thedelhibride Asks… should Matha Patti & Nath not be worn by wedding guests?

21 Dec

thedelhibride asks when wedding guests wear bridal jewellery is it appropriate

Recently, someone asked me a question on Twitter -

“Is it appropriate for guests to wear a matha patti or a nath to a wedding?”

- @floralspice

I replied saying, “I don’t think so, unless it’s part of your culture. Although, a really small nath on the bride or groom’s closest family members seems alright. Or the matha patti on the bride/groom’s own sister or bhabhi. But she should hold back on other accessories then. Most “appropriate” jewellery on guests (over & above what is normally worn) would include maang tikka, haath phool, arm bands”

What do you think? I’ve seen more and more women wear jewellery that one would typically associate with the bride.

Do you think it’s appropriate for guests to wear bridal accessories?

More questions answered by thedelhibride Asks.

Featured image courtesy: Morvi Images (one of my favourite wedding photographers!)

UPDATE! I asked this question to my fellow bloggers and wedding industry peeps on Twitter, and on Instagram as well. Here’s what they had to say!

Roli (RGVLove & CrazyIndianWedding): If the guest is going to wear mattapati or nath, then keep everything else minimal. Don’t try to upstage the bride!

Tejasvini Chander (Makeup Artist): Matha patti- yes! Nath- no!

Dimpy Kapur (Delhi Style Blog): I think anything tasteful is appropriate, and yes, they can :)

Aditi (Marathi Weddings): Depends, because Maharashtrian Nath is usually worn by all in weddings. But a heavy Matha patti to someone else’s wedding is big NO for me!

Devika Narain Mathur (Wedding Designer): Guests should be allowed to wear whatever they please. I personally love a wedding where everyone is beautifully dressed.

Devina Malhotra (Guilty Bytes): I don’t think so! All of this is for the bride to adorn. The guests should stick to earrings & maang tikas, unless it’s a custom.

Shreya Kalra (For The Love Of Fashion & Other Things): I honestly think it’s okay so long as it is balancing out the rest of the look. Over the top jewellery just makes the guest look silly in the end.

Abhilasha (Looking Good Feeling Fab): The excess should be balanced out with a minimal look. You’ll find a mangtikka look here. Let me know what you think!

@aulakh_kitty: I don’t think so…it’s a bridal thing…

@rupalmalik: She can wear matha patti

@madhvik14: If they can pull it off, why not? As long as the rest of their jewelry is lighter.

@v3dantjain: Normally, it’s not advisable. But if they want to, then the rest of the outfit has to be very minimalistic.

@swatiladia: Not both definitely. Mathapatti with nothing in the neck.

@rim243: One or the other, but not both together.

@anishadawar: Mathapatti.

@urvashisalaria: Yes yes yes!

@parneetbhasin: Only matha patti.

Wow, that’s a lot of different opinions!

What do you think?

2 Responses to “thedelhibride Asks… should Matha Patti & Nath not be worn by wedding guests?”

  1. girl bout town December 23, 2021 at 4:33 am #

    I’m going to sound quite rude here but in my opinion jewels like matha patti and nath should not be worn to a wedding unless you are bride or the bride/grooms sibling. Like you said I don’t mind seeing mang tikka, hath phool etc…but pick one of these accessories..don’t just wear a whole bridal set.
    When I see others wearing things like that as a wedding guest it give me try hard and wannabe vibes.
    It’s almost the same as say going to a white wedding and wearing a tiara, a veil or white.
    It’s all in the name for fashion I guess ;-)


  2. Anuja Shah December 23, 2021 at 12:59 pm #

    Hi, i feel its okay if the guests wear it - but it has to be in moderation - like if you are wearing a paithani saree to your good/best friends wedding you may wear an mahrashtrian nath to complement the look - but at the same time it should not be like you wear the nath and a heavy bridal set as well as an mang tikka and a jhumar. The same goes for mathapathi- its ok if the guests sport an modern matha patti like the simple gold chain one’s doing the rounds these days - but its not okay if they sport an sabya look to the wedding laden with a nath matha pathi n heavy earings n necklace.


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