My Best Friend’s Wedding: 18 Days To Go & I Still Don’t Know What I’m Wearing

If you haven’t yet, read the first two posts from this series – Prologue & Chapter 1 – before you get started with this post.

My Best Friend's Wedding 18 Days To Go And I Still Don't Know What To Wear

Panic is slowly, but surely, making it’s way into my mind. I have bits and pieces figured out, but not a single look is a 100% done. This is what I’ve figured out till now –

On Mehendi

DECIDED! 🙂 All the way from the outfit, the earrings and the exact bangles I’m going to have on.

Footwear is the only part of the look that’s still a big fat questions mark. I need to buy pretty jootis. Currently own = 0.


#1 Needledust has such beautiful jootis. My outfit is a red raw silk kurta with my wedding dupatta (peachy orange). Do you think one of these will look good with it?

Needledust jootis

Needledust jutis

Needledust retails at their Shahpur Jat store, and online through Exclsuively.In

#2 Good old GK-1 N-block market for FabIndia or this other store that’s right next to Affinity salon. 

On Sangeet

I have too many ideas for what I should wear on this function. It’s a combined Sagan/Sangeet, and I’m drowning in the number of options I can practically have and options that are so breath-takingly luxurious that they come with the kind of price tag that will take your breath away (pinned on a secret Pinterest board! Want to have a look?)

I’ve given two anarkalis to Mansi – the designer my whole family goes to – for stitching. One of them will have full-length sleeves for Winter functions, and might be appropriate for Karishma’s Sangeet. But since I’ve given her fabric to work with for both of them, we’ll have to wait and see how they turn out. I don’t want to buy a new outfit since I haven’t found anything within my budget that I LOVE yet. Although expensive, these are my IDEAL outfits –

#1 Tisha Saksena anarkali

Tisha Saksena green anarkali What to wear to my friends wedding

#2 Sabyasachi suit

15-07-14-Sabyasachi Mukherjee

#3 Madsam Tinzin anarkali

Madsam Tinzin Summer 2014 collection preview peach anarkali

I also have three backup options, a deep blue anarkali Mansi made me as part of my trousseau, a black anarkali I bought last year from Aumbre, and a Tisha Saksena dress that looks like a floor-length anarkali. I guess this means I have plenty of options to choose from. Does that mean a big fat NO to the ideal outfits?

On Wedding

I have NO idea what I’m going to wear. It’s a wedding-cum-reception, and I’m planning on wearing a sari. I have a few silk saris in my trousseau that haven’t been used much. They’re all very pretty silk saris, but I have a feeling none of them scream “YOUNG”!

The top contender at the moment is a yellow silk sari I bought from Greenways in South Ex two years ago – it’s a classic heavy silk sari. But I’ll need a really great blouse to pair it with – so that the sari looks more modern and young. Options?

A floral print blouse, a plain deep purple raw silk one or a pink blouse with a little bit of embroidery (inspired by bride Anuja).

Wedding sari front

Or, this stunning red Anita Dongre blouse (Edit: this is part of a bride’s wedding day outfit, whose lehenga was from Anita Dongre but the blouse wasn’t!)

Anita Dongre red blouse

Image courtesy: Navdeep Soni
  • I’ll definitely want sleeves that end at the elbow, since the weather will definitely be cold by the time her wedding gets here.
  • I’m considering getting it made by Mansi or go to Madsam Tinzin, though I’m not sure if they’ll make just a blouse for me. Maybe I can get the Anita Dongre blouse directly? Edit: Like I said, that’s not an Anita Dongre blouse. They will make me a blouse, but their starting range is INR 12,000. Ummm…no.
  • I would love to add a sari belt, but for the life of me I can’t put this outfit together in my head – I want too many things, right?

There is an IDEAL outfit for this wedding, though. I want to wear this –

15-07-14-Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Only problem? I don’t have it. In my cupboard. At this point in time.

The problem with being a wedding blogger is that you’re always looking at these stunning, beautiful and UNIQUE outfits. So when you have to get dressed to attend a wedding, especially when it’s of someone you’re close to, you loathe the idea of getting into a generic outfit. I was the last person who’d want to wear something a little different, especially to a wedding, but now – typical just won’t do. Eventually, I might have to make do with it, but you can’t stop a girl from dreaming!

Are you also lost about what to wear to your friend’s/sister’s/brother’s wedding? Any tips for me and all the other lost souls?

22 thoughts

  1. I have somehow never been able to wrap my head around a silk saree because I don’t think I can carry them off without looking too old. But I’ve seen a lot of my friends wear them effortless style and elegance, and look stunning! So I’m sure you also will be able to carry a silk saree well.
    And I LOVE the Anita Dongre blouse! Get that without thinking twice.
    Saying that, it is your best friend’s wedding, and there will be a lot of running around and dancing. If it were me, I would not opt for a silk saree because they become difficult to manage.
    Why not go for a sharara/lehenga/heavy suit instead??


    1. Thanks for all your suggestions! 🙂 If the sari is draped well, I can manage with all the running around. But I just need to wear it with flats, not heels. Otherwise I will be sitting in one corner, completely useless!


  2. The Anita Dongre blouse looks nice. I feel that u will look v. pretty in the orange anarkali 🙂 any clue about the price f Tisha anarkali ? n pls chck ur mail 🙂


  3. Please break into the jootis before the mehendi to avoid crazy shoe bites on that day.
    One of my “closest friends” is getting married end of December. And I can totally relate to these posts. 🙂


      1. As we Punjabi’s do it, layer it with oil couple of days before you wear it! You can always use foot petals or insoles to prevent.


      2. I plan to wear my sangeet lehenga for the reception and drape the dupatta differently. I’m still unsure of the church wedding. I’ll let you know 😉


  4. Hey! Honestly I feel that you should stick to the backup options that you already have in your wardrobe for the Sangeet. 🙂 As for the ideal outfits and being a wedding blogger thing, I think you have a great sense of style and what makes us stand out is not what we are wearing (unless it is REALLY common) but how we carry it. So, you don’t really need to look for an ideal outfit as long as you have an outfit as per your style and one that you can carry off with elan.

    I liked the Anita Dongre blouse but since I don’t know how much it costs, I think you can get something similar made as well because it’s a simple one. Of course, if you buy this one, it saves you the hassle of going and getting the blouse stitched. So, both sides have pros and cons. 🙂

    Waiting for more fun posts in this series 😀


    1. Thanks for all your suggestions! Mansi is giving me both my new anarkalis just 10 days before the Sangeet, so fingers crossed it works out otherwise I’ll have no option but to wear one of my backup options 🙂
      Trying to find out the price for the Anita Dongre blouse. If I have to get it made from somewhere else, that will definitely be a pain because the place I get blouses made from is now shut, and Mansi has her hands so full she won’t be able to make me a blouse! Just keeping all my fingers and toes crossed at the moment…!


      1. Hi..If you are still looking for the Anita Dongre can check out Goldy’s Nest in GK1..I ordered something similar from there in silk in fluorescent green today…with elbow length sleeves..the cost was about 4.5k


  5. Well for sangeet I think your Black anarkali will look great but I also love madam tinzin anarkali and needlelust juttis are must haves 🙂 To pair up with your silk saree Anita Dongre Top is good but If you want something different it will not give you that edge. I think Floral blouse option is good, customize it with a deep back neck and a string! Was browsing through facebook and found this, maybe this can work.


    1. I do love that black anarkali 🙂 but my friend is insisting I go brighter with my colours! Will go buy myself jootis next week, hopefully. And floral might not be a great idea after all – someone mentioned to me how the sari already has a motif print, so print on print might not go great together. I need some serious blouse help!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I too wanted to buy from Sabya’s firozabad collection, but then I found out that the saree I liked was 3lac! From your options above, i would say strike off sabya’s saree coz they are just way too expensive.


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