The Big Fat Pregnancy Guide For Delhi Couples!

This is my first pregnancy-related post!

I have TOO MUCH to share about my pregnancy days, but before I get into the tiniest of details of every single aspect, I figured a quick guide to all the services & stores I used (and LOVED) would help all the pregnant women in Delhi.

The Local Resources I Used

With Reviews!

Pre-Natal Yoga Classes // Camilla’s Yoga & Wellness

I took private classes at Camilla’s home studio in Hauz Khas Village (but I don’t think she takes these classes anymore). She’s an American who resides in Delhi, and is one of the only ones I found who had actually taken a specific course for pre-natal yoga, and while she was expensive, the classes were SO worth it. I was mentally relaxed and happy thanks to the chants and breathing techniques Camilla taught me. And I was physically fit enough to not suffer the discomfort pregnant women typically suffer from. I believe it was all due to the yoga classes. An alternative for South Delhi people is group pre-natal yoga classes at The Yoga Studio in HKV.

You can contact Camilla via email – and take group or private classes at your home, if she’s still taking these.

Gynaecologist // Dr Tripat Chaudhary

She sits at her own clinic in Defence Colony and at Fortis La Femme in GK2. Fortis is the place where she will deliver your baby. She is AMAZING. And she was just right for me. I’m a hyper sort of person, and after our appointments, I always left feeling calm and relaxed about the pregnancy. She answered all my questions at every appointment patiently and kept a sense of humour through the whole process. I literally love her. If you go to her, tell her you found her through Shinjini. No, I won’t get a commission :p but you might be able to pry some “Shinjini was a crazy pregger lady!” stories out of her!

Take an appointment at her Def Col clinic by calling 011-41552022 or at Fortis by calling her assistant at +91-7838829969.

Birth Hospital // Fortis La Femme, GK2

I loved this place! The admission process was smooth and even the most basic room was luxuriously comfortable. During labour, they were attentive and caring. And when it was time to push, I felt like an athlete considering how many women had surrounded me and were cheering me on to push! The nurses came to help us through the first night (after our baby was born) with a smile on their face every time. No one was pushy. No one was impatient. But yes, they are expensive. I’ve also heard someone call it a glorified nursing home, but if you’ve had a pregnancy without complications and can afford it, I don’t see why shouldn’t go here.

Pre-Natal Classes for Labour Preparation & Lactation Consultant // Dr Anita Sharma

For what you might call “Lamaze Classes”, Dr Anita holds detailed sessions covering labour, breastfeeding and childcare at Fortis La Femme, GK2. My husband and I felt that my labour went smoother than it would’ve otherwise thanks to what we learnt at the labour classes. We knew what to expect, and I was able to make it a comfortable experience for myself. Dr Anita is also a certified doula and lactation consultant, and is genuinely helpful through all these stages!

Get in touch with her by calling Fortis at 011-40579400

For Regular Ultrasounds // Dr Varun Duggal

He has a clinic in Green Park and we went to him for all our ultrasounds. It was pretty comfortable. The only thing is that the waiting lines can be long, so book your appointment a week in advance and make it for 8 am. That way, you barely have to wait. A little bit about his reputation: On one of our scans, he found that I had a single umbilical artery, and he was just laid out the facts for us, without unnecessarily either scaring us too much or relaxing us too much. Eventually, when we were enough number of weeks into the pregnancy that he could scan for any potential issues, he gave us a clear chit saying that the baby was developing normally. A family friend of ours, who is also a doctor, reassured my mother saying that “if Duggal has said all’s good, it truly is because he is a thorough and over-careful type of doctor.”

Call 011-26865531 for an appointment.

For Maternity Clothes // H&M Ambience Mall, Gurgaon or H&M Online

They have an entire section of maternity outfits! From maxi dresses to empire-line and flowy blouses, lounge pants with elasticated waist bands and even nursing tank tops – everything is here! I am guilty of buying almost the entire collection(!) because hello, cute maternity wear from H&M!!! And that too in a city/country where no one seems to care about pregnant women actually looking good and flaunting their ever-growing bellies! But do note that only the H&M store in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon keeps maternity clothes – none of the other H&M stores do. Don’t ask me why!

For Baby Shower Party Props // Wanna Party

My sister bought pretty much all baby shower props from their Malviya Nagar store. I’ve used it multiple times since then, buying anything and everything party related from here – my daughter’s birthday balloons and banners, my SIL’s baby shower balloons! They deliver home as well – check out their online store.

For Baby Shower Cake // For The Love Of Cake

My cute baby shower cake was from here, and it was delicious! Another favourite spot of mine for baby shower & birthday cakes is DeCakery in Gurgaon. They also deliver all across Delhi NCR (but you’ll have to pay for the cab ride to your place).

That’s all for now. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I’ll answer it this week. If I’ve missed out some awesome pregnancy-related things you know about Delhi, tell me – I’ll add it to the list!

Psst…if you’re already a parent, I have a new Shop on Amazon where I’ve shared all the books and baby products I love and use for my baby. You guys are always messaging me on Insta for my recommendations, so do check that out to find everything in one place.


The Big Fat Pregnancy Guide for Delhi Moms

2 thoughts

  1. Hi, Just wanted to you share about your first trimester experience, how did you managed to work during 2nd & 3rd month. Mine was horrible. Since I started bleeding in my second month, after that all my scan were good, Except the last NT scan, Baby was found with a swelling & I has to abort. 😦


    1. Oh no, Priyanka. Sorry to hear that. I had horrible morning sickness in the first trimester, so in the 2nd and 3rd month, I practically did not work at all. Just stayed at home, mostly, pretty much locked in my room because every little whiff of every little thing made me nauseous. It was a bad 3 months.


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