Wedding Wardrobe: Of 3 Brides! Masoom, Apoorva & Shirin

15 Jan

Spread over 3 different events in the lives of 3 different brides, here is the story behind their wardrobes. With an Anita Dongre, a Sabyasachi & a Frontier Raas lehenga, this post promises to give you more than enough eye candy to last you a whole month! 

Masoom’s Roka in Mumbai

The Anita Dongre Bride

Wedding Wardrobe Masoom Minawala - Anita Dongre bride in blue gota patti lehenga - twirling Wedding Wardrobe Masoom Minawala - Anita Dongre bride in blue gota patti lehenga - bridal portrait Wedding Wardrobe Masoom Minawala - Anita Dongre bride in blue gota patti lehenga - twirling with Shailin at her Roka Wedding Wardrobe Masoom Minawala - Anita Dongre bride in blue gota patti lehenga - with Shailin Wedding Wardrobe Masoom Minawala - Anita Dongre bride

Masoom Minawala is the famous entrepreneur-cum-blogger behind StyleFiesta, and she’s someone whose work I’ve admired for a long, long time. When she shared her Roka pictures in a blue Anita Dongre lehenga, I couldn’t stop gushing over it! It was such a uniquely wonderful colour for a bride to be, and by the time her twirling in the lehenga pictures reached my inbox, I was honestly in wedding heaven.

The story behind the lehenga

Masoom’s then-boyfriend, Shailin, proposed to her in October 2015, at the picturesque Marine Drive in Mumbai. Within a few days, it was decided that her Roka (technically, goldhaana ceremony according to Gujarati traditions) would take place in a week’s time. Masoom spent a frantic day at designer stores in Mumbai, looking for an outfit to wear, but came back home with just a handful of “possible options”. She decided to pay a visit to Anita Dongre’s store the next day, and that’s where she found it. The stunning blue shade was what she fell in love with first, and seeing how it was such an offbeat colour in a design that, although recognisable as an Anita Dongre creation, wasn’t commonly seen everywhere already - she placed the order! While the lehenga was just to be altered to her size, the blouse had to be made from scratch. The staff at Anita Dongre’s store were worried how they would turn this around for Masoom in less than a week, but the bride wasn’t leaving till they were convinced :) Finally, she put on her beautiful blue lehenga on the 4th of November, and exchanged rings with Shailin at their goldhaana ceremony. If this is what Masoom picked for her Roka, I cannot wait to see what she wears to her wedding! It’s going to be a visual treat, I’m sure, and I’m sitting on the edge of my seat to watch it unfold over the next year.

Vendor Details

Bride’s Lehenga: Anita Dongre | Makeup Artist: Reema Patil (+91-9820152554) | Groom’s outfit: Arjun Khanna

Apoorva’s Sangeet in Delhi

The Frontier Raas Bride

Wedding Wardrobe Apoorva - pink & gold Frontier Raas bride with kundan jewellery Wedding Wardrobe Apoorva - pink & gold Frontier Raas bride in Sabyasachi style lehenga Wedding Wardrobe Apoorva - pink & gold Frontier Raas bride with her husband Pulkit Wedding Wardrobe Apoorva - pink & gold Frontier Raas bride in Sabya style lehenga

Apoorva is a friend of mine from my Delhi school, and when she got married, it was her Sangeet lehenga that I couldn’t take my eyes off.

The story behind the lehenga

For the longest time, Apoorva knew one thing - that she would never wear pink, red, orange or peach on any of her wedding events. Why? Because she didn’t want to go for conventional colours, especially seeing how there are so many more colours in the world to choose from. Never say never, eh? She ended up in a lehenga on her Sangeet that was pink from head to toe! But this wasn’t even the first lehenga she ended up buying for her Sangeet.

4 months before her wedding, Apoorva had found a colour-blocked lehenga at Frontier Raas and bought it. Her Sangeet lehenga was done. 1 item checked off the huge wedding planning list! Unfortunately, the closer she got to her wedding date, the more unsure she become of this lehenga. “Do I want a multi-coloured lehenga? Or do I want a monochrome one like the ones Sabyasachi makes?” Apoorva wondered. On another visit to Frontier Raas to shop for other trousseau pieces, her eyes fell on this pink piece stuffed in between layers of lehengas. When the salesman pulled it out, it sparkled in all it’s Sabyasachi-esque beauty, and Apoorva had to try it on. When she came out of the trial room, her mother couldn’t resist smiling. They were both sold on it, and so, Apoorva bought a second lehenga for her Sangeet! 2.5 months, and another Rs.1.5 lakh later, her lehenga was ready. It weighed more than her original outfit, but Apoorva managed to dance comfortably by choosing wedges for her footwear, and missing a twirl or two in her choreography. “Lest I miss the beat because the lehenga would have taken a while to finish twirling!” she said.

Vendor Details

Lehenga: Frontier Raas | Makuep Artist: Bijoyjeet Saikia (Studio 17) | Photographer: Pulkit Kapoor

Shirin’s Wedding in Chandigarh

The Sabyasachi Bride

Wedding Wardrobe Shirin - Orange & Gold Sabyasachi jacket lehenga Wedding Wardrobe Shirin - Orange & Gold Sabyasachi bride with paasa & nath Wedding Wardrobe Shirin - Orange & Gold Sabyasachi jacket lehenga front detailing

A gorgeous Punjabi bride sitting for her lama pheras, drenched in orange and gold with a beautiful jhoomar and nath - this was the image I found on Tumblr, and immediately saved onto my wedding Pinterest board. But as much as I tried, I wasn’t able to figure out who this mysterious bride was. There was no link to the source of the picture, and I had made my peace with it. I was never going to find out who she was.

A few months later, Needledust (one of my favourite jutti brands) shared the same picture on their Facebook page. In the next minute, I was on a phone call with Shirin, the owner of Needledust, who revealed that it was a picture of HER OWN WEDDING! While she had gotten married 2 years ago, her wedding day look was evergreen. Over cookies and tea at her equally beautiful home, Shirin took me through all the details of her Chandigarh wedding.

The story behind the lehenga

For as long as she can remember, Shirin has been a huge Sabyasachi fan. Hoping to wear one of his creations on her wedding day, Shirin booked an appointment to meet with the big man himself at Delhi’s Vogue Wedding Show. While his staff showed her one amazing lehenga after another, the bride was looking for a softer colour palette - her wedding was to take place during day time. Sabyasachi heard this, and quickly asked one of his team members to bring out a specific lehenga that wasn’t on the racks. A packet was dragged out, and even it it’s crumpled state, before it was even taken out completely and opened up in front of her, Shirin knew this was THE ONE! It was the perfect shade of orange, exactly what she wanted, with threadwork that kept it light and a vintage floral patterned lining underneath. The dupatta had stars scattered all over it (which kept it light-weight on her head as well) and it was a jacket lehenga that would keep her covered up in all the placed she wanted to be covered. She couldn’t have found a more perfect option. Sabyasachi further indulged the bride by helping her figure out what type of juttis would complement the outfit, and if the jewellery she had already bought would pair well with it (it did!). After a 75 minute appointment, Shirin left feeling like the luckiest bride in the world.

On a November morning, at a cousin’s farmhouse in Chandigarh, Shirin & Uday tied the knot. The bride had decided on an outdoor location, because she understood that natural light would provide the magic ingredient that was needed to make her wedding day look even more beautiful than it already was. Luckily, her friend, Anupam Sarkar, was there with his camera to make THE most beautiful wedding photographs I’ve seen in a long, long time.

Vendor Details

Lehenga: Sabyasachi | Nath: Jagdish Jewellers, Chandigarh | Footwear: Needledust | Makeup Artist: Prerna Khullar | Photographers: Roshan Studios, Chandigarh (official) and Anupam Sarkar (friend of the bride)

Did you love their lehengas as much as I did?

And what do you think of this new style of doing Wedding Wardrobe posts, where we combine multiple brides in a single post?

You can see all other Wedding Wardrobe posts here. If you’re a newlywed who wants to share details of her wedding outfits on this blog, send in pictures of yourself in those outfits to [email protected] with “Wedding Wardrobe” in the subject line.

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