Bride Beyond Borders Part 4: The Final Countdown

7 years ago, a young Pakistani girl landed in the UK to pursue a degree in Psychology from Warwick University. Little did she know, she’d meet her Prince Charming in this land where there were so many just like her – people who looked like her, behaved like her, but were from across the border back in Asia. Soma found her Indian Prince in Hasan, and they’re soon to be married. This is the fourth post in a series on a Pakistani bride marrying an Indian groom, with hopes to settle in India to begin their new life together. After the proposal and her trip to India, Soma spent her time planning the perfect wedding (Part 3). Find out how the final weeks before her big day are coming along below in Part 4 of the series: Bride Beyond Borders.

Two Months to the Wedding

8th February

Midnight musings about what it takes to plan a wedding, and wondering what it will feel like when it’s done.

11th February

Pretty trousseau packaging arrives, and with it arrives the moment every bride realises she’s about to leave her home permanently.

12th February

My Mehendi and Sangeet outfits arrive!

17th February

There are so many last minute alterations to be done, we end up renting a sewing machine and hire this tailor to work on it at our house!

18th February

My fiancé, Hasan, sets off for his Bachelor’s Party trip!

19th February

Started receiving love for our wedding invites already!

24th February

Sneak peek at one of the extra special outfits I’ve gotten made!

27th February

Excited to get married at this stunning Dubai hotel…

…and I begin my final bridal skin care routine!

One Month to the Wedding

29th March

Wedding invites that were designed by me!

31st March

My trousseau is all packed and ready to ship to India!

Month of the Wedding

5th April

A thoughtful gift arrives to help me navigate India!

Soma & Hasan were married a few weeks later at The Atlantis in Dubai. They’ve only recently arrived in Agra, and we’ll have to wait for them to settle into this new life before we can catch up with Soma about her wedding and resume this series. In the meantime, we are back with our normal posting schedule on the blog. Keep reading!

I would also love to hear from you about whether you’re enjoying this Bridal Diaries series and would like to see more like these!

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