Shahid Kapoor’s Wedding to Mira Rajput: ALL The Details!

7 Jul
UPDATED on 13 July with Mumbai Reception details, a tweet from Shahid himself and more! Look for the UPDATE! sign

Sasha, aka the cutest most adorable actor in all of Bollywood, is getting married TODAY.

If you still didn’t get it, that’s Shahid Kapoor, the cutie patootie heartthrob of girls all over India. He’s getting married. TODAY. Cue: a million hearts shattering.

Yes, the day is already here. And…I…*deep breath*…can’t…*deep breath*…believe it. *faints*

Well alright, alright - I’m married already. I’m off the market. Whatever. I can still love Sasha. He could’ve been mine too, you know. Today could’ve been my wedding day! (sorry, hubby!)

So, who’s this chick he’s chosen to make his wife? Usme aisa kya hai jo mujhme…ok. We’ll not go there.

Who’s That Girl?

Mira. Mira Rajput naam hai uska. Don’t mind me going all Bollywood on you today.

Mira Rajput picture - Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput's wedding - Miss Malini

Image courtesy: MissMalini

Who else thinks she looks like Amrita Rao?

Mira’s a Delhiite. School - Vasant Valley. College - LSR. Home - Chhattarpur farms. She just graduated from college (yes, she’s likely just 21 years old…) with a degree in English (Hons), and get this - she met Shahid Kapoor through some Satsang group (Radha Soami Satsang Beas) that both their families follow. Are you freakin’ kidding me? *I* could’ve met him like that! Now, if you’ll excuse me for a minute…

“Hello? Mom? What’s a Satsang?”

Doesn’t sound all that romantic, which is quite a bummer considering she bagged the ultimate adorable cutie. And no, I will not stop with the overuse of mushy adjectives for my sweetie darling. Of course, why do we care how they met? We just care about why (why God, WHY!?) they met. Seriously. Anyone?


you’ve come here to find out all you can about Shahid’s wedding. No, you’re not the only girl stalking him all over social media and the news today. So I’m not going to keep you waiting.

The Facts

MissMalini broke the news of Shahid’s rumoured engagement back in January this year. In March, Sasha himself announced that he was, indeed, getting married this year but denied being engaged. You could hear an entire nation, or well, half of it, mourn that fateful day.

More news has kept pouring in over the last few months.

The Engagement

He did get engaged, reportedly earlier this year, and gifted his bride-to-be a solitaire ring worth 23 lakh, that was specially customised by a Delhi based jeweller. That must’ve been one big piece of jewellery! (picture now available under Delhi Reception section)

While there are no images or additional news about this super mysterious engagement/roka ceremony, there are some sneak peeks that have been popping up sporadically on the rest of the wedding festivities.

The Bridal Shower

I wish I could tell you all the little details about this, but there’s only so much available -

Images courtesy: Stardust

On 16th May, Mira’s friends threw her this bridal shower. And whatever little you can make out of her outfit and look, you have to agree she looked resplendent. Her makeup seems to be subtle, and I love the choice of colour & style for her dress. Shahid flew down to attend it with her. Awwww! No, shut up. I don’t care. Whatever.

The Bachelor Party & Honeymoon

Sasha had to cancel his bachelor party and postpone his honeymoon due to work commitments. Stay tuned for any honeymoon updates we can find! Although, do we want the details? It’s Shahid’s honeymoon *tears up*

The Wedding Favours

One of the favours that will be gifted to the guests are these customised chocolates -

Shahid Kapoor & Mira Rajput wedding details personalised customised chocolates by Smitten Bakery

Image courtesy: Smitten Bakery

The packaging looks really pretty! They’re made by a Delhi-based bakery called Smitten Bakery that’s located at Asiad Village.

Another wedding favour that went out, specifically, with the wedding invites was a box of different types of tea from Delhi-based Sancha Tea Boutique’s Inner Beauty White & Green Tea collection.

Shahid Kapoor Mira Rajput Wedding | Wedding Favour tea in beautiful packaging

Image courtesy: Sancha Tea Boutique

The Clothes

Kunal Rawal, Sasha’s designer friend, will be creating all 10 outfits for Shahid. This will include sherwanis, bandhgalas, achkans and western wear pieces. While I think the young designer (he’s just 29!) is spectacularly good at western wear, his Indian wear for men is not something I love a 100%. Not that Shahid Kapoor is going to dress to impress ME! But seriously, I just hope the clothes do justice to how gorgeous he is. I better not come across wedding pictures of Shahid I don’t like. Are you listening, Mr Rawal?

Mira has picked Anamika Khanna to design her clothes. Well, that’s a good choice. I like Anamika. I’m actually looking forward to catching a glimpse of the bride’s trousseau!

UPDATE! Mira was styled by Alpa Khimani for her Mehendi, Wedding and Reception party. Alpa is a stylist who has an Bollywood-client list including Malaika Arora Khan & Sonam Kapoor. Pictures and details of what she wore to her Wedding, Reception, Sangeet, Haldi and Kaleeray ceremony are here! Scroll down.

The Haldi

The first event to kickstart wedding festivities this month, the Haldi was supposed to take place on 5th July. One image made it’s way online yesterday, and I assume it’s from Mira’s Haldi ceremony. No longer sure on the exact date of the event, though.

Mira Rajput haldi ceremony outfit Shahid Kapoor wedding #ShahidKiShaadi

Image courtesy: Instabollywood

The Mehendi & Sangeet

They had a combined Mehendi & Sangeet function. Mira chose to have just a small amount of mehendi applied to her hands, which makes me love her for showing that just because you’re a bride you don’t have to put mehendi all the way up to your elbows - even if you’re about to marry a big Bollywood star! The events took place on 6th July at a farmhouse close to the Radha Soami Satsang Beas ashram near Chattarpur itself. Click the images below to view larger pictures.

Images courtesy: Times of India (3 & 5), MissMalini (1), Rohan Shrestha (2), FilmiBeat (4) & Alpa Khimani (6)

Shahid is wearing Kunal Rawal outfits for all his functions and Mira’s yellow lehenga is by my favourite designer Anita Dongre! It’s a sunflower yellow benaras brocade lehenga with a peach gota patti choli. Light and comfortable, with a pretty colour combination - this one’s pretty perfect for a Sangeet.

what mira wore to her Sangeet - yellow Anita Dongre lehenga - Shahid Kapoor Mira Rajput Wedding

Image Courtesy: Anita Dongre

For all you foodies, NDTV put out an article detailing all the fun food items that were on the Mehendi & Cocktail menu. You can take some wedding menu inspiration from the list, as well as the presentation they used.

UPDATE! Sangeet Videos!

Here’s a NEW VIDEO of Shahid speaking a few words on stage during his Sangeet :) And of him dancing with Mira and his boys! The reporter is speaking in Marathi, but here’s a time-stamp guide for you to enjoy all the right bits -

Shahid dances with Mira on Saj Dhaj Ke (full dance) - 0:54

Shahid speaks on stage - 4:42

Shahid dances with his boys on Mauja Hi Mauja - 5:33

The rest of the Sangeet Videos have been moved to THIS NEW POST where every single video that’s out there from the Sangeet has been put together in a single page. SEE IT HERE.

The Chooda & Kaleeray Ceremony

No details about it except this image of what Mira looked like. Like one helluva radiant, happy, lucky bride.

Mira Rajput kaleeray ceremony Shahid Kapoor wedding #ShahidKiShaadi Kaleeray and Chooda ceremony Mira Rajput Shahid Kapoor wedding #ShahidKiShaadi

Image courtesy: Instabollywood & MissMalini

She seems to really love the colour yellow - doesn’t she?

The Morning Wedding

It’s TODAY :( They’re likely getting married in a Gurudwara, and will end the evening with a reception party at The Oberoi in Udyog Vihar between 7-10 pm. How do I know such exact details? The wedding card was “leaked”, duh!

Invitation card - Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput's Wedding - Miss Malini

Image courtesy: MissMalini

The card is designed by Delhi luxury invite designer Ravish Kapoor, who - by the way - is one of the designers my own mother went and visited when we were looking for my wedding cards! I’m telling you na, this could’ve been my wedding! Kyun bhagwan, kyunnn!

UPDATE! According to Pinkvilla, they finally tied the knot at West Green Farmhouse. It is supposedly owned by Fortis Healthcare founder Shivinder Mohan Singh, who is also a Radha Soami follower.

It was a gurudwara style wedding, and it looks like Mira wore a suit. There’s a video also available now of their Anand Karaj ceremony.

Images courtesy: Priyanka Bhatt, Twitter & Bollywood Tadka

This cute signboard was at the entry to the wedding! <3

Shahid Kapoor Mira Rajput wedding cute wooden signboard at entry with white and yellow flowers backdrop shoes here vows there love everywhere

Image courtesy: BollywoodLife

UPDATE! And here’s their wedding cake! It was decorated by one of my favourite cake decorators in all of Delhi - Firefly India! HOW PRETTY IS IT?! Love the simple lace details and pretty flowers! <3 <3 <3

According to Firefly India, this cake was “made for Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput’s morning Wedding Ceremony. They wanted something small and simple. (It was) baked by Rasleen Kochhar for Orange Peel and decorated by me!”

Morning wedding ceremony cake Shahid Kapoor Mira Rajput wedding

Image courtesy: Firefly India

And here’s the most awaited wedding selfie of the year.

Are you ready?

Sure? Pukka you want to see this?

Ok, here goes.


Mrs & Mr Shahid Kapoor. *heartbreak complete*


A photo posted by Shahid Kapoor (@shahidkapoor) on

Well, they look so happy! Ah. Damn it. Fine.

Congrats Shahid & Mira. I’m happy for you guys. Have a happy married life.

No, you don’t get exclamation marks from me.

Post-Wedding Party

I don’t know what to term this. It was after the official wedding ceremony, but before the evening reception. It started to rain all over Gurgaon around this time, and *I* think the raindrops were actually the collective tears of Shahid fan girls from all over the world, pouring all over his Reception venue. Message from the powers above, Shahid. Get it?

Mira wore an Anamika Khanna baby pink lehenga, which I thought was lovely. I loved the flowers in her hair, and how soft her makeup was - perfect for a day wedding look! Shahid looked pretty dapper as well.

Mira makeup and hairstyle close up look post wedding appearance in Anamika Khanna pink lehenga | Shahid Kapoor Mira Rajput wedding 2015

Image courtesy: Alpa Khimani

Mira Rajput wedding reception in Delhi makeup Shahid Kapoor wedding

Image courtesy: MissMalini

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput Kapoor first look at newlyweds baby pink lehenga with embroidered flowers | Shahid Kapoor Mira Rajput wedding

Image courtesy: Indian Express

Mira Rajput lehenga from the back | best way to drape 2 dupattas with lehenga | Shahid Kapoor Mira Rajput wedding

Image courtesy: First PostBosco Martis congratulates Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput selfie | Shahid Kapoor wedding

Image courtesy: Bosco Martis

Image courtesy: MSN

Shahid Kapoor & Mira Rajput Kapoor wedding reception in Delhi | cute yellow light jaimaal with pastel pink lehenga | pink chooda | 20 lakh engagement solitaire Shahid Kapoor & Mira Rajput Wedding | pink chooda | 20 lakh engagement solitaire

Image courtesy: Mubina Rattonsey

Check out that massive solitaire on her finger! So that’s what a 23 lakh engagement ring looks like. And those are pretty pink choodas people. Pretty & PINK choodas! Why didn’t I get this idea?!

They finally emerged as husband and wife for a super quick hello to the media.

The Delhi Reception

In the evening, Shahid & Mira threw a big reception party at the same venue as the post-wedding party - The Trident Oberoi at Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon. This was their THIRD change of clothes on their wedding day. Phew! I can only assume how tiring it must’ve been for the bride. Shahid was a classic groom in a Kunal Rawal bahdgala while Mira went for a modern look with an Anamika Khanna cape gown. I’m not fond of capes, so her Reception look didn’t do anything for me. Her makeup was done by Mallika Bhat.

Shahid & Mira what they wore to their Delhi after party Reception | Shahid Kapoor Mira Rajput wedding #ShahidkiShaadi

Image courtesy: Pinkvilla

Mira makeup and hairstyle close up look Delhi reception in Anamika Khanna cape outfit | Shahid Kapoor Mira Rajput wedding 2015

Image courtesy: Mallika Bhat

Images courtesy: Priyanka Khosla, @misspalling, Deccan Chronicle & APH Images

Videos from their Reception!

The food menu from their Delhi Reception party is available in an IBN article, which details out a tentative list from Trident’s Cilantro restaurant.

In addition, they had a second cake which was served to their guests. This beauty of a cake was also decorated by the same team that did their morning wedding cake - Firefly India decorated it and Rasleen Kochhar for Orange Peel baked it.

The owner of Firefly said, “the cake design was in tune with their theme for the evening which was teal, white gold and lotuses! 

Shahid Kapoor Mira Rajput beautiful hand painted wedding cake at reception party in Delhi

Image courtesy: Firefly India

UPDATE! Shahid Acknowledges His Fans on Twitter

UPDATE! The Mumbai Reception

A grand reception will take place at Palladium Hotel on 12th July (8.30 pm onwards), where all of Bollywood will likely be attending. reported that everything on the top two floors of the hotel has been booked for the event, including the beautiful Asilo rooftop lounger & bar.

The invitation card has been designed by the same person who made the invite for the Delhi reception - Ravish Kapoor. NDTV has released images of the card, which looks pretty straightforward and elegant, but is actually ultra cool. That chrome plate in the center? It doubles up as a security card to enter the venue!

Image courtesy: NDTV

Rumour has it that Mira will wear a Manish Malhotra outfit. Manish continues to reign as king of Bollywood weddings, it seems.

UPDATE: The Reception in Mumbai took place at Palladium Hotel on 12th July, just as expected, and I take you inside the reception in this post!

It’s here, then. It’s happening. Shahid Kapoor’s getting married in a few hours in Delhi. Waittaminute. I’m here, in the same city. *calculating how quickly I can get my wedding lehenga dropped to office* What? Me? No, no, I have no evil plans for this morning. *straight face*

Watch this space for more details. Updating it throughout the week!

If you’re feeling incredibly upset, I suggest you read this post. It will just make you realise half the country is feeling the same feelings as you are. You are no different. ONLY MIRA IS. *sigh*

Are you inconsolable today?

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15 Responses to “Shahid Kapoor’s Wedding to Mira Rajput: ALL The Details!”

  1. zoya July 7, 2022 at 10:48 am #

    Aww this is such a cute read! Haha I can totally relate to you ;)
    Mira is lucky to have found Shahid, but I also think Shahid is even luckier for finding someone away from showbiz like Mira.

    Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thedelhibride July 7, 2022 at 10:57 am #

      I am literally bawling my eyes out here. Lucky shucky. Whatever.

      Seriously though, good for him. Poor guy, he’s so nice. He deserves some real love. About time.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Vasundhara July 7, 2022 at 10:52 am #

    Haha fun post! Very different from your usual.. very enjoyable though! Especially since all these details have been all over facebook a gazillion times, you still made the post readable!

    Liked by 1 person

    • thedelhibride July 7, 2022 at 10:55 am #

      Thank you, Vasundhara! That’s exactly what we were aiming for :) :) You made my day!


  3. kayennat July 7, 2022 at 2:10 pm #

    You’re so funny! Bollywood weddings typically leave me a little underwhelmed with bad clothes and make up choices. Here’s hoping this is slightly different!


    • thedelhibride July 7, 2022 at 2:12 pm #

      Fingers crossed! Her Sangeet lehenga was pretty. And his outfit is also good. Let’s see!


  4. eliana July 7, 2022 at 3:42 pm #

    her sangeet lehenga was pretty but I think I have seen better from anita dongre. otherwise, great write-up and mira is super cute.


    • thedelhibride July 9, 2022 at 4:47 pm #

      She is, isn’t she? Well, atleast she looks like someone we imagined Shahid would end up with!


  5. eliana234 July 7, 2022 at 3:44 pm #

    Great post! very entertaining. Her sangeet lehenga is pretty but I have seen better from anita dongre. nontheless, mira makes for a radiant bride. all the best to them.


  6. Ankita July 8, 2022 at 6:47 pm #

    omg… what dedication! i know i went through similar emotions in college when Abhishek Bachchan married Aishwarya Rai (yeah i know.. even though it was HER… I thought it could very well hv been ME)
    Loved her wedding lehenga! and thoroughly enjoyed the post!


    • thedelhibride July 9, 2022 at 4:50 pm #

      Yesss! Want to know EVERYTHING about his wedding! Even if it breaks my heart! :'( I loved Abhishek Bachchan when I was younger, but I got over him before he got married. Hugs to you!


  7. Rachel Helga July 9, 2022 at 10:54 am #

    The wedding of Sasha was like a rumor sometime back but now it’s all real and the couple is happily married. May their relation grow stronger with time. But, at the same time its quite surprising that they met at a satsang.


  8. sassysequins July 9, 2022 at 11:25 am #

    They look amazing together!! Though I’m still sad that Shahid Kapoor is officially taken now :( The baby pink lehenga looked stunning on her, I’m glad she didn’t go all bling-bling and kept it simple and classy.. And the lehenga reminds me a bit of your wedding lehenga! :)



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