10 Secrets I Learned at The Wedding Filmer Workshop + A Giveaway Worth ₹10,000!

You can find out when the next workshop is happening here – you can register at the same link, and get date and venue details as well.

The Wedding Filmer Delhi workshop review #ClassroomOfLove

I’m a HUGE fan of The Wedding Filmer’s work. I’ve said it before, I’m getting tired of saying it, but I will still say it again for the benefit of those who have been living under a rock the last 3 years – they’re the best wedding videographers in the world. THE BEST. No doubt about it. So last year, when they decided to hold their very first workshop, I knew I had to attend it. They were going to teach Delhi-ites a thing or two about creating world-class wedding videos, or “films”, as they like to call them. I took a seat, crossed my legs…and my fingers. I was hoping this workshop wasn’t all-hype-no-content. What if they didn’t actually reveal any secrets? Was I just wasting a perfectly good September evening?

I needn’t have kept my fingers crossed. 

It was truly a mind-blowing workshop. They ACTUALLY taught us stuff – about getting the best videos, interviewing the right way, and a lot of tech-stuff I didn’t really try understanding. I went in from the perspective of a bride who wants to know how to help her videographer make a better wedding video by knowing what to expect, what is possible, and maybe dissect what the little things are that can help a bride add magic to her own wedding video, even if she can’t hire The Wedding Filmer. But what I came out with was this realisation – every person who wants to make a wedding video should attend this, whether they are professional wedding videographers or just someone looking to make a cute home video for their wedding.

Here are the most crucial 7 things I learnt, straight from The Wedding Filmer’s mouth, which I wish every video-wala would know! For the rest, you’ll have to attend their next workshop (which is in Mumbai next week, and we’re giving away passes at the end of this post!) Edit: You can now stay updated on when the next workshop is here.

“Respect the dress code. Don’t go in shorts.”

Go for the puja in pyjama kurta, and see how the family shows you respect in return. Dress like you are attending their wedding, become a part of it. Only then will the family open up to you. (Such a simple, obvious thing. But no one does it!)

“Have 3-4 meals with the bride and groom before the wedding to really get to know them”

Have conversations over a glass of beer, or a cup of coffee. Open up to them about your life too, so that they feel like they can share their life’s story with you. The more you get to know them, the better your video will turn out to be, because it will be true to who the couple is.

“Always shoot with an edit in mind.”

You should also strive to meet the bride and groom before the wedding because then you can shoot with an edit in mind, you can know in advance where the story is going to take you.

“Don’t tolerate bad lighting, go do something about it.”

Meet the decorator to ensure everything is lit from top; under lit is the worst. Don’t just leave it up to the bride, groom or their family. They might not have the time!

“Be the heart of the wedding, not just a part.”

For example, KNOW how to dance. So that if at the Sangeet not many people are dancing, YOU go dance and create the atmosphere! Editor’s note: Yes, they’ve done this too!

“Get shots of everyone, even if they are not photogenic.”

Because they mean everything to the bride and groom. Make sure you know who is important to cover, and make sure you cover them! Editor’s note: Tons of minus points if you missed getting shots of their grandparents and best friends, and that chachi they love.

“A smile is the only way you’ll get a great shot!”

You need to smile at the guests and greet them. It’s your responsibility to make them comfortable. You make them smile, they give you a great shot!

“Don’t overshoot.”

Respect other people’s space. While it’s an art in itself to capture shots in tight spaces, don’t overdo it. The biggest example is a cautionary tale for when the bride enters the venue on her wedding day. As she is walking towards her groom, many a photographer and videographer have literally lied down on the ground to get a good shot. But you must respect the space between the bride and the groom. It’s a sacred space. And to think that on the most important day of their life, all they will remember was this guy lying down on the ground between them! Don’t do it!

“Every shot can’t be a close up shot.”

Coordinate with your team and make sure you get a different range of shots. For example, if he is doing wide, you do some other angle on lens.

“A little quiet lets the video breathe.”

While editing, keep in mind that you can’t have song after song after song. Have some silence at certain points, some real sounds.

I have 3 pages full of notes from their Delhi workshop, but I thought I should share atleast a teaser of what they spoke about. As for why they’re doing this, why they’re revealing all their secrets to making beautiful wedding films – it’s because they get too many requests in a year and are not able to take up all. They want to teach other videographers the ropes so that more brides get a better wedding film, even if it’s not by TWF, because every bride deserves one.

But I did wonder – even though most videographers and even photographers in India stand to benefit from the teachings of The Wedding Filmer, how many will actually put aside their egos, and their know-it-all attitude, and get a seat to this workshop even if they already have 1 lakh Facebook fans? That’s a thought for another day, I guess.

The Giveaway!

***The Mumbai workshop contest is now closed. To win passes to the 17th May workshop in Bangalore, go here.***

The Wedding Filmer Mumbai workshop giveaway

Because the folks over at TWF are always looking to spread the love, they’re giving away 2 passes worth ₹5,000 each (that’s ₹10,000 goodies in total!) to their Mumbai workshop on 9th February, 2015. It’s a 6 hour workshop, from 2 pm to 8 pm at Tata Theater, NCPA.

All you have to do to win a pass is just leave a comment below mentioning why you’d like to attend the workshop. Contest closes at 2 pm IST on 7th February.

***The Mumbai workshop contest is now closed. To win passes to the 17th May workshop in Bangalore, go here.***

And the winners for the Mumbai workshop are…

Mayank Parikh & Prashant Nahata!

Congratulations you two! You’ve each won a single pass to The Wedding Filmer workshop on 9th Feb in Mumbai! Please get in touch at thedelhibride@gmail.com for details.

34 thoughts

  1. The weddings have never been shot this candid before, they have never been this breathtaking before, never been this emotionally drawing before, this love-woven before, for they were never ever filmed by @theweddingfilmer before 🙂 These guys, they be there with you like a family, be a part of your story, a part of your emotions and then sew a lovely video around it 🙂 Its no easy a thing to get that attached to a family so quick and then shoot their moments so closely, to feel it with them, to fasten the shot at one moment and to let the viewers hold their breathe in another, to make someone get connected to a video as if it can be their story too, to set that chord, that’s what I want to learn from these folks, that’s what they are masters in, storytellers, I want to see them and create the same magic on my Mom and Dads 25th Anniversary, to film their story 🙂 For its not necessary that just the day you get married should be filmed, for its in these moments, their 25th being one such epic for me, I want to learn from these masters how I can make my parents feel equally special on their day 🙂
    Thus, I want the pass 🙂


  2. Not a big fan of marriages, but their wedding films are the only reason I could consider getting married someday. I am myself a photographer and would love to transition to film making. Don’t see anyone better than these guys to do that. Plus, my brother’s marriage is coming up. I think the learning’s from this workshop would help me get him the most memorable marriage gift.


  3. I’ll have to drive 400 Km , take two Connecting flights, and a Taxi to reach Classroom of Love all the way from TamilNadu.God created humans and is done with HIS part. TWF are here to explain and practice the other half of real humanity, LOVE. They connect Love and.. OK Let me be straight. I just want to take a selfie with Zara Vishal and Hojo.


  4. Not a big fan of weddings, but their wedding films are the only reason I could consider getting married someday. I am myself a photographer and would love to transition to film making. Can’t think of anyone better than these guys to guide me with that. Plus, my brother’s marriage is coming up, and I think the learning’s from this workshop will help me make the most memorable gift for him; a wedding film that he will forever remember. 🙂


  5. Live the moment, live the content of a wedding story. Is a live event, only real wedding filmers could create a beautiful wedding story through their cams which eventually drafted as a storyline of a bride&groom,their family & friends as the supporting role. And I would love to expand the love of the content and reach to many other around the world. The wedding filmers has thought and inspire me along the way from the brain(Vishal),backbone(zara),heart(sufi) and the other entire functional organs(the crew-mojo and the team)!!So, why not get inspired directly and it will be the greatest opportunity for me in lifetime to attend their workshop!Cause I heart weddings and I live the moment with what I’m love doing and truly passionate about filming!! Therefore,I would like to grab the passes!:D


  6. I have watched wedding videos of my family and relatives and always felt that it should be more fun and interesting and what wedding filmer is doing is a dream come true. I wanted to shoot videos like they do but never knew how to do it, I searched the interenet for the answer and I came across their wedding films and felt in love instantly and got inspired to make such wedding films but still didn’t know how they do it so would definitely love to learn from them and spread their magic to others. Thankyou.


  7. I am no photographer myself, but I would like to win this free pass not for myself but a friend who can benefit from this workshop not just knowledge wise but also exposure. coming from a very humble background and working the way up, such a golden opportunity will only enhance this friend’s way to growth and success. When having to fend for oneself and a family gets unto you, yiu can only wish upon such miraculous chances in life that will not only benefit them but also theit near and dear ones. I hope I will do justice as a friend, by winning this dream for someone who will bring its output into reality, and a beautiful one at that.
    Cheers #TheWeddingFilmer


  8. Like everyone else, even i am a big bigggg fan of TWF rather say that we all consider them God of wedding films BUT other than that what i cherish more about them is their work culture. They dont work, they play, they create an atmosphere, & they capture. I respect the bonding of every single team member of TWF. I just love Vishal’s interviews where he states how the wedding filmer actually came into existance from his own wedding, his long journey from Red Chilly to TWF. I should say that i get lot of inspiration from him. I just wish that i just get to be the shadow or an invisible man of the team for a day which is for sure gonna teach me a hell lot of things from their dressing to their point of view of a shot.
    Love U Guys…


  9. I would love to attend the workshop because I missed the last one and really regret not being able to meet the awesome TWF team and learn from them. 🙂


  10. Not a photographer, no not a wedding enthusiast either. I want to shoot life with the lens of life itself, with the detailing that TWF has in their videos, the love and nourishment they give every single wedding. I want to give that to everyone around. I believe if we communicate in the right and the most simplest way possible, most of the things in the world can be taken care of, ANYTHING.!! I am the co- founder of an NGO and we believe that we can make the lives of these children shine just by communicating well with them about everything(the need for education, hygiene, manners, love, and the list goes on. TWF is also about communicating, with simplicity, passion and love. It is the common ideology that draws me towards them, and I really believe the attraction is mutual 😉 Hence, they conduct workshops, and I want to be a part of them 🙂


  11. First of all I love the vibe of “The wedding Photographer” team. Passion is contagious, love meeting someone who’s eyes lit up talking about something they create with their soul.
    Passion needs no approval and thats what they do..they own their passion. The team has managed to change the dynamics of a tradional wedding photographer, they are story tellers.
    I have a boring corporate job but my real calling is writing, hence into blogging (http://30ishblogging.blogspot.in/) and its a forum where readers across the world connect and discuss..I have a section called “Dream Catchers” its all about people who believe in themselves and are game changers.. Attending the workshop is just my way to expland TWP story to my readers.
    Secondly they believe in empowering others by sharing their knowledge which is very brave.. Respect! Who ever is picked for the free workshop can always share their experience.. I think it will be fabulous. Cheers


  12. I have always looked up to them.I am a fan of their work. No one can capture emotions the way they do. I so so so so so so so so so so so so so want to go. I would really be obliged if I win this pass. Plz plz let me be the luck one. Thanks.


  13. I am delighted to know that this free giveaway exists and I cannot tell you just how excited I am to even be trying to be the lucky one who might just receive it! I couldn’t get a pass for myself as I missed out on the dates and also I had monetary issues.
    The Wedding Filmer has truly revolutionized the whole Wedding scene and has defined a completely new pathway for so many careers and fueled so many more passions by just doing what they love in the best possible way.
    I only have one dream, to become a Director someday and all my dreams begin with someday being able to come by and watch you guys speak so that I do know that I could be so much more than just an idea which might never pan out.
    I want to learn everything there is about film, lighting, production.
    I have made two short films for two different film competitions, both related to women’s issues.
    I really hope to see magic happen right before me, help me be a part of it.If not now, my aim is to someday work alongside your team, I’ll do my best to achieve that.



  14. I have always wanted to be able to make films with a deep emotional connect with my audience. when i stumbled upon TWF works i thought to myself ” how do these guys do it without trained actors?”.

    Even without personally knowing anyone in the films that they have made i still experienced a connection that actually made me feel immensely happy for the couple. This is a ability that not a lot of filmmakers have in the present date.

    i would love to learn this art and be able to use it for my future films.

    Suffi SInghh


  15. Hi. well let me be honest, it’s my father’s business from past 40 years. I am also working with my father and elder brother from past 27 years. The wedding flimer’s have raise the bar of wedding photography and the value of an photographers in an wedding. Majority of the clients now a days refer to the work of wedding flimer’s. way of filming concept. People have now high expectation from us. So basically I want to have first hand information. THREE CHEERS TO THE TEAM OF WEDDING FILMERS.


  16. Sometimes just sometimes…
    When People say Forever they…

    Mean it..

    Every emotion showed in your teasers remind me of this quote !

    Its about the ever lasting memory of every emotions showed and portrayed in every possible way, I need to attend this workshop because since last year I am learning photography and cinematography from various artists near my city, been assistants, started from scract holding lights and flashes in weddings, that was the only way I could learn on field, I think whatever you do, if you try, you can learn, I just want to learn from them..thats all, and I need it very badly


  17. I am a mainstream filmmaker and was pleasantly surprised to see the TWF wedding films when recommended by a friend. I have enormous respect for them for having taken this genre to a new height.. Frankly i wouldn’t want a free pass, cause what they are sharing is worth way above the 5k they quote. To share your trade secrets and with love shows why they are so successful as a team and how they can bring so much beauty in their creation.

    I will not be in Mumbai on the 9th, but i hope to catch their workshop someday (in Bangalore). In the meantime i am going to hassle a friend who is going to attend their workshop by asking her tonnes of questions.

    My respect to the TWF team for making me believe that shooting ‘shaadi ka video’ can be cool and beautiful!!


  18. I am obsessed with weddings. the idea of a #Bigfatindianwedding gives me chills and smiles at the same time. I have been planning my very own wedding for years now 😀 (I know its being too too obsessive), but mujhe shaadi ka bada crazy hai *laughs my silly wicked laugh* 😀 .
    Besides I have wanted to work in the wedding film making industry for years now and i cant find a better or bigger opportunity to learn from the best. TWF makes movies on people and not occasions. it captures emotions more than just smiles. I am an amateur photographer and i aim at clicking snaps like the TWF. There cannot be a bigger and better opportunity for me. I am a keen learner as well an observer. It would be sad to miss such a splendid opportunity. my skills are just waiting to be polished by The wedding filmer and I hope its not a hit and miss opportunity for me.
    P.S i hope i win 🙂


  19. The Wedding Filmer?!!! Well they are ‘The Best’ we have at what they do & am a massive fan of their world-class-mind-blowing wedding films!
    I would like to get a chance with this workshop coz I too will be getting married soon & would want to have an understanding of the lil handy techniques, the nitty-gritty’s & how to give my best shot on my D-Day coz quite frankly when it comes to cameras & giving pics I can be quite a sad case & a non-pro!!!
    For me it was love at sight with the very first wedding film of theirs which I saw. All their works are creative & beautifully seamless with the right kinda emotions music angles pictures comments events edits shots etc. It’s just so perfect that one wants them to do your own! Who wouldn’t?!!
    TWF have their own style which makes you want to adopt them & hope to have something as Big & as Major as a Wedding be shot as a memorable affair…
    I may not be able to afford them but it’s definitely worth having a shot with TWF to help make your Dream Wedding become a reality & as true as it can possibly get!


  20. i think WEDDING FILMER is the only wedding videographer in India whom most of the wedding videographers secretly follow or look up to in some sort or the other, although ,all of them may individually sound like “HEY BRO SEE I HAVE GOT SOMETHING UNIQUE WHICH IS TOTALLY APART FROM WHAT THE WEDDING FILMER DOES “.but finally manage land up somewhere near to what the wedding filmer has already done or shot……;) so to be honest and precise ,doing this workshop could help me reach some where near to their level of excellence and when combined with the creativity i own may be i could be fortunate enough to out do them in future …..so why not give my good fortune a chance …;)


    1. nd 1 more thing …if i win …..i ll have to come to MUMBAI all the way from KOLKATA….SO PLZZZ PLZZZ NOTIFY MY ASAP …..:D 😀 😀 dont wanna miss out my reservations to reach on time ….;) 😉 😉
      – Dipesh Agarwal


  21. Hi,

    I wanted to attend the Wedding filmer workshop so that I do the trade in a right way. There are lots of mistakes we do when we shoot a wedding film which can be controlled and not repeated. To know how to get it right I need to learn from the masters.


  22. M planning my wedding this year …all i want is TWF but i knw i cant hav dem . My wedding video is what i really want to b the best…ever better than my wedding outfit…coz TWF proves evry time that ” beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” i wish they wud b my beholder nd capture the real beauty of my wedding. Bt since i knw all of this is not possible i want ro sit a few hours in the company of TWF and have the real taste of it in this workshop….love u TWF…😙


  23. When I first saw a TWF creation, I did not know Vishal and Zara, neither did I know they have a son named Sufi.. so I wondered why does a Sufi roll over and then comes the TWF logo.. on getting to know they have a son Sufi, did I realise , that Sufi actually carves out TWF.. yes parents give birth to a child .. but it is children who redefine us, refine us, bring out the best in us.. and the TWF logo depicts it so beautifully.. ! Loved it. !

    Coming to wedding videos, when I think of what does a bride or groom expect from their wedding video, I get into their shoes and visualize what would I want my videographer to capture..
    Here are few things :
    • I would like to see the smile and satisfaction on my face and his when we tie the knot.. the spark in our eyes..
    • The excitement to see him dressed as husband..and his expression when sees me dressed as a bride..
    • I want to see our hands when the Panditji says the mantras and how responsibly we will be holding each others’
    • I want to see how tightly I hold his hand while taking pheras
    • I want to see the blush on my face while getting married to my MR. Right. .
    • I want to see his smile, the joy of all our family members in the entire video.. the love and blessings , showered on us for a happy life ..
    • I want to see the smile as he whispers “you’re beauriful” in my ears..
    • If and when we have a fight, to realize the bonding is worth all the efforts taken to be together.. 🙂

    So that kind of enables me to understand WHAT to deliver.
    What I need to learn is HOW exactly to deliver their most beautiful moment to them along with giving them space to be themselves and TWF exactly does that !
    So i really want to be a part of this one , listen and learn from the team that changed how the shaadi-wale videos were perceived.. , get more creative and eventually deliver a couple, their wedding moments in a fairytale attire 🙂


  24. I have been following TWF from the very conception day, one of the first five people to like it on Facebook, and spreading and sharing and recommending it as my own page. the way they film it is not only just a great angle and science of filming… it is much more, it is directly related to how they see it. how any emotional person would connect with the sentiments of the family. their videos are liked by one and all for one simple fact it takes you deeper into the values of each family they cover, and its not only just happy faces celebrating a wedding. they very efficiently craft the entire life of the bride-groom in a 3 min bracket. highly commendable, can go on and on and on. summing it up here, the only problem i have with them is out of my sheer excitement i made my parents like the page too… and they cry every damn time they see any of the videos. BTW, mother’s day video with Zara, is my personal favourite. Thank you for bringing this change TWF where there is more to the wedding video than looking into the plates of guests…


  25. I transitioned into lifestyle photographer from being a financial researcher because every time I saw people take photos at birthdays, weddings, pujas, of themselves, their families or kids I realised that they bypassed the whole concept of taking pictures – preserving memories – by posing and making themselves look perfect in the pictures. I knew I wanted to give it a shot.. At least give myself a chance to do things differently! And I am glad that for the last 3 years I have been able to do it!

    When I photograph people, I try to be a part of the family. From tying the bride’s saaree to wrapping up the bridal trousseau.. I have done a hell lot of other things are because if you are at a wedding..you take part in it like everybody else does 🙂 and there is simply no point of being in this profession if you want to be a snooty creative DSLR loaded photographer :p

    Like a lot of other aspiring photographers I too am a fan of TWF because they don’t make wedding videos..they freeze your memories so that you can go back to them again and again and relive them. If given a chance, I would like to learn whatever little I can from them and pass it on to my clients who deserve as many beautiful memories as possible! 🙂


  26. When the top wedding storytellers in the country decide to give away their secrets you know it’s a can’t miss opportunity. I would love to attend the TWF workshop to learn not just Wedding Filmmaking, but the “Emotional Storytelling” that TWF is known for. From Heartbeats to the British Airways film to the Vistara Salam Balak trust film. The emotional connect is like no other. TWF revolutionized the wedding film industry in a country where people save their entire lives but splurge like no other on a wedding and remembered the event with 8 hour videos of people eating food and dustbins filled with empty plates. I woant to learn how to “sell” memories, as opposed to a product.


  27. A film is a medium of art that connects to me instantly ! May it be the hindi film ‘Queen’, The shawshank redemption, Hello I must be going, The Reader, and many many more!! The beautiful films made by The Wedding Filmer team are one of those films which move me.. cause they are able to do something which is very rare still to find.. they capture the soul of the auspicious event.. in such a way that its no longer a ceremony.. its more of a way of life, a flow of memories that are going to be etched in the minds of the people who are present and those like us, who see it through the eyes of the Wedding Filmer.
    Its my passion, my dream to be able to make something so beautiful and see the people i do the work for, smile in return. Thats the essense of why i want to attend this workshop.
    I am an amateur photographer aspiring to make documentaries about causes that a are close to my heart.. learn editing and to be known for my own style of work! I’m honestly, still trying to figure out where I belong and i believe meeting the Wedding filmers will shed some light to it.
    Currently doing my MA in Economics from mumbai university, i intend to change fields.. probably bring the two worlds or economics and creativity together through the medium of film someday soon. 🙂
    Thank you for this opportunity!


  28. I would like to take my soon to be better half as he is a budding wedding filmmaker and who else should one learn from but the masters themselves. Vishal and gang have taken thngs to a new level. Hopefully we can emulate them. I would also like to learn about the business and marketing aspect, something which I feel is overlooked. You guys are amazing!!


  29. …because I have a wedding coming up…MY own!!

    …because I’ll have a videowala who is not TWF..so mayb I can jus help him wid a few things to shoot and hav a weddin film evry bride dreams of…(olmost) PERFECT!

    …because I have missed d deadline but not d hope dat I jus myt b sittin in d Classroom f Love…earnin my loved LAST seat in d class 😉 :p


  30. Loved the “egos” part.. and so happy TWF are doing these workshops 😀 I wish they come to Kolkata soon 😦
    P.S.- “I wish ever video-wala..” I think you meant “every video-wala” 🙂


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