The Wedding Filmer Workshop Giveaway is back!

Winners announced at the end of the post!

The Wedding Filmer Workshop giveaway Bangalore 2015

The Wedding Filmer’s Workshop is back! And here’s everything you need to know about how to score passes to it.

What’s The Wedding Filmer Workshop?

Firstly, who The Wedding Filmer is shouldn’t be a question anymore. Secondly, everything you need to know about their popular workshops is already here. Pssst…it’s a detailed post about their very first workshop I got to attend in Delhi last year.

Here’s a sneak peek at some videos they recently released from that workshop:

Ok, I’m sold! When is the next workshop?

The next one is happening on 17th May, 2015 in Bengaluru (at NIMHANS Convention Centre). The 6 hour workshop will see Vishal Punjabi and his team talk extensively about making cinema with the most basic tools, breaking into advertising and feature films and simply making gorgeous, stunning wedding movies for real people!

What are the workshop fees?

₹5,000 per seat. BUT you can win a pass if you enter this giveaway!

How can I enter the giveaway?

Two passes are up for grabs (worth ₹5,000 each!) and here’s what you have to do to win one –

  1. Create a super short video (less than 15 seconds long) telling us why you should win
  2. Upload it on Instagram and tag both of us @theweddingfilmer and @thedelhibride, along with #ClassroomOfLove
  3. Leave a comment below with a link to your Instagram post!

Last date to enter: 10th May, 2015 Extended to 11th May, 2015 till midnight

Winners will be announced on 12th May, 2015!

Rules and all that jazz:

  1. You can be as creative as you want to be with your video, just keep it under 15 seconds! And yes, it can be a video of just you taking a video of yourself talking. As fancy, or as simple as you want it to be.
  2. This contest is open only to residents of India.
  3. If you reside outside Bangalore, you must make your own arrangements for travel and accommodation in Bangalore.
  4. If the contest winners don’t get in touch to receive their giveaway by 2 pm on 13th May, 2015, new winners will be chosen in their place.

***The contest is now closed.***

And the winners are…

Jatin (jatin.pereira) and Vishal (vishal_bb)!

Congratulations you two! Your videos were creative, and kept me laughing as many times as I saw them – great, great job! 🙂 Please drop me an email at so I can connect you with The Wedding Filmer team.

Check out their entry videos below 🙂


You can still register for the workshop on The Wedding Filmer’s website – it will remain open till 16th May evening. If you want to register in-person, make sure you reach the venue (NIMHANS, Hosur Road) on 17th May by 10.30 am (only cash will be accepted on the day of the workshop).

An Exciting Update!

The day the results were announced, one of our participants who didn’t win – Hyatt Noorul – made a cute video with his reaction and in good spirits, congratulating the winners. Vishal Punjabi, the person we refer to as The Wedding Filmer himself, saw the video, and considering how amazing it was, offered a pass to Hyatt to attend the workshop anyway! That means we eventually had THREE winners, and it made my day! 🙂 🙂 🙂 #ClassroomOfLove indeed! Sharing Hyatt’s video here so you can also be entertained 🙂 It has already garnered 7,000 views in just one day!

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