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EEEE-NOUGH with the typical Indian wedding cards! Haven’t we seen enough maroons and endless copies of the same card already? If you’ve seen the wedding invites on international wedding blogs, you KNOW that alternative, yet super duper pretty, wedding cards actually exist out there!

Wondering what kind of alternative (read: contemporary AND gorgeous!) cards fellow Indian brides have managed to whip up and actually get printed by an Indian wedding card designer while still living in India? Here are a few you can feast your eyes on! Click on them to read the whole post and see all the pictures.

A Shadowbox Wedding Invite (made in Mumbai)

Laser cut wedding invite shadow box Victorian tradition unique Indian wedding invitation card Shonan & Adesh | thedelhibride Indian wedding blog

A Kitsch Wedding Card (made in Delhi)

Kitsch wedding invite envelope colourful

An Adorable Wedding Card (made in Cochin)

Page 1 Cover

PS. If you’ve managed to create an Indian wedding card that’s NOT run-of-the-mill, send me a quick snap shot!

[email protected] - I’d love to share it with our readers here!

Card Designs From My Wedding

I didn’t want a typical anything when it came to my own wedding, especially when it came to cards! I’ve shared all the details and pictures of all the different versions of cards designed during my wedding

  • my SAVE THE DATE card

  • my E-CARD aka cost-cutting measure wala card

  • my PRINT CARD aka the “I don’t care how many trees have to be cut but I need to announce my wedding on a physical card” card

2 Responses to “Wedding Invites”

  1. madhurash December 30, 2021 at 4:42 pm #

    Such elegant design ideas. I like all your invitations especially A Kitsch Wedding Card (made in Delhi). Thanks for your sharing!


  2. Rahul Sancheti February 16, 2022 at 7:02 am #

    Delhi Bride is a Blog I read often .. You showcase all master pieces.. The designs are simple Original and creative..


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