What I’ve Been Up To (Plus, Awesome Wedding Posts You Don’t Want To Miss!)

HIII! It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know a little bit about what I’ve been upto. But if you don’t, there’s so much to tell you!

First – my daughter has grown from a newborn to infant to toddler! She walks, runs and dances now (so entertaining!) and sings and talks in full sentences! She’s a demanding, bossy little thing and I like to spoil her with undivided attention as soon as I’m back from the office. I have a LOT to share with you about pregnancy and babies and first birthdays and sleep routines and how to make them like eating! Soon, soon. I promise.

In the meantime, I’ve gone and joined Urbanclap as a Content Manager. So…if you don’t know it already, I’m the person behind the Urbanclap Weddings blog! Just as I did for thedelhibride all these years, I’ve started creating helpful wedding posts for brides and grooms. If you’ve been missing my wedding-related updates here, you know where you need to go!

Here are my absolute favourite posts from the recent ones we’ve published:

thedelhibride Indian weddings blog House on the Clouds
Image courtesy: House on the Clouds


These ones took SO.MUCH.EFFORT. You cannot miss them!

  1. Always wondered where to shop in Shahpur Jat, Delhi? I finally made the ultimate guide (with prices & photos!) READ IT HERE. There’s a video in there too, where I visit some of the best Shahjpur Jat boutiques.
  2. The biggest wedding of 2017 – Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma! What they did at their wedding will become wedding trends for 2018. Steal these 16 ideas for your own wedding from the #Virushka Shaadi!
  3. While we’re talking about trends, make sure you see the fashion trends for 2018 from Sabyasachi’s newest collection and consider if you want to join the trend-wagon with floral kalires and a Mehendi Cake!
  4. If Sabya, Virushka & Shahpur Jat all sound too expensive to you, consider renting your wedding outfit (brides AND wedding guests!) I made the most comprehensive list of the BEST places in India to rent Indian wedding wear from.
  5. Or, read some awesome tips on how you can get an expensive lehenga for less here.
  6. I spent an entire week listening to songs and creating a list of the Best Bridal Entry Songs for a 2018 Wedding. Pukka, if you go through this, you won’t need to read another post on this.
thedelhibride Indian weddings blog Snapsoul
Image courtesy: Snapsoul

Most Popular

The ones that get a lot of clicks from the readers!

  1. 8 Bridal Lehenga Colours That Will Be Big in 2018
  2. 6 Bachelorette Trip Destinations That Are Unique, In India and NOT Goa!
  3. A Fashion Blogger Picks 30+ Bridesmaid Outfits For A 2018 Wedding!
  4. 7 Things Every Makeup Artist Wishes Brides Knew About Skin Care
thedelhibride Indian weddings blog
Image courtesy: Recall Pictures

Interesting Reads

I thought you’ll like these 🙂

  1. The Couple Who Went on a 6 Month Honeymoon!
  2. 8 Popular Bridal Necklace Styles – What They’re Called & How To Style ‘Em!
  3. 6 Safa Trends For Grooms Getting Married in 2018!
  4. 3 Instagrammers Gave Us #WeddingGoals With Their Wedding Guest Style!
Mansha Gautam Real Wedding
Image courtesy: Photozaapki

The Ones With Endless Pin-Worthy Photos!

So many gorgeous photos!

  1. The Glamorous Cocktail Decor At The Hazoorilal Wedding Has *SO Many* Ideas to Steal!
  2. 16 Things to Love from Tulika’s Beautiful Spring Wedding! #DecorGoals
  3. 22 Ideas To Steal From Mansha’s Pin-Worthy Delhi Wedding!
  4. 20 Stunning Feet Mehendi Design Options for The 2018 Bride
  5. Abhinav Mishra’s Newest Collection Is Perfect for The 2018 Bride!

I hope you find these helpful, and share them with the brides in your lives! Happy planning!

Psst…I also created some home design & decor content on the Urbanclap Homes blog, so if you’re married and setting up your home – you should check it out!

One thought

  1. I am trying to locate a beautiful pink jeweled top and long skirt that you featured on Pinterest. May I send the picture to you to see if it is still available somewhere? Thank you!


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