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Beauty Review: A Relaxing Pre-Bridal Spa at Zehen

30 Nov Ayurvedic oils and relaxing ambience | Pre-Bridal Treatment at Zehen Spa Review | thedelhibride Indian wedding blog

…or as I like to call it “The Day I Achieved Inner Peace. Almost.”

If you’re looking for a great pre-bridal treatment in the city of Delhi that sucks out all the wedding planning stress from your body and leaves you relaxed, happy and healthier, I might have found THE ONE.

You’ll find it in a wellness centre in New Friends Colony, inside a hotel called The Manor.

Entering Zehen

As I walk through the archway leading to Zehen Wellness Centre, I realize no one would’ve imagined such a beautiful piece of zen-like heaven lies in the heart of dusty, noisy New Delhi.

Zehen looks like a world of its own. The reception lobby is serene, and I meet Meghna, the friendly manager, who begins chalking out my plan for the day. The pre-bridal package typically takes place over a course of 3 days, but they’re packing all of it into a single 5-hour-session for me.

I follow Meghna as she takes me on a walk around the property, and soon start to realize that this is anything but “just another spa”. Zehen takes a holistic approach to wellness, and the spa is just one piece of the puzzle. Continue reading

Bridal Beauty Lessons from Namrata Soni’s Masterclass: Exclusively for TDB

29 Jul Bridal Beauty tips from Namrata Soni Masterclass at Vogue Wedding Show

Ask me to list out the best bridal makeup artists in India, and Namrata Soni is the first name that will come out of my mouth.

If you’re wondering “Namrata who?” then you, my dear friend, have been living under a rock. Namrata Soni is THE celebrity makeup artist, who is responsible for Sonam Kapoor looking fabulous at every major and minor event. She makes everyone from Nargis Fakhri to Twinkle Khanna look amazing and sophisticated, and it’s no wonder brides will kill to book her for their big day.

Naturally, when we had bridal makeup and beauty questions, we got Namrata Soni to answer them. Only the best for you, my brides!

THAT’S RIGHT. Step aside, Sonam. Namrata is ours this week.

*Security looks about ready to throw us out*

Ok ok, give us 30 freakin’ minutes with her, will you?

Continue reading

Links Every Bride Needs To Bookmark TODAY | Destination Weddings & Bridal Beauty Edition

22 Jul What are the best places in India for destination weddings - detailed guide with pros & cons of each city

When you’re the bride, you want the best.

The best wedding venue, the best bridal beauty kit, the best wedding lehenga, and…the best groom! ;)

While we’re always trying to put together the best posts for you (see what I did there?), there are some other experts out there we want to point you to today - Vogue magazine and Ramit Batra (one of the best wedding photographers in India). Both have published exciting posts just this morning, and they’re too good to not share with brides!

Continue reading

My Month In Instagrams! January 2015

7 Feb

My Month in Instagrams! Jan 2015 wedding blog

I went back to Instagram after a 2 month break this January. Here’s a round up of the highlights from the first month of 2015 you can enjoy while I go stand in line to vote. Delhi peeps, you’re voting - right? Continue reading

10 Beauty Lessons from Clinique’s Bridal Event

27 Nov Clinique Bridal Trousseau service event

Remember the Clinique giveaway we held on the blog recently? The two brides who won the contest were in for a very special treat - an afternoon with Clinique Colour Specialists learning the basics of skin care and makeup, and Clinique goodies for their bridal trousseau. I was, of course, right there with the brides – taking notes at rapid speed while the Clinique experts demonstrated their magic on a model.

Continue reading

Clinique Giveaway: Exclusive Invite to Trousseau Bridal Service and a Gift Bag

4 Nov
Giveaway includes Clinique’s Bridal Trousseau Service event and complimentary treats!


Clinique and thedelhibride giveaway for brides

-This contest is now closed. Winners announced at the end of the post.-

I recently completed 2 years of wedded bliss. Around this time of the year, I find myself getting nostalgic about the lead up to the wedding – all the preparation, the frantic calls to the (then) fiancé and of course, putting together my makeup trousseau box.

Back in 2011, I knew very little about skin care, and next to nothing about makeup. Getting a beauty box together for my trousseau was proving to be Continue reading

Beauty Review: New York Facial at Lumiere Dermatology

19 Sep

You’re a bride to be. Your wedding date is closing in. In the mad rush of completing your massive checklist, you forgot all about the multiple-facial-sessions you were supposed to “begin 6 months prior to your wedding.” NOW WHAT?!

Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. If you’re willing to spill some serious dough (think, 20k plus), you can make your skin wedding-ready in under 1 hour. NO JOKES.

What is this thing that makes your skin look great in under 40 minutes?

A facial.

It’s no ordinary facial, mind you. It’s the New York Facial. Done under the care of Dr Kiran Lohia at Lumiere Dermatology.

Beauty Review New York Facial at Lumiere Dermatology Delhi

When the team at Lumiere contacted me offering a session of the NY Facial back in January, I was skeptical, to say the least. You know I’ve only ever gotten 2 facials in my life before this (both during the run up to my wedding in 2012), so I’m not one to experiment Continue reading

Of Big & Happy Brides

7 May

Pallavi, a friend of my husband’s from school, married her long-time sweetheart – Nikhil – on a surprisingly warm November evening in New Delhi last year. In the months leading up to her wedding, I came across a frustrated rant by Pallavi on Facebook – she’s never been the slim and petite kind, but suddenly she was feeling the pressure to lose weight and fit into the size standards we’ve set for brides.

Her words struck a chord in me.

I immediately asked Pallavi if she would like to share her frustrations and what she learnt in a guest post for my blog. Why? I’ve seen this happen over and over again, with bride after bride - girls losing all confidence in their body, and internalizing the societal norms of beauty. Trying hard to “fit in”, pun intended, without realizing how beautiful it is to stand out. Now before you start wondering whether Pallavi and I are anti-fitness, hold your horses, and read it straight from the bride’s mouth!

Of big and happy brides - Pallavi

Let me spell it out, right at the beginning - no bride wants to look fat on her big day.

Fat. A word that makes you cringe, doesn’t it?

So we come up with nicer synonyms, which make us less nervous about our appearance - large, healthy, chubby, big-boned. And I am okay using any of these adjectives to describe me, as they’re not far Continue reading

My Bridal Beauty Must-Haves Interview on The Luxe Report

12 Mar

Last month, Praachi from Luxemi (a website where you can rent designer-wear!) emailed me asking if I could share my list of beauty products every bride should own. Recalling the scary time before my own wedding, when I was absolutely clueless about what I should and shouldn’t buy, what’s necessary and what’s optional, I jumped at the opportunity and promptly sent her a detailed list!

2 years back, I used to scour beauty blog after beauty blog, trying to figure out what I should buy, as a bride-to-be who is a beginner at makeup. Here’s a customised list, just for brides who are just starting their makeup journey!

bridal beauty must-haves thedelhibride Shinjini Amitabh ChawlaWhat’s are the must-have products in YOUR beauty kit?

Makeup 101: How To Apply Foundation – the right way!

5 Mar

cover Makeup 101 how to use foundation the right way

I bought the best foundation – Bobbi Brown. And I had the best foundation brush – MAC. Well, technically it’s a multi-purpose brush, but it works just fine.

Or does it?

I’m still a makeup novice (though I could’ve fooled you with the amount of makeup gyaan I’m always willing to share!) so I roped in a REAL expert – Tejasvini Chander! She’s a young MUA, though she’s already making waves in the beauty world. And she was on my list of the hottest bridal MUAs in Delhi!

I spoke to her about how we have the best foundations, the best brushes, but are clueless about how to use them correctly. Is my heavy coverage foundation giving sheer coverage just because I’m using it with the wrong brush? Why is the application streaky, and I end up spending 10 minutes just blending the damn thing?! What am I doing wrong?

Tejasvini came to my rescue, and decided to Continue reading


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