thedelhibride asks…Husbands Fasting on Karva Chauth, and MORE!

Does your husband fast with you on Karva Chauth, or Teej, or whichever spouse-related fast you keep?

This is just one of the many questions I’ve been curious about.

I tried my hand at eye makeup for the first time ever! Can you see the pink eyeshadow?

Honestly, I wouldn’t care either way because I don’t actually believe in keeping fasts. I still keep both – Karva Chauth and Teej – but I treat them as festivals to be celebrated with the family. I think I would freak out if I started believing that the fast has any actual power on the health of my husband. Imagine if I get sick on a future Teej or KC! I wouldn’t care about my health, I’d just keep the fast anyway and, well…that would be stupid. I’d rather focus on making sure we eat clean, healthy food all year round and exercise regularly. And get plenty of sleep every night. And stay in a happy, positive state of mind on most days. Yup, definitely a way better and more assured way of making sure my husband stays well.

So, what’s the deal with your husband?

  1. Does he keep the fast with you?
    1. If he does, is he excused from giving you a gift on Karva Chauth?
    2. If he doesn’t, does he have to get you a gift?
  2. I’m also curious about how all the working girls manage the evening puja. Do all of you leave your offices early to rush back home for the puja? Are your managers really ok with it? What about those of you who are entrepreneurs?
  3. Do you get really dressed up on every KC? Or was it just the first?
  4. And finally, what gift have you given your mother-in-law on KC?

I’m just so curious what everyone else is upto! I barely know anyone who keeps these fasts, and would really love to know how you celebrate.

Waiting to hear from you!

7 thoughts

  1. My husband isn’t fasting and gift depends….if he feels like 😉
    Well hv done night duty yesterday so today it’s off for me (so far so good) and though I dress up but not over the top…i try to keep it as comfortable as possible.
    And I hv gifted a beautiful shiffon saree to my mom in law….


    1. Thanks for sharing, Archana 🙂 do come back and tell me if you got a gift this year…! Hehe. Sari sounds like a good idea for a gift, and as for work – lucky you! What do you do btw? Night duty?


  2. Hi Shinjini!

    My Husband is in Cuttack for a matter while I’m here in Delhi. He’ll be coming back in the evening, and no, he’s not fasting (I wouldn’t want him to either). I am keeping the fast. Currently I am not affiliated with any law-firm (I’m a lawyer + blogger) so I’ll be at home for the Pooja. And as far as gift is concerned, I think my Husband will get me something on the lines of jewellery- I believe Karva Chauth is a good occasion to add a nice piece of (wearable) jewellery to the collection. I will be getting dressed-up, but comfort will be priority. 🙂
    Could you please share what you’ll be wearing today? It would be great if you could do a post on your ‘Karwa Chauth OOTD’ today/tomorrow on the log.




    1. Thanks for sharing 🙂 honestly, I can hardly be bothered with what to wear today. Don’t really feel up to it. Still, I have thought of an option. If I have time to change once I reach home, I might wear something slightly formal. Will share photos if I get the chance to change!


  3. 1. He does keep KC fast, not because of the ceremonial myth but to accompany me which I think is too sweet of him. And yes, he is excused of finding a suitable gift 😀Who would want their hungry husbands to go searching for one?

    2. Entrepreneurs are expexted to scrunch out time from their work for evening, after all it’s just yearly. Well it will be too early to say as I just had my second KC.

    3. Yup dressing up is essential. I feel it’s more of a traditional fashion event and almost all mother-in-laws go “my daughter-in-law should look the best” 😀😀

    4. I gifted her a watch and this time a Nalli silk saree.

    Do let us know what you did too. 😉😊


  4. Hey.. 🙂
    This was my 2nd karwachauth as well!
    Hubby kept fast infact last yr also he accompanied me in d fasting thing (though I didnt want him to do so..) but I am glad he was there all d time may it be 4 in d morning for sargi or d evening pooja *blush blush* 😛
    Gifts r not so important for me..making someone feel special is what matters in any way! *excused* 😉
    2. Mmm well I am a full time food blogger right now…and it was really hard to stay away from my cooking thing as I’ve d habit of tasting my stuff while cooking lol so I didn’t cook anything n focused on my fast rather. 😀
    I love doing dis pooja when we rotate our thali..without which I feel d occasion is incomplete. 🙂 n also love d photo session part after dat 😉 😛
    3. I simply dressed up in a saree..wid a nice piece of earings and some antique bangles..this time d weather was nice and supporting!
    4.My MIL is so fascinated wid her garden I gifted her some new and different varities of seasonal plants dis time.. 🙂



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