Quick Getaways for Couples In & Around Delhi | How I Celebrated My First 3 Anniversaries

I’ve been married for 3 years. THREE YEARS!

It’s been pretty amazing. Often, it’s been even more amazing than I imagined it would be. Obviously, everyone has their share of fights and differences, and I am glad to report that no life-shattering discrepancies and disagreements have shown up in 3 years of co-habitation. Phew! We both seem to have settled well into our unique Couple Rhythm (everyone has them) and while we are still figuring out “how to be good at marriage” one step at a time, we’re pretty calm and content most of the year. Which is the ultimate marriage aim, isn’t it? Calm & content, honey, let’s just focus on remaining calm & content.

While we have many-an-anniversary that passes every year (first time we met, the day he asked me out, our engagement), we choose to celebrate one with more than just a passing “Happy 5th January!”

Our Wedding Anniversary.

We always celebrate this one, if always can be defined as 3 consecutive years.

My husband suffers from I-can’t-take-leave-from-work-itis, so it’s always a quick trip. Yes, we get OUT of the house (and sometimes, city!) to celebrate, but have mostly been indulging in the fad of the working couple – Staycations.

We’ve taken staycations at almost every possible venue in and around Delhi, and I thought it’s time I shared how I celebrated my first 3 wedding anniversaries with you. In the hopes that if you or your husband also suffers from I-can’t-take-leave-from-work-itis, you know where you can head off to for a quick romantic getaway.

If you have 3 days to spare

Or: Anniversary #1

Train Ride to Amritsar

Romance Factor: ❤ ❤

Considering how I’m borderline atheist, it was amusing that I chose to plan a trip to a place that everyone goes to for blessings from the almighty (at the Golden temple). But I figured – hey, I’ve never been there, and I’ve heard it’s beautiful. So why the hell not? Of course, we planned to go neither to Wagah border nor Jallianwalah Bagh. It was still an anniversary celebration. So what were we going to do in Amritsar for 2 nights and 3 days then?

Our entire trip was planned around visiting the Golden Temple on our anniversary (which was on a Monday). We had been told by previous visitors that it looks beautiful in the morning AND at night, so we planned to reach there by 5 pm and stick around till after sunset. We saw it in all it’s glory in daylight, while the sun set as well as all lit up as the sky turned dark. It was an incredible way to spend a few peaceful hours on our first anniversary – so different from what I would’ve ever imagined myself doing, and different from what I imagine all the other young couples out there do. But I enjoyed it with every fibre of my being, so I’m not complaining – I’m recommending it!

Other highlights of the trip were the Amritsari kulcha, dripping in butter, that we downed with pleasure at Bade Bhai Ka Brothers’ Dhaba (near Golden Temple) and the hotel we chose to stay at. While the food was sadly average, Hyatt Amritsar gave us a great room and great views. My husband enjoyed a swim in their rooftop pool (I couldn’t get myself in because of how cold it was in October weather) while I sipped on masala chai on the poolside that looked over the vast expanse of Amritsar houses below. And they surprised us with a cake on the eve of our anniversary, which I enjoyed while watching my husband tearing open his anniversary present.

Hotel Details

Stay at? Hyatt, Amritsar (they provide travel arrangements to the Golden Temple & back)

Food? Average

Anniversary Cake? Decent

Rate per night? Starting at Rs 5,600

Other things you can possibly do in and around Hyatt? Go for a spa at the Hyatt, or catch a movie/shop at the adjoining AlphaOne mall

Day 2 Golden temple

If you have 1 day to spare (YUP!)

Or: Anniversary #2

Overnight Staycation at Dusit Devarana, New Delhi

Romance Factor: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

We had just been on a London+Germany trip earlier that year, and had planned out mini-trips throughout the year to attend multiple friends’ weddings. We just couldn’t spare to head out for a long anniversary trip, and since it fell on a Tuesday, we decided to satisfy ourselves with a 1 day “trip”, if you can call it that. I surprised my husband last-minute (I hadn’t told him where we were going) and drove for 15 “long” minutes to Dusit Devarana. Last year, it was still a hot new property barely anyone knew about, and it was exciting to stay at a hotel we were visiting just for the hotel itself. It was super fancy, incredibly beautiful and the food was mind-blowing.

As usual, my husband took a short swim in the outdoor-pool and we ended the day with a fabulous candle-lit dinner date, outdoors by the water at KIYAAN (Dusit’s all-day dining restaurant). It felt like a dream come true, sitting in a quiet corner with just candles for lighting, overlooking the water, all dressed up, sitting with my husband for a delicious dinner for two. Happy Anniversary, indeed!

Hotel Details

Stay at? Dusit Devarana

Food? Mouth-watering

Anniversary Cake? The best I’ve ever had

Rate per night? Starting at Rs 15,000

Other things you can possibly do in Dusit? Go for a spa at the hotel, or book one of their fancy wine-and-cheese tasting sessions

Dinner date selfies - Dusit Devarana 1 Day Anniversary Trip Couples Staycation | Quick Getaways from Delhi for couples anniversary celebration


If you have 2 days to spare

Or: Anniversary #3

Short Car Ride To The Gateway Resort, Damdama Lake (outskirts of Gurgaon)

Romance Factor: ❤ ❤ ❤

3 weeks ago, I celebrated my 3rd anniversary with this quick trip. I had already been here earlier this year with family, when they had newly opened, and had LOVED it. Taj properties have excellent service, and my husband and I were looking for a place that was resort-like so that we had plenty to do over a 2 day trip. Gateway did NOT disappoint. We played table tennis, fussball, the real football in a big field and badminton, and my husband cycled (I don’t know how to) and tried his hand at the Burma-bridge/plank-walking type of activity in their Adventure Park. He also swam in the pool, while I just dipped my legs in – it was too cold! And we spent time sky-watching, because it did so many beautiful things those 2 days! We walked a lot, and ate so much food – I came back incredibly happy at spending our 3rd anniversary at such a nice property.

Hotel Details

Stay at? The Gateway Resort, Damdama Lake

Food? Excellent

Anniversary Cake? Average

Rate per night? Starting at Rs 13,000

Other things you can possibly do in and around Gateway Resort? Go for a spa at the hotel (I did on my first visit and loved it), go dirt-bike riding in the Aravallis or zip-line in their Adventure Park

Anniversary dinner date selfie - Gateway Resort Damdama Lake 2 Day Anniversary Trip Couples Staycation | Quick Getaways from Delhi for couples anniversary celebration

I have more detailed stories about each and every trip, but I wasn’t sure if you wanted to hear the exact itinerary. If enough of you are interested in it, I’ll write 3 whole posts with details about every anniversary separately. Tell me in the comments if that’s what you want!

Also tell me –

Which places do YOU recommend for a quick anniversary getaway?

4 thoughts

  1. Yes yes yes ! Want to hear all your stories in detail ! this post couldn’t come at a more appropriate time when I am secretly planning my First anniversary I.e in Feb already 😋


  2. Wow… it’s so amazing! Guess what i got a pretty nice idea for my wedding anniversary in future by reading your post. Bit different but i am excited for it happening in future.
    And yess would love to hear more detailed stories. Do post! XD
    Your posts help me a lot. :*


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