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My Month In Instagrams! January 2015

7 Feb

My Month in Instagrams! Jan 2015 wedding blog

I went back to Instagram after a 2 month break this January. Here’s a round up of the highlights from the first month of 2015 you can enjoy while I go stand in line to vote. Delhi peeps, you’re voting - right? Continue reading

We were in Cosmo, HT City, Harper’s Bazaar & Wedding Times!

16 Nov

You know wedding season is here when all the magazines and newspapers come out with Wedding Specials!

We were lucky enough to be covered in a few publications over the last 2 months. Those of you who follow us on Facebook & Twitter will already know about some of these, but this definitely needed a whole post to share the good news!

In no particular order, here they are -

Cosmopolitan - The Best Bridal Blogs!

Cosmo Bride Oct 2013 thedelhibride Shinjini Amitabh Chawla the best bridal blogs

I love Cosmo (loyal subscriber!), and was flattered to be a part of “The Best Bridal Blogs”! Here’s what they said -

“Shinjini Amitabh Chawla covers everything to do with wedding planning in Delhi - from where to shop for your trousseau to wedding vendor recommendations and reviews. She started it while planning her own wedding a year ago, and hasn’t stopped since!” Continue reading

TDB in HT Brunch & Femina Brides!

21 Sep

We got mentioned in HT Brunch!

The exact words were…

“A corporate executive, Shinjini Amitabh Chawla, 25, took eight months off before her wedding last October, a sabbatical which also resulted in a popular wedding blog, The Delhi Bride, which she now manages full time”

My name was mis-spelt in the print version (as was my age), but oh who cares?! They called my blog “popular”!!! Cue, bigg-est smile on planet Earth! I also didn’t take an 8 month sabbatical from work (I wish!), but oh who cares?! Note above point.

You can read Continue reading

Look what I stumbled upon today! TDB in Femina Brides!

12 Jan

thedelhibride was featured in Femina Brides magazine!!! In an article called “Blogger Brides”, right along side Wedding Sutra! Wow! Humbling, and super awesome!

And I stumbled across the article this evening thanks to my MIL! She had this magazine lying around on the bed, and she just mentioned to me “look how everything’s about wedding trousseau these days!” because the cover said “Your Trousseau in a Snap.” I was reading the cover out of sheer curiosity, and I read this “Wired to Wed - the blogroll to help you plan D-Day.” I thought, “Oh, a list of Indian wedding bloggers? Let’s see who all got covered.” And then I saw a snapshot of thedelhibride homepage! Here’s what the article said:

femina brides december 2012

“‘Consultant by day and bride-to-be by night’ is how The Delhi Bride describes herself. If you want to know how you can balance your hectic work life with the obligatory duties of a bride-to-be, don’t miss this blog. The two things that occupy prominent space on her blog are Bridal Beauty and and the very popular Wedding Workout Tracker, which gives a day-by-day account of what she is doing to stay fit, complete with the yogasanas and exercises suggested by her instructor.”

The other two blogs mentioned, other than Wedding Sutra, were my fellow bridal bloggers - The Crazy Indian Wedding and Marathi Weddings! I’ve seen their blogs grow from the very first post all the way to this - so exciting! Congrats to all of you!

PS. I’ve never seen anything of mine printed in a magazine, so I keep sneaking peeks onto Page #174 over and over again!


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