Bride Beyond Borders Part 3: Three Months to I Do

7 years ago, a young Pakistani girl landed in the UK to pursue a degree in Psychology from Warwick University. Little did she know, she’d meet her Prince Charming in this land where there were so many just like her – people who looked like her, behaved like her, but were from across the border back in Asia. Soma found her Indian Prince in Hasan, and they’re soon to be married. This is the third post in a series on a Pakistani bride marrying an Indian groom, with hopes to settle in India to begin their new life together. After the proposal and her trip to India, find out how she is preparing for her new life in Part 3 of the series: Bride Beyond Borders.

3 Months to the Wedding

6th January, 2016

Trousseau shopping on in full-swing!

7th January

Fitness routine on track for my April wedding!

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I absolutely love Thursdays at M Fitness Camp by @fitness.pakistan 💦 I joined her bootcamp and fitness camp classes about 2 months ago and it's been so much fun exercising. For someone who couldn't even lunge without falling to the sides or do more than 3 squats, I think I've come a really long way. Yeaaaah!! 💪 Thursday classes are so much fun because Mehreen creates lots of different stations with varying exercises for a full body workout. It feels kind of like a game because you can watch everyone around you trying to do a different exercise and you know soon you'll be next. It honestly keeps you motivated to try harder and harder. I definitely plan on continuing this till April. It's making me more active, happy and healthy (minus all the fattening creamy food that keeps starting at me) 👀 #mforfitness #core #bridebeyondborders #pakistanindia #fitness #bootcamp #squatsarekey #bridaldiaries #weddingblogger #bridetobe #fitnesspakistan #HIIT

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9th January

Part of my post-wedding trousseau arrives…

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A couple of my post shadi outfits arrived today. So much beauty in these kapray 😍 But seriously, stuff's getting real now! Tried a few of them on and honestly, you can tell when someone's put in a lot of effort to make your clothes *happy tear* I think part of getting married for a girl is the excitement of dressing up and looking prettttttty. Wearing matching shoes and jewellery and churiyaan and what not. The excitement has clearly started to kick in :p Not so sure about the fitting yet, let's hope I lose a bit more flab and then we might have to get these altered. 3 months to goooo…. #bridebeyondborders #weddingblogger #weddingblog #wedding #bride #bridetobe #meetdesiworld #instablog #instablogger #clothes #shiny #bling #pakistanindia #pakistanibloggers #karachi #colors

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…and I sit down to create some wedding lists!

10th January

Even more shopping for clothes, while going crazy filling up endless forms for Indian visas!

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Today has been such a productive, tiring and exciting day. I think till the wedding I need to forget that Sundays are for relaxing. Today we literally had a mini exhibition display at home. These really talented people came over to show us lots of different shadi type clothes. It was so hard to pick and choose. Especially for my mom who is crazy, I repeat, CRAAAAZZZY about clothes. I also learnt a great deal about kapra types. There's apparently something called laakh daana which takes its name from the fact that thousands of little pieces are intricately stuck/stitched onto the piece of cloth. Then there were some beautiful chicken kaari outfits and some with gotay ka kaam. We finally managed to shortlist a few. Again, this is all part of post shadi shenanigans plus a few outfits for mom, bhabhi and other cousins. So much to dooooooooo!!! —– Absolutely irrelevant to this post but an important part of today was filling multiple endless Indian visa applications. For this shadi the ONLY thing I dread is visas for india and the absolute uncertainty till the very end. Just pray and pray some more that we all get the visas, inshAllah. So yeah.. That's my life for today. Need to get some Zzzz now so that I can make some 💪 at tomorrow's exercise class. Alsoo, there's a little something I'll be revealing soon.. Maybe tomorrow or maybe the day after… 😌 #bridebeyondborders #bride #bridetobe #pakistanibloggers #pakistanindia #clothes #white #bling #shiny #meetdesiworld #postshadi #indianbride #desibride #instablog #weddingblog #weddingbloggers #instadiaries

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13th January

Finished applying for Indian visas for me and the family!

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After thousands and thousands of online forms, attestations, utility bills, sponsorship letters, cover letters…and the list goes on and on, I'm finally half way there!!! It's now kind of officially official that I'll be moving to India, inshAllah. All you've gotta do and I've mostly got to do is keep praying and hoping that I get the visa, along with my whole family (fingers crossed)! Can't wait to jump with joy and tell you all when the visa arrives, inshAllah. 😆 For now I'll just go dance because I don't have to fill anymore deadly forms *phew* #bridebeyondborders #bridetobe #visa #pakistanindia #meetdesiworld #wedding #april2016 #acrossborders #weddingblog #weddingblogger #pakistanibloggers #instablog #instablogger #emoticon #dance

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17th January

Attending a friend’s Haldi ceremony – so many people I know are getting married in the next few months!

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The reason I didn't post anything yesterday was because this is where I was, attending a gorgeous mayun/haldi setting which kickstarted my friend's wedding festivities! We've been so busy eating sweets, dressing up and dancing that extreme lack of sleep is happening. As usual my sneezes caught up with me and I couldn't stop wasting and throwing tissues all day long! In other news (amazing news!) another one of my childhood besties is here from UK to attend the wedding and her, I and this other friend were just lying under the stars (literally) in my garden and chatting away. We also pigged out on nandos chocolate and cheese cake while we were at it. Right now we're completely knackered, we've managed to fit onto one bed and it's time for some 💤💤 💤💤 #bridebeyondborders #bride #mayun #haldi #meetdesiweddings #bridalblog #weddingblog #pakistaniblog #pakistanibloggers #pakistanindia #yellow #shiny #giveaways #instablog #instabloggers

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23rd January

Two close friends got married recently. Finally, both weddings done and I can now concentrate on mine!

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Today officially marks the end of wedding season, two of my really close friends are happily married and onto the next phase of their lives. The weddings were so much fun and it's always different when you're kinda like family and are involved in every little bit of the wedding details. Here's wishing both of them all the happiness in this world and beyond! 💕 👰👰🏼 This means I can now fully concentrate on my own wedding..there's so much to do and plan and in fact while all these weddings were going on I still managed to get quite a lot of work done. I just didn't get the chance to post about it so you might be seeing a lot of stuff being posted in the next few days. Today also officially marks the beginning of self pampering sessions, reasonably healthy eating, less use of make up if possible, exercise, naps and just generally trying to relax and enjoy my last two months in Pakistan. I know I'm going to miss this place so much.. But hopefully I can keep coming back 😌 #bridebeyondborders #meetdesiworld #bride #bridetobe #desiweddings #weddingblog #desiblog #pakistanibloggers #instablogger #instablog #pakistani #india #bridalblogger #bridalblog

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Up Next: The Final Countdown to the Wedding!

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