Bride Beyond Borders Part 4: The Final Countdown

7 years ago, a young Pakistani girl landed in the UK to pursue a degree in Psychology from Warwick University. Little did she know, she’d meet her Prince Charming in this land where there were so many just like her – people who looked like her, behaved like her, but were from across the border back in Asia. Soma found her Indian Prince in Hasan, and they’re soon to be married. This is the fourth post in a series on a Pakistani bride marrying an Indian groom, with hopes to settle in India to begin their new life together. After the proposal and her trip to India, Soma spent her time planning the perfect wedding (Part 3). Find out how the final weeks before her big day are coming along below in Part 4 of the series: Bride Beyond Borders.

Two Months to the Wedding

8th February

Midnight musings about what it takes to plan a wedding, and wondering what it will feel like when it’s done.

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This is me right now. Lying in my room, in the dark (well, the lamp's on) thinking about the next two months. Just realised I haven't posted here in more than 2 weeks which is just so bad. Been very very busy and extremely focused on all the wedding work actually (or maybe just lazy) 🙎 I'm trying to fall asleep and just wondering about weddings and how much effort goes into making them happen. The things one never thinks about all their life suddenly become so apparent and important. With weddings there's so much excitement but also this undercover never ending stress that accompanies it. I wonder how it feels right after the wedding when everything you've been preparing for for the last so many months suddenly materialises and comes to an end. Just feeling a little all over the place actually. Excited. Nervous. Happy. Bittersweet. Hyper. Content. Sleepy. Tired… Yeah basically everything 😝 🙋 Theres SO much to post here and I'll be doing that starting from tomorrow. Till then, time for some 💤💤💤 #bridebeyondborders #meetdesiworld #2months #2weddings #bridetobe #indiapakistan #bridalblog #pakistanibloggers #wedding #weddingblog #bride #love #desi #blog #instablog #happy #bittersweet #desiblog #instabloggers #karachi #pakistan #indianbride #delhiviaagra #wedmegood

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11th February

Pretty trousseau packaging arrives, and with it arrives the moment every bride realises she’s about to leave her home permanently.

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The time has arrived to pack all my post-wedding outfits and guess what?! We found such pretty bags to pack each outfit in. The fact that I get to take these to India is overpowering the sadness of having to empty all my cupboards, decide what to take and what to leave behind. If only we humans could've invented some sort of teleporting machine that could transport my entire room from Pakistan to India 😍 On a serious note, getting married is like moving away from home just the way I did when I left to study abroad. This time it's kind of forever though. You're moving forward to embrace and accept a new chapter in your life, a new family and new house…which very soon becomes your own. 🏡 Kind of overwhelming, innit? But that's life, and it's fun diving into experiences where the direction you choose depends entirely on how you perceive things and I can't wait to take it all in. I know there'll be so much to learn and figure out along the way 🙋🙎 Let's go back to the pretty looking bags though… 😍 #bridebeyondborders #bridalblog #traditional #meetdesiworld #happydays #instablogger #instablog #blog #pakistaniwedding #indianbride #pink #wedmegood #bride #bridetobe #bridalfashion #bags

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12th February

My Mehendi and Sangeet outfits arrive!

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SNEAK PEAK: 👀 Friday, today, involved a lot of clothes. Seeing clothes, assessing clothes, trying clothes, packing clothes, thinking clothes…clothes clothes clothes. In happy news, here's a little sneaky peak (yes, they are hidden from the human eye under these ugly brown covers 😝) of my mehndi and sangeet outfits… *drum roll*…they are READDDDDDYYYYYY!!!…and perfect and LOVE! MashAllah 💃☺️ Just a few touches need to be done for the sangeet outfit's dupatta… And it's all done done done. Yay. I'm quite excited because I'm a very annoying human being when it comes to clothes and fittings. If I don't like something, there's nothing that can be done to make me like it. But God has been kind to Farhana aunty, who happens to be the wonderful lady who puts up with me and my antics all day and all night…everyday for the past few months 🌞🌚 #bridebeyondborders #bridetobe #happydays #meetdesiworld #sneakpeak #yellow #green #mehndi #sangeet #wedmegood #bridalblog #bridalbloggers #pakistan #pakistanibloggers #indianbride #april2016 #bridalfashion #weddingblog #desiblog #weddinginspiration

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17th February

There are so many last minute alterations to be done, we end up renting a sewing machine and hire this tailor to work on it at our house!

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Currently this is happening at home. Because there were so many clothes to deal with, we decided to rent a sewing machine and God bless this innocent soul who has to do all the altering and fixing. Basically I've been packing all my clothes in boxes that will soon be couriered to India!! A lot of clothes required bits of altering here and there so sending them all to the designer made no sense. Hence. This man. He's awesome. I seriously sometimes wonder what we would do without these people. They are so talented in their own little ways. This boy knows how to do everything from stitching, to hemming, to designing and he's only 17 or 18. Makes me realise that so many of us rely on them for such tiny things (that we consider extremely big issues). Especially in a Shadi ka ghar, I doubt anything could be done without them. So let's take a moment to appreciate their efforts and all the hardwork and understanding they put in to make sure our stuff happens #justlikemagic ✨ #bridebeyondborders #bridetobe #bride #clothes #moreclothes #sewingmachine #meetdesiworld #weddingdiaries #weddingmadness #instablog #happydays #instablogger #pakistanibloggers #indiapakistan #pakistanibride #bridalblog #april2016 #bridaldiaries #wedmegood

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18th February

My fiancé, Hasan, sets off for his Bachelor’s Party trip!

19th February

Started receiving love for our wedding invites already!

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Aww!! Can't wait to see ALL my girls at the wedding! Just 2 months to goooo!!! 💕 #Repost @pooojiiee with @repostapp. ・・・ So this little gem arrived today! 💌 It is by far the most extravagant wedding invitation I have ever come across, but I am not at all surprised because it's coming from two people who always pay attention to the most intricate details when it comes to one another and so to expect anything less than this beautiful piece of art would be unusual! To think it hasn't even been a whole year yet since we met and instantly grew a sistersister (sisterbrother :p) bond is crazy! But that's one of the joys of life, you just have to follow the path God has intended for you and all these amazing things happen in the blink of an eye! I'm so excited to be part of the celebration of your new journey together in Dubai and India! Let the countdown begin! 💞 #hasanwedsdurresameen #wedding #invitation #weddingstationary #dubai #india #weddingoftheyear #bridebeyondborders #bridetobe #desiblogger #pakistanibloggers #indianbride #bride #meetdesiworld #happydays #wedmegood #weddingblogger

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24th February

Sneak peek at one of the extra special outfits I’ve gotten made!

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SNEAK PEAKKKK is back!!! Almost all my post-wedding clothes are reaaaaddyyy, waiting to be packed and couriered to India. THIS closeup is of a particular super special outfit and I won't tell you when I'll be wearing this because you'll have to agree that it just spoils all the fun 😝 I LOVE such delicate work and I'm a sucker for pearls, mirrors and dull gold work. Put these things on anything and I'll like it. Also pink, particularly a tea pink or pastel pink is my safe colour. Ive realised that whenever I need to experiment on anything I always play with pinks. Ive worn pink on my graduation, my brother's graduation and ALSO at the fiancé's graduation. 👀 It seems to have worked out fine till now ^_^ #excitedbride #bridebeyondborders #meetdesiworld #pearls #mirrors #dullgold #wedmegood #asianwedding #pakistanibride #indianbride #bridetobe #bride #pakistanibloggers #bridalblog #april2016 #pink #clothes #bridalwear #delicate #weddingstyle #desibride

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27th February

Excited to get married at this stunning Dubai hotel…

…and I begin my final bridal skin care routine!

One Month to the Wedding

29th March

Wedding invites that were designed by me!

31st March

My trousseau is all packed and ready to ship to India!

Month of the Wedding

5th April

A thoughtful gift arrives to help me navigate India!

Soma & Hasan were married a few weeks later at The Atlantis in Dubai. They’ve only recently arrived in Agra, and we’ll have to wait for them to settle into this new life before we can catch up with Soma about her wedding and resume this series. In the meantime, we are back with our normal posting schedule on the blog. Keep reading!

I would also love to hear from you about whether you’re enjoying this Bridal Diaries series and would like to see more like these!

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