen a makeup artist or salon and just gone to them. But since it’s Karishma’s wedding, I need to be with her while she’s getting ready. Which means I have 2 options -

  • Ask her makeup artists if they’ll be able to get me ready as well - the only problem with this is that we’re sharing resources and well, the bride is the bride, so our focus should be on ensuring that she looks her best. And in case they don’t finish her up on time, I’ll have to fend for myself, which is a terrible idea because I don’t know how to do anything well enough! Must speak to both her makeup artists to see what they recommend.
  • Get a separate makeup artist to come to the venue to get me ready - should I? Shouldn’t I? I guess this would mean another makeup artist review for you guys, which I’m sure is win-win for everyone. But I need to find someone who is free, and does a wicked messy bun - because that’s exactly what I want for Karishma’s wedding day. Recommendations? :)


What am I wearing?

There are 3 major functions - Mehendi, Sagan/Sangeet and Wedding/Reception. I need to figure out what to wear on each of these, and not just the outfit, but the jewellery and footwear as well! All details in the next post.

What are you doing to prepare for the upcoming wedding season?

4 Responses to “My Best Friend’s Wedding: My Personal Checklist as Maid Of Honour”

  1. sonal November 11, 2021 at 7:24 pm #

    Which MUA you are suggesting for karishma?


  2. Dipali November 12, 2021 at 2:21 pm #

    Why not tone down your reception outfit, or atleast play with it a little and wear that to the BF’s wedding?


    • thedelhibride November 12, 2021 at 2:55 pm #

      I did consider that! :) but its sleeveless, and i will feel too cold as its a winter wedding :( Hoping to re-use the Reception outfit at the next sunmer wedding, though!


      • Dipali November 12, 2021 at 4:13 pm #

        Sounds like a plan! And your recent post suggests your are pretty much set! Good luck!


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