Fitness Update: March 2015

3 years ago, my wedding date was decided. I had 8 months, to be the fittest bride I could possibly be. I began yoga classes for the first time in my life, and started eating healthy. I still gorged on cakes, but I also had more home food and completely gave up potato chips and aerated drinks. Over the first year of my married life, I slowly began to let go of all my healthy practices. I won’t go into details of the past here, mainly because you can just read about the struggles in old Fitness posts. Thankfully, we are not trees. If we don’t like where we are, we can move. We are not trees. And so I’d like to move. Get back onto the fitness bandwagon. Feel full of energy and strong again. This is the chronicling of that journey. It’s far from perfect, but that’s what change is – it’s hard, and it’s messy. And since a lot of you will be getting married in a few months time, this might help you out – as I’m starting from scratch again. Brides of 2015, welcome to my first fitness update where I started working out again after a gap of almost 2 years.

fitness update march 2015

So, I’ve been trying this new thing. Waking up crazy early (5 am) and working out for 20 minutes every single day. Of course, that’s the aim, but what the past one month has actually gone like is this:

Wake Up Time Report

Woken up at 5 am –  8 times

Woken up between 5.30 to 5.45 – 8 times

Which is not that bad, considering I was waking up at 9 am till 2 months ago!

Work Out Report

1 hour yoga class with instructor – 1 time (I think!)

20 minute workouts – 10 times

10 minute workouts (because some days I’m that lazy) – 3 times

Which is not really that great.

The biggest culprit has been the lack of those 1 hour yoga classes. I feel like the more regular I am with class, the more regularly I wake up on time (even on off days) and the more I feel like doing those 20 minute workouts on days there is no class. Hopefully, I’m going to get regular again starting tomorrow, now that my instructor is back from her mini-vacation.

The Making of the 20-Minute Workout

If you’re wondering what I do in those 20 minutes, this is how it’s gone over the last 2 months: By the end of January 2015, I was sick of staying unhealthy and putting on so much weight that half my clothes stopped fitting me. I know, you won’t be able to make out that I’ve put on much weight because I’ve always been skinny, so if a skinny person adds a few kilos to their frame you would think “Good for her! She needed it!” But there’s a reason why I probably still looked the same to you. Shhh…it’s a secret – you haven’t noticed because I’ve not been wearing the clothes that don’t fit me anymore. Duh. I’ve been opting for loose silhouettes, and winter clothing is so forgiving. Just cover up all those extra curves under a sweater and jacket!

Summer’s almost here now, and I’ve been trying for the last 2 months to finally do something about it. February was a disaster. Other than a few yoga classes, I didn’t do much else. But one thing I did do? Started off with a teeny tiny baby step – I got onto the treadmill starting with 10 minute easy pace walks. Within 2 weeks, I was walking at 5.6 kms/hour for 10 minutes. And I now do anywhere between 10-20 minutes brisk walks at 6.5 kms/hour. Walking on a treadmill is SUCH an easy thing to start off with, just because it’s SO easy. It was also really boring, so I put on some music. And 10 minutes went by pretty quick.

Next, I added a few basic stretches after the 10 minute walk. And soon, I was doing 5-6 surya namaskars after the stretching.

To sum it all up for you, this is what my 20 minute morning workout looks like now:

1. 10 minute brisk walk on treadmill (usually 6-6.5 kms/hour speed)

2. Basic stretching for 5 minutes

3. 5-6 Surya Namaskars at a slow pace

The Inevitable

I had reached a stage in the middle (for a very brief while) where I was doing this 7 days a week, and had gotten to 10 surya namaskars but then yoga classes become infrequent and my routine started to go haywire again.

Honestly, I also got a little bored of the boring walking+surya namaskar routine, so I tried dancing f0r 10 minutes instead. That was fun for a few days, but then I got bored of the same old songs and the same old steps.

I get bored pretty quick, don’t I?

Yes yes, that’s stale news to anyone who knows me well enough.

So, what’s the plan now?

Yoga class re-starts tomorrow. Exciting, exciting. I’m planning on making up for all the missed classes with additional Sunday morning classes. And on days that there’s no yoga class, I need to find something interesting and fun to do. That gets done in under 20 minutes. One option I’ve found? This YouTube series that looks easy and fun.

Wish me luck for April!

Do you want to get fit too?

If you want to join me in this slow and easy way to getting back to fitness (especially you brides!), I’ll be putting up live updates on Instagram & Twitter this month using #FitWithTDB. Whenever you workout, or eat something healthy – just add #FitWithTDB to your Instagram (or tweet!) and tag me (@thedelhibride) so I can check out what you’re upto and we can push each other to keep going! We can share notes on what’s working, places to order healthy food from, and even YouTube tutorials. Basically, I’m here for you. And would love if you’re there for me! Exercising and eating better is SO much easier and more fun if you have a buddy to do it with.

Will you be my fitness buddy?

Instagram or tweet using #FitWithTDB, and I will be yours! Let’s do this!

3 thoughts

  1. That’s inspiring stuff. I’m a Jan 2016 bride and despite a lot of attempts I just couldn’t loose the damned weight. And obviously lost out on hope!! Jan and Feb were disasters. Reading your post was like gods call to not give up. Will draw up all plans again and let’s do it!! I however have a long long way to go!! Close to 10kgs!! But got to do it!!! Will make my plans today. Thanks.


    1. You just have to get into the habit of working out. Get into it slowly. Do just 10 mins on day 1. By day 7, start doing 15 mind. Just really slowly. And by the end of 2 months, it will be aug a habit that you will physically feel off if you haven’t worked out. Share your workouts, struggles, food – anything you want! On Twitter or insta. I’m on both. Tag it with #FitWithTDB and we can keep track of each other!


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