Beauty Review: A Relaxing Pre-Bridal Spa at Zehen

…or as I like to call it “The Day I Achieved Inner Peace. Almost.”

If you’re looking for a great pre-bridal treatment in the city of Delhi that sucks out all the wedding planning stress from your body and leaves you relaxed, happy and healthier, I might have found THE ONE.

You’ll find it in a wellness centre in New Friends Colony, inside a hotel called The Manor.

Entering Zehen

As I walk through the archway leading to Zehen Wellness Centre, I realize no one would’ve imagined such a beautiful piece of zen-like heaven lies in the heart of dusty, noisy New Delhi.

Zehen looks like a world of its own. The reception lobby is serene, and I meet Meghna, the friendly manager, who begins chalking out my plan for the day. The pre-bridal package typically takes place over a course of 3 days, but they’re packing all of it into a single 5-hour-session for me.

I follow Meghna as she takes me on a walk around the property, and soon start to realize that this is anything but “just another spa”. Zehen takes a holistic approach to wellness, and the spa is just one piece of the puzzle.

They have everything from Bemer Therapy (9 minutes on a table which improves metabolism and boosts immunity) to a private pool for aqua therapy. Ayurvedic & allopathic doctors give you consultations on what “treatments” work best for you, depending on your lifestyle and fitness level. Ancient and modern science join hands here, happily! Even the food prepared is fresh and packed with nutrients, and you can order it off a menu that changes every week. The water is flavoured, and is kept interesting with a different flavour for every day of the week. A studio (for yoga and spin classes for members) and a gym lie alongside a salon.

Doctors, food, fitness studio, gym, salon, aqua therapy to Bemer therapy – they have, literally, everything.

Prep Time & Steam Room

I first fill up a typical spa form, that asks about any health issues or allergies I may have, and the level of pressure I prefer. A food menu is passed to me, and I choose specific items for my 3-course meal (you can also choose to go for the Ayurvedic thali).

I move into the changing area, where everything I need to change into is laid out in front of me.

This section of the spa is comfortable, with curtains that give you the privacy you need without feeling closed in. The stone decor that makes its way across the spa gives it an earthy feel, and I’m in love with the décor. It’s comforting, while still remaining impeccably designed. In cruder words, it is not SO fancy that you’re afraid to touch or dirty anything, but at the same time it instills a sense of confidence in its hygiene and cleanliness.

I’m shown into the steam room, where I’m asked to relax for 7-8 minutes. It’s dark and steamy enough that I can barely make out where I’m sitting. But that’s what makes it perfect. The lack of light starts to put me into a relaxed state of mind, and the temperature and amount of steam is just perfect. The stone slabs are comfortable to sit on, and I really don’t want to leave.

But after what I can only estimate to be 10 minutes, I reluctantly open the door to step out and start my session.

Part 1: Intensely Nourishing Hair Treatment

My therapist today is called Sangay (pronounced Saangi) and gives me a warm smile before starting off with the hair treatment. She applies oil (that uses olive oil as its base) in my hair, and I feel my strands getting pulled a bit. I have a sensitive scalp, so I mention to her not to put a lot of pressure on my head since I don’t like having my hair pulled at all. It’s an uncomfortable 5 minutes while I settle into the hair treatment as I’ve never gotten one done before (ever!), but once she starts massaging my scalp, I relax. There is some more hair pulling, and definitely a weird sensation to be able to hear the sounds of my scalp getting massaged so clearly (thanks to the extremely silent room). I enjoy the part where she massages my forehead the most, but I’m keeping up with the discomfort of my head massage hoping that I will, ultimately, feel relaxed all over.

The treatment room
The treatment room

Part 2: Rose Hydrator Body Treatment

Next up is the body scrub, which feels slightly harsh but then again – that’s what a good exfoliation should feel like. She has mixed up the grains with a shower gel, so when I go take a shower to wash my hair and body, I don’t need to use soap on myself. Once I’ve shampooed and bathed, I head back to the therapy table where Sangay starts applying a rose gel on me, and it finally feels like I’m getting a massage done! She tries removing some knots from my upper back (occupational hazard) and I’m feeling quite relaxed by the end of it.

Spa selfie | Pre-Bridal Treatment at Zehen Spa Review | thedelhibride Indian wedding blog
Selfie clicking while waiting to get my hair blow dried

Part 3: Healthy 3-Course Meal & Skin Solutions Facial

I head to the private dining area for a delicious meal of Thai Pomelo Salad with Chicken, Quinoa Chicken Pulao and Chocolate Mousse. The salad is my favourite – I could eat it all day! This is also my first time trying out quinoa, and it turns out – it feels similar to rice (in texture) – and I find myself chomping down almost all of what was a pretty big bowl!

I head back in for the Skin Solutions facial. The therapist cleanses my skin and checks it to identify what I need. She spots a few blackheads that can be extracted, and says my skin is sensitive around the nose so she will not be steaming it. Instead, she’ll apply a hot towel. Which, if you have ever gotten it done, you know is a weird feeling. Made me feel kind of claustrophobic.

I am also feeling full from lunch, and realise that a facial where I am lying down after a 3 course meal is probably not such a great idea.

After removing the steam towel, my face is gently exfoliated with a scrub, followed by a massage with a gel and application of a face mask. During this phase, I’m *this* close to sleep. But instead of leaving me to sleep for the next 10 minutes while the face mask does its work, my therapist moves on to give me a foot massage. While it’s great and I am still almost falling asleep, it’s hard to fall completely asleep while getting a foot massage done, where I’m either inadvertently tickled or shocked with pressure. Finally, Sangay wipes off the mask from my face and the treatment is complete. I’m asked not to use soap on my body for the next 24 hours, so that the oil continues to do its magic. And no face wash today. Just plain old water.


I step out in a daze. I need a nap so badly. I think I will nap in my car, but then I remember I want to take down notes about the spa before I start to forget what I experienced. So I’m typing away on my phone, in a positively calm state of mind, incredibly happy to have visited Zehen, when my car joins a traff**ked Delhi road and the guy behind me thinks honking will get him out of it faster. Ah, inner peace – so close, yet so far. I’m off to sleep now. Zzzz.

Post spa selfie | Pre-Bridal Treatment at Zehen Spa Review | thedelhibride Indian wedding blog
No-makeup post-spa selfie: Can you see the sleep in my eyes? :p

Zehen is a beautiful, unexpected piece of heaven in the middle of noisy, dusty New Delhi. They lean towards a holistic approach to wellness, and a pre-bridal package here includes all the treatments I experienced as well as a consultation with both the doctors, your food, and any additional treatments depending on what your needs are. The one I went in for costs INR 15,000 and I’d recommend it for a bride who wants to get her pre-bridal done at a place that gets you fit, glowing and prepared to wed in a relaxed and holistic manner. This is best done in the month leading up to your wedding, and you can come back in for a second session in the week before you get married. See even more details about the pre-bridal treatment here.

If you still have a few months in hand before your big day, Zehen’s doctors and panel of experts will help craft out an exact treatment plan as well as guide you on your health & fitness (through nutritious food plans, etc), which is highly recommended for all brides. You can follow Zehen on Facebook to stay updated.

Next, I’m hoping to try out their Immune Recovery treatment, to get rid of the effects of polluted Delhi air!

What beauty treatment have you tried to get your skin & body ready for your wedding? Did it work?

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