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Where should I shop from? And inspiration from what other Real Brides wore to their weddings!

thedelhibride’s wedding

Posts where I take you through my own wedding functions. Do NOT miss thedelhibells posts here!

Wedding Vendors

Details about bride’s experiences with different wedding vendors – real reviews! Also includes a couple of vendor features.

Wedding Invites

Inspiration & ideas from the prettiest wedding cards, made in India!

Bridal Beauty

Whether it’s skin care or makeup, you’ll find a helping hand here.

Guest Posts

Posts I’ve written for other websites & blogs, such as Indian Roots & eStylista.

28 thoughts

  1. Hi TDB 🙂
    I wanted to get a unique ring ox for my engagement instead of the regular jeweller store boxes..maybe something in shells or a velvet rose in d form of a box..or just anything different and sweet..any suggestions where i might find something of the likes..


  2. TDB, i just loveeeeeee your blog! Going through all the pictures makes me want to get married 🙂 and i love the fact that you are always willing to help.
    Im very fond of the ethnic indian earrings-smth like what deepika wore in ram leela, but im unable to find them online. As i dont live in India, most of my indian clothes/jewellery shopping is done online. So, is there any place/website you could suggest, for jewellery or even indian attire


  3. Hi,
    I am Radhika. I am looking for a candid photographer for my engagement. (Not wedding- just the engagement) People keep recommending these names and the list is obviously never ending.! But I am completely directionless about the best candid photographers in delhi for this purpose! HEEEEEELPPP!!!!


  4. hey shinjini … its bharti again… going to b married by year end dates not yet final… needed to know wat is the minimum any professional photographer costs…:). i loved your wedding pics by tarun… just started with budegting… n need to decide on photographer n then most imp thing LEHENGA …. M CONFUSED


    1. Hey Bharti, the range for a photographer totally depends on how many functions he will have to cover, how large a gathering you are expecting at each function, and of course how good the photographer is 🙂 But as an estimate, if you don’t want to shell out too much, people get their whole wedding function covered in under 1 lakh if you use a very reasonable team. As for lehenga, totally depends on you! You can find one in 20-30k, or even in 2 lakh! Totally depends on what you want.


  5. I know you basically answer queries based around delhi. But i’m from kerala. My isters weddings coming up. Need to find a photographer. but all the good ones cost lakhs.. Im looking for something under 60k.
    can you help somehow?
    Do you have any contacts here?


  6. Hi,
    My ring ceremony is on 9th Feb and I am looking for a professional photographer within a budget ( most of them charge very high). Could you please suggest me some ? Please tell me the budget for Tarun Chawal too.


  7. Hi TDB,

    I currently live in Australia and stumbled across your blog while looking for bridal shopping advice online and I love it! Your wedding outfits , mehndi, make up and decor => amazing! Exactly how I pictured mine, simple, yet elegant.

    My wedding is planned for Dec 2015 and will most probably be shopping in Mumbai soon – so I can’t thank you enough for all the precious advice (both shopping wise and what to expect as a bride) .

    Will definitely keep following your posts!




  8. hi… i must compliment you first.. i love your blog and follow it regularly and i must say your doing a great job and easing up the life of the brides… 🙂
    i have a request today as you know designer lenghas are way to expensive for a lot of brides even the copies are also not affordable for some but there is another option of renting such designer lenghas in delhi can you do a post on the places where one can rent such designer lenghas in delhi in reasonable prices as it will be a great help for the girls who wish to wear designer lenghas on their wedding but cant afford to buy them.
    thankyou.. 🙂


  9. I wanted to get a unique ring ox for my engagement instead of the regular jeweller store boxes..maybe something in shells or a velvet rose in d form of a box..or just anything different and sweet..any suggestions where i might find something of the likes..


  10. Hiiii,

    Do you ever happen to publish the Real weddings on such an amazing blog of yours?
    Tried to find some, but didn’t see any, would be pleased to share some of my photography works.


  11. hey my friends sister had particpated in a competition through the medium of delhi bride where she had to write her love story..I wanted to know are there any competitions being held as of now also.Any suggestions where can i find it if possible.


  12. HEY!
    i want to buy jewellery (artifical one )for my wedding and other functions want to buy latest jewellery like in kundan ,frm where i cn buy in delhi only with reasonable prices
    and do suggest frm where i should buy floor length dresses and indo westren outfits are these available in chandni chowk…


  13. Hi
    can you suggest an exellent MUA in Gurgaon.I have tried reaching out to almost evryone who has been recommended good on your blog,modt of them are either booked for 30th Jan(My wedding date) or are based in Delhi and do not travel (eg Chandni SIngh).:-(
    I am based in Gurgaon and travelling to Delhi on my Wedding Day would be very hectic.
    Pls suggest some who are either based in Gurgaon or can travel to gurgaon.


  14. Hi TDB,
    I am Rashi from Gujarat. My wedding is at the end of this year. I am coming to Delhi for my shopping can u suggest some places or shops where I should visit. As am punjabi so really want to where I will get best chuda’s. Can you guide me plzzz?


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