Best of Weddings This Week #2

5 Sep

We started this new post series way back in January of this year, and never got around to a second round…until now! We’ve been collecting these for a while now - wedding decor ideas, super useful posts we read just last week, and some cute wedding videos to enjoy! Here is the Best of Weddings This Week #2.

Best of Weddings This Week thedelhibride Indian weddings

#1 Wedding Ideas We’re Loving!

3 Productions - Outdoor wedding decor idea - Chandelier hanging on trees - Best of weddings this week

Image courtesy: 3 Productions

Decor Idea for Outdoor Wedding

Chandeliers hanging from trees at your wedding sure make for an arresting image. An elegant reception theme, maybe?

The Wedding Peeps - Destination wedding idea for guest welcome kit for music loving bride and groom - Best of weddings this week

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Peeps

Destination Wedding: Idea for Welcoming Guests

You know how the bride and groom arrange to have the guests picked up from the airport once they arrive at their wedding’s destination? And the guests listen to music on the radio on their way to their hotel/guest house? Here’s a different idea - create a music CD with songs you love and hand it over to all the drivers to kickstart festivities from the airport itself!

DN8 - Unique wedding card ideas - Blue passport wedding invites to destination weddings - Best of weddings this week

Image courtesy: DN8 Design

Destination Wedding: Invite idea for international destinations

Yes, passports as wedding invites. I know, it’s not a fresh idea, but I hadn’t found a passport invite till now that I actually liked. This one, though, with it’s neat design & fonts, and cute anchor that wraps around is one that I really loved.

#2 Cutest Wedding Videos We Found!

Video by The Photo Diary

SUCH an adorable couple, and such a perfectly made video! There’s fun, laughter, love - and it gives me this warm hmmmm feeling every single time I watch it. I don’t know how else to describe it! And yes, I may have watched it multiple times. 10? Who knows. I wasn’t counting. *sigh*

Video by Little Big Weddings

This one’s hilarious! Are you one of those goofy, always cracking each other up with silly jokes and antics kind of couples? This is the kind of video your videographer should make for you!

#3 Newlywed Couples Dish Out Their Favourite Wedding Vendors in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Jaipur & Sri Lanka!

Recommended wedding vendors for Delhi wedding

Image courtesy: Rid Burman

How To Have A Chill Delhi Wedding by brownpaperbag is a post we’re absolutely loving this week! Couples give you DJ recommendations, plenty of invitation card designer names and there’s evem a MAC makeup artist in there. If you’re having a wedding in Delhi, this one’s worth looking into. They also have similar lists for Bangalore and Mumbai/Jaipur/Sri Lanka!

#4 This Letter From A Wedding Planner Every Bride Needs To Read!

Advice from a wedding consultant and wedding planner to brides to stay calm and how to enjoy your own wedding - Best of weddings this week

Image courtesy: Devika Narain

If you’re getting married in a few months, or a few weeks, READ THIS. It’s a fairly short post, so refer back to in moments of panic leading up to the wedding day, as often as required. An Open Letter from a Wedding Planner to a Bride To Be by Devika Narain.

Were these ideas and links useful to you? Do you want more round up posts like this?

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4 Responses to “Best of Weddings This Week #2”

  1. zoya September 5, 2022 at 3:51 pm #

    Loved the open letter from Devika Narain. She gave some great advice with picking a timeless lehenga and splurging on photography.


  2. Kayennat September 7, 2022 at 3:11 am #

    This wedding song cd is such a cute idea!


  3. Bharathi Bajaj September 9, 2022 at 10:45 pm #

    Loved both the videos !! They are so fresh and amazing unlike the rest these days which are cliched and same themed . lovely post :)


  4. Shatakshi September 14, 2022 at 5:45 pm #

    Haha, both the wedding videos have grooms named Karan. ;) Loved the goofy second video.


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