MAJOR Life Updates!

“I’m about to make the best decision of my life. Or make the worst mistake.”

That’s what I wrote down in my journal on a sweltering hot June morning last year. I was in the second trimester of my pregnancy, and I had just got an offer I couldn’t refuse. Or, well, didn’t want to refuse.

In a year where I had already taken it easy with my blog (thanks largely on account of my horrible morning sickness), an up and coming wedding website had wandered down my path and suddenly, I could join hands with a whole team and take my mission of helping Indian brides to a much bigger level than I’d ever imagined.

I took a deep breath, and jumped into the deep end of the pool.

It’s been almost 9 months now, and I have since joined a startup, given birth to my sweet baby girl, gone on maternity leave and come back as a working mom.

It sounded crazy to me last year. I almost laughed out loud, literally, when I even considered the option – join a new startup AND have a baby, all in the same year? Absurd! Who does that?

HI! *I* do!

It’s not that I won’t talk about weddings on my blog anymore. I will continue to share my personal everything here – from weddings I attend to marriage talk and now, of course, pregnancy and baby and parenting matters! (yes, they are 3 separate things!!!)

But a majority of what I’m trying to share about weddings will be now done on – I’ve been their Chief Content Officer for months now, and if you head over to our blog, you’ll see a plethora of posts that will hopefully help you plan your wedding with ease 🙂 {We are still fine-tuning things on the new website, so bear with us till it looks exactly how we want it to}

I write only intermittently these days, to be honest, because…TIME! Between feeding my baby and working full-time in a role where I don’t “just write” anymore, there’s very little time to breathe, let alone write. And those of you who are writers know that writing needs breathing time, lots of it.

I also have a lot of pending posts in draft stages for this blog of mine, and I’ll get to them as time permits. But pregnancy and motherhood are what I’m going to focus on sharing about over the next few months. Stick around if you can, I want to tell you everything about surviving pregnancy as a Delhi girl (including maternity fashion!), giving birth (just…WOW), what it feels like to be a new mom, and getting back to work full time with a 4 month old baby!

I can hardly wait to start (over)sharing again!


PS. While posts will get published here on a bit of a haphazard schedule, I try and keep everyone posted on Instagram & Facebook. Follow me there for regular updates!

5 thoughts

  1. Congratulations 🙂 Your little bub is gorgeous!

    A lot of us discovered your blog at the same time as we were all getting married so I like think we are all in a similar stage at life. Looking forward to more of your pregnancy and parenthood posts 🙂


  2. Congratulations. ….may God bless her with all the success she deserves. ….loads of love and blessings


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