thedelhibride’s wedding

This blog started off as a personal blog, where I noted down all the details of the days leading up to my wedding. Posts tagged thedelhibride’s wedding are personal posts where I’ve shared what I did for my own wedding – from the planning stage (see general updates), to the real wedding days as they happened (thedelhibells series). At the end of this page, you will find a few posts related to how I found my wedding outfits. I’ve been told “How I Found My Wedding Lehenga” makes for an interesting read 🙂

“If there is only one thing you will read on this blog, read thedelhibells series”


This series is a must read. It’s the story of my wedding. I take you along on my journey, from the first wedding event all the way up to the honeymoon. I’ve poured my heart and soul out in these posts – it’s a no-holds barred live description of the events as they happened. You could call it my personal wedding journal.

Beware: Keep an abundance of tissues handy. Some of these are real tear-jerkers. You’ve been warned.

thedelhibells prologue

thedelhibells Mata Ki ChowkiSangeet Practices - Part 4

Pre-Wed Shoot

Mehendi for blog1


thedelhibells sagan



thedelhibells reception preview

thedelhibells reception

thedelhibells first karva chauth

thedelhibells honeymoon part 2 gold coast australia

thedelhibells sydney aka honeymoon part 3

thedelhibells Singapore aka honeymoon part 4

thedelhibells post wedding shoot cover photo

… Series Finale post coming up this December!

More posts where I make you feel a rollercoaster of emotions while deftly narrating my shopping sojourns

how i found my Indian wedding sangeet lehenga aumbre how i found my Indian wedding lehenga chandni chowk om prakash jawaharlal how i found my Indian wedding shoes jimmy choo copy heels lajpat nagar how i found my Indian wedding reception outfit jacket lehenga rakhi & vandana 2 how i found my Indian wedding reception outfit jacket lehenga rakhi & vandana

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  1. Hi,

    Your blog has been super helpful. I am getting married in 6 months and am trying to plan a trip to Delhi. Can you recommend the best place to stay for shopping?

    Thank you so much!



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