10 Essential Tips on Planning your Destination Wedding – By A Groom!

I recently read about the incredible journey of a groom named Gopal, who planned his entire destination wedding in Thailand sitting 5,000 miles away in his London home. He had an interesting story to tell, and as I read through the paragraphs of crisp writing, I found myself scribbling down copious notes…on planning a destination wedding! His article had so many great tips, I knew I had to share them with my readers.

While I encourage you to go read his entire story over at Medium, I boiled it all down to the 10 Essential Tips for Planning Your Own Destination Wedding by Gopal – especially for grooms like himself, who have zero wedding experience!

Gopal and Vanisha - Wedding planning tips for destination wedding in Thailand

Image courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

The First 5 Steps to Planning a Destination Wedding

1. Pick a wedding date

Ideally a long weekend, so that people have enough time to travel for your wedding without having to skip too many (or any!) days at work

2. Research and choose your wedding destination

Depending on your date, choose the destination with the best weather 🙂

3. Research and choose photography & videography team

Requirements to look for:

  • Someone who has experience covering both – Indian weddings and Destination weddings
  • They should ideally be located in the city where you currently live, or at the destination you’re holding your wedding at. The more you can meet them personally, the better they understand you and your needs, which translates to less generic and more personalised pictures

4. Research local event planners

Look for someone who has experience implementing Indian weddings in that area (don’t be shy to ask your photo/video crew for wedding planner recommendations!) If you can’t find one with any Indian wedding experience, you have two options:

  • either ensure you have someone in your family who will guide them extensively about the traditions, ceremonies and structure of your wedding
  • or, hire a wedding consultant (eg. Devika Narain from Delhi!) and a local production team, who will implement decor and other ideas your consultant provides them with

5. Plan a pre-wedding trip to the destination

Spend a week there with your planner going for:

  • site inspections aka visiting potential venues
  • supplier visits and meetings, with basically any local vendor you’re going to work with – for example, the person handling logistics, accommodation for your guests, the local entertainment team

Wedding mandap - Wedding decor - Wedding planning tips for destination wedding in Thailand

Image courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

5 Tips on Keeping the Planning Stage Smooth Sailing

1. Get to know your vendors really well

Share ideas with them, make sure they get to know you. And then – DELEGATE. At some point of time, you should be able to say you’ve built a relationship with your team and now “trust them with the creative freedom to do what they do best.”

2. Definitely hire a wedding planner

You’ll go crazy if you try and plan a destination wedding without their help. And they more than make up for their cost with the better rates they get you for everything, and the amount of time you save.

3. A new email address just for the wedding

Create a new email address for the planner to manage RSVPs from and general communication with guests before and during the event.

4. Tip for naming your wedding website

If you’re creating a wedding website, call it “{BrideName}AND{GroomName}.com” instead of BrideWedsGroom. You can then re-use it later for any other couple announcements you want to make!

5. Gopal’s “Favourite Tech for Grooms” list

  • Google apps (for real-time collaboration with all vendors, the planner and family members)
  • Smartsheet.com (keeps everyone in sync with the project status, essential when operating across timezones)
  • WedPics App (to collate all your wedding pictures clicked by guests)
  • UStream (to stream your wedding live to guests who couldn’t make it)

I hope you found the notes on destination wedding planning helpful. If you’re also planning on a destination wedding, what are the things stressing you out about it the most? If you leave a comment with your stress-points below, we’ll speak to wedding planners and get you some answers!

What’s causing stress in your destination wedding plans?

4 thoughts

  1. I haven’t seen any groom thinking so much about planning a destination wedding. I am damn sure these tips will surely make sense to someone who is looking for a perfect wedding.


  2. Hey Shinjini,
    Huge fan of your blog since forever, but have been observing for the past few months that there ain’t any innovation in the topics anymore that you choose to pen down your thoughts on.
    I know it’s a wedding blog, but you can only write so much about wedding and wedding shopping and wedding exhibitions.I really used to look forward to your posts but now just give them a miss by reading the topic.
    You documented your writing so well but everythings’s being repetitive now
    Sorry for the long post.Please ignore if Offended you in any way.


    Your fan.


    1. Hi Rachita, I completely appreciate your honesty! And I have wondered in the past myself – if it’s been a bit of OD on wedding fashion. But I constantly feel like there’s still so much more to share, and sometimes even if there’s a topic my heart’s not in anymore completely, I feel the need to share the information I do have because brides might benefit from it. I remember feeling so lost during my own wedding planning phase, I keep trying to share as much as I can so that hopefully there’s a bride out there who is helped out by another piece of info 🙂 This has now culminated into mostly a wedding blog, and therefore it’s all about weddings. But I totally get where you’re coming from. I have had a ton of other ideas, but honestly – wasn’t sure whether to implement on them or not. With your blessings, will be more flexible in the topics I choose to share here 🙂 Please feel free to write in with any ideas you may have! Once again, thanks for the feedback. Always appreciate it!!!


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