Bride’s Guide to the New IndianRoots Sale

The sale is on till Monday – 17 November stocks last. Hurry, hurry!

You know how when you’re a bride to be, there’s just so much stuff to buy? Suddenly, you need suits you can wear for dinner parties, a pre-wedding party outfit last minute because you forgot to get one in the middle of all that lehenga shopping, an assortment of blouses, dupattas and sandals that are pretty, versatile, stylish – all rolled up in one? Oh wait, and you almost forgot this – a (not boring!) shawl or two to wrap your newlywed self in for winter weddings! SO much to buy, SO little time, and never enough pennies to buy it all.

Enter – the sale that will save you from all your trousseau shopping troubles.

IndianRoots 50% off sale


THE WHOLE WEBSITE IS 50% OFF! AGAIN! Except for the exceptions, of course (Jewellery By Ekam, Payal Singhal, Anita Dongre, Sabyasachi, AND & Global Desi). Till Monday, 17th November – 8 PM IST. Edit: Sale is now on till Stocks Last! If you missed out on buying your favourite pieces under INR 20,000 during the last sale, some of those are still in stock and the 50% sale is still applicable on them.

Bride’s Guide

Your reference guide through the thousands of products, handpicked for brides. The best of what IndianRoots has to offer. With little notes and links to even more good stuff.

{ The Anarkalis }

For your first few days as a newlywed | 13,500 6,750

Anarkali by Devnaagri 13500 Red Kota Cotton Churidar Suit With Block Print

Or next year’s Diwali party. Yes, we plan a year in advance.

Attending your friend’s roka/Mehendi/Sangeet | 59,990 29,995

Anarkali by Rohit Bal 59900 Red Chanderi Anarkali Suit with Jacket

Ummm…it’s a Rohita Bal anarkali. For 30k. Yes, please.

Your Mehendi outfit | 51,500 25,750

Anarkali by SVA 51500 Yellow Cotton Silk Dress With Aari Work

Why it’s worth it at 25k? It’s by SVA, it’s got Aari work on it and it looks like this.

Just a pretty suit to always have on hand | ₹25,200 12,600

Anarkali by Maoshh 25200 Peach Dabka Embroidered Silk Churidar Suit

Love the little sequins on the dupatta.

{ The Lehengas }

Your mehendi outfit because you spent 2 lakhs on your wedding lehenga | 7,500 3,750

Lehenga by ANS 7500 White and Yellow Cotton Silk & Chanderi Lehenga Set

By my Sangeet outfit designers – ANS – this one’s a great buy if you’re on a tight budget. Want the same style and price, but a different colour? Here’s a pink and orange one.

For your brother’s wedding | ₹49,990 24,995

Lehenga by Priyal Prakash 49990 Red Raw Silk Lehenga Set

Here’s the same thing in orange. Someone I know wore this on her brother’s wedding. It looks way better in person than in pictures. It’s for those looking for an off-beat style of lehenga. FYI, you will not get this price for a Priyal Prakash lehenga anywhere else. 

{ The Saris }

To attend your sister’s Haldi, or your own | 5,500 2,750

Sari by ANS 5500 Yellow Embroidered Chanderi Saree

Trust me, you want a Chanderi sari in a bright colour in your trousseau. Paired with a pink blouse, this one’s perfect for a day function – someone’s roka, mehendi or haldi. Perfect!

For your best friend’s wedding *wink wink* | 15,300 7,650

Sari by Tithli Silks 15300 Mustard Handwoven Pure Silk Saree

Though many of you might beg to differ, I think silk saris look fabulous on those of us in our twenties. There’s something fabulous about a young girl who can carry off a silk sari with elegance. Just make it young with a contrasting blouse in a modern cut. Don’t go for the same colour blouse because that will make you look old and old-fashioned.

For a distant relative’s Mehendi | ₹13,000 6,500

Sari by Devnaagri 13000 Green Tussar Silk

 If you’re still not convinced about buying a silk sari, buy this for your mom. She’ll appreciate it AND look fabulous, all at the same time. And you can borrow it later, and realise that you should’ve bought it for yourself because you got way too many compliments when you wore it.

A net sari for your trousseau | 28,500 14,250

Sari by Arpan Vohra 28500 Yellow Sequined Tulle Saree

You didn’t think I’d leave all the anti-silk brides hanging, did you? Tulle sari (a fancy name the fashion industry has given to plain old net these days) by Arpan Vohra. Yes, in Meena Bazaar you will find a much heavier net sari for this price. But, will you like it? And will you ever wear it again? I know I won’t, because I didn’t (I bought a 14k heavy net sari back in 2010 and wore it a grand total of…one time).

{ The Jewellery }

The only maang tika you’ll ever need | 1,800 900

Jewellery by Ritika Sachdeva 1800 Golden Filigree Maang Tikka

Firstly, this costs like – nothing. And it’s such a cute little piece, you can wear it to any occasion. Just put it in your trousseau. Quick, before another bride to be gets to it first! Here’s another piece of jewellery I liked.

{ The Dupattas & Shawls }

Standalone dupatta for the days you want to make your old suit look new with a different dupatta | 1,900 950

Dupatta by Kruti - Apparel 1900 Yellow Cotton Silk Dupatta With Hand Painted Pattachitra

Yes, that’s all it takes. You need a few dupattas, that you can wear with different suits – for when you want to give the suit a new look when you’re bored of it but it’s not so old yet that you can get rid of it. FabIndia has similar dupattas, but those cost any where between 2k to 5k. And these dupattas range from 700 to 1200! See more dupatta options here.

The pretty cashmere shawl you can drape at winter weddings | 14,800 7,400

Dupatta shawl by Vuala 4800 Orange Cashmere Shawl

You know, that shawl you need when you’re freezing at an open venue at a winter wedding in Delhi. A little bit of bling always helps. Here’s another pretty version of this orange shawl, and a really expensive but fabulous red shawl you can consider if you’re getting married in the winter. Remember, prices are HALF of what you see on the IndianRoots page.

{ The Blouses }

Always keep a handful of all styles ready. You never know when you’ll need them.

Standard blouse with a different neckline | ₹1,599 800

Blouse by 9rasa 1599 Blue Semi Dupion Blouse

Long blouse for a different style when you’re bored of the same old | ₹9,384 4,692

Blouse by Anoushkriti 9384 Orange Embellished Silk Blouse

Blouses in bright colours with a pretty border that are versatile | ₹2,000 1,000

Blouse by Divya Kanakia 2000 Green Silk Blend Blouse

Pink version here.

Blouses with a medium bling quotient for wearing to weddings with plainer saris | ₹6,120 3,060

Blouse by Divya Kanakia 6120 Black Gota Embroidered Art Silk Blouse

Green version of the same blouse here.

Heavily embellished blouses with subtle work to wear to weddings | ₹6,700 3,350

Blouse by Divya Kanakia 6700 Pink Embroidered Cotton Silk Blouse

There are so many super reasonable, super versatile blouses by Divya Kanakia. These are just a few of the top picks. See the rest here.

To wear to your friend’s wedding | ₹10,050 5,025

Blouse by Shyam Narayan Prasad 10050 Pink Silk Blouse with Applique Work

More designer-wear blouses at great prices by Shyam Narayan Prasad here.

{ The Footwear }

Jootis to pair with that suit you’re wearing to your best friend’s Mehendi  | 895 448

Footwear by Mzuri Sana 895 Pink Leather Juttis Footwear by Mzuri Sana 895 Yellow Leather Juttis Footwear by Mzuri Sana 895 Green Leather Juttis

Ok, seriously – these are adorable! I loved all these shades. Want ALL.

That pair of Kolhapuris that goes with every Indian outfit on a day you don’t want to wear heels | 1,950 975

Footwear by VC 1950 Yellow & Golden Kolhapuri Leather Chappals

Seriously, do you still think you need to go to Lajpat Nagar to find a pair of cheap Kolhapuris and Jootis? This neutral shade may not look as pretty as it’s red cousin – but trust me, this one will match 90% of your outfits. Check out more Kolhapuris by the same dsigner (VC) in solid bright colours here.

Playful Kolhapuris for your friend’s day Mehendi function | 2,899 1,450

Footwear by Aprajita Toor 2899 Orange Leather Kolhapuris With Pompoms

More funky ones by designer Aprajita Toor – here.

Embellished sandals that make your feet look pretty | 1,500 750

Footwear by BluPear by Buzzaria 1500 Red Rexine Chappals with Embellishments

There’s one in blue too.

Note: The prices mentioned on each page are without discount. Once you go to the checkout page, use the code MSS50 to apply the 50% discount on your total order. Sale is on till 17 November, 2014 8 PM IST stocks last!

PHEW! If you’ve reached till here, I’m impressed. That was a lot of great picks from the sale, wasn’t it?

PS. Remember the last time IndianRoots had a sale? Around Diwali? I was going through that post yesterday, staring longingly at some of the pretty outfits I had written about, and slowly – regret started to creep in. Why hadn’t I bought them while the sale was still on?! Well, those items are once again on 50% sale. Thank me later.

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  1. You selected some of the best stuff 🙂

    But a feedback for the website- it is just TOO HARD to navigate with soooo many thing going on. they NEED to have better filters(bag and bags is a filter :O )

    I just couldn’t decide anything thanks to so much choice and confusion:P


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